Your Favorite New York Restaurant

Your Favorite New York Restaurant

♪♪ [squeaky door] [traffic noises]Anyone here?Hello? [New York accent]
Alright, already! Hi. What do you want? I was hoping to
order a sandwich. This here is a
hoagie joint. Right. Hoagie. You’re not from around here,
are you? No, I’m from Oklahoma. Well, welcome to
the Big Apple! ♪ [Frank Sinatra’sNew York,
New York” plays] ♪Thanks.To the city that
never sleeps! Right. To the city so nice,
they named it twice. What’s that? New York, New York. Like I said, named it twice. No other city in the world
like that.Cool!I’m from Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma! ♪ [ominous music] ♪
Callin’ me a liar? What? No! Listen, buddy, I don’t know
where you’re from- I just said. But around here,
we don’t parade around calling peoples liars. Neither do we, I meant- ♪[“New York, New York” resumes]♪
Hey buddy, I’m joking!I’m joking here!Hey, watch it,
I’m joking here! [laughter] Am I right, am I right? So, can I order a sandwich? ♪ [ominous music] ♪
Listen, hotshot. This is Jimmy’s. Home of Jimmy’s famous
hoagies. Right, hoagie. If you want a sammie, you gotta go across the street
to Jimmy’s,
home of Jimmy’s famous sammies! Wait, really? Did I stutter? No, sorry, I’ll just see
what I want on the menu. And I’ll see you
in the funny papers! [laughter]
♪[“New York, New York” resumes]♪ This guy, this guy,
am I right? Okay, very funny,
can I just get- Hey, Jimmy! Yo, Tony! Can I get my regular? Absolutely. I’ll have it to you
in a New York minute! [exaggerated laughter] Thanks, Jimmy,
I owe you one. Forget about it! Am I crazy,
or was I here first? That’s right,
you’re crazy! So I’ll see you
in the funny papers! [laughter]
♪[“New York, New York” resumes]♪ Why won’t you
just help me? ♪ [ominous music] ♪
You don’t ask with respect.I don’t?[The Godfather voice]
You don’t offer friendship.Friendship?You come into my house, on the day my daughter’s
to be married, and you ask me
to do murder? I am not quoting
The Godfather
with you. Let’s doMaid in Manhattan![groans] Hey kid, I told you,
you can’t advertise in here! But Jimmy! Don’t “but Jimmy” me, kid. Sorry, Jimmy. You’re a good kid.
Take one for the road. Thanks, Jimmy. What about my friends? [sliding noises]Why not?[together]
Thanks, Jimmy! Thanks, Jimmy! Forget about it! Okay, I want to talk
to your boss.Oh, that’s me.Seriously? Would you like to lodge
a complaint? No, I just want some food. ♪ [ominous music] ♪
You a rat? No! Because I don’t allow
rats in my shop. Well, that’s good to know. If you’re not a rat,
why do you have a tail? What? ♪[“New York, New York” resumes]♪
He looked!
He thought he had a rat tail! [laughter] What a loony! Jimmy! Forget about it! That’s it, I’m done here! Good riddance,
you loony! I’ll see you
in the funny papers! [laughing hysterically] ♪ [ominous music] ♪ [laughter] [New York accent]
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Swiss, and uh, you got it. [laughs]

100 Replies to “Your Favorite New York Restaurant

  1. I love New York state and the city, except for town square… lots of bad stuff. if you happen to go to town square only go there once!!!

  2. Okay this is Random. Matt always plays Tony Stark when he is in an epidode. His charcters name in this sketch is Tony. Tony Stark lives in New York City. Sorry that was random and weird. I love Studio C! Great episode guys 🙂

  3. "No I'm from Oklahoma"

    Yay! I am from Oklahoma! 🙂
    Don't you guys love it when your state is mentioned in a skit or movie or book?

  4. The small horror twist at the end was funny. And after Jimmy keeps saying "forget about it" the people who took the sandwiches completely forgot where they got their sandwiches. Jimmy is God and controls us a l l

  5. Sorry for this but I did not get the jokes. I guess that does make sense I am from Singapore. And Adam looks cute again. Why do I find him cute? We are both males.

  6. 2:11 Is this a Zoomania/topia reference or am i crazy? Edit: Ok no sorry it wasn't. But i didn't get 3:18 can someone please explain? So he's a comic drawer from Oklahoma city and they saw his comic in the "funny papers" and their making fun of him about it because he drew something similair to their situation?…

  7. In the "funny papers" at 3:16 he's trying to decide between 20,000 Meats Under the Sea, Reuben Hood, and the Crust of Monte Cristo and then he says, "Actually, give me your wurst". That's funny.

  8. When he said he was from Oklahoma I gasped real loud.
    When he said he was from Oklahoma City, I gasped even louder!

  9. Ok is it just me or does James always play characters you are their own manager.
    The janitor: "You said there was something wrong with one of my employees?"
    Jimmy: "Im the manager. Would you like to file a complaint?"

  10. Matt is Tony because he often plays Tony Stark and Tony Stark lived in New York.

    This is a stretch… I’m too obsessed with Marvel

  11. New Yorkers don’t call ‘em hoagies, we can them “heroes”.

    Source: born and raised in New York City

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