You got cheese? (Original Video)

You got cheese? (Original Video)

*drinks fruit juice* *smacks lips* Mom: I swear to God… Son: What she, what she say? Mom: They say *stuttering* you gon make mommy broke! Son: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Son: Daaaaannnggggggg Mom: What? Son: They say I gon make you broke… Mom: mmhmm, cos you eat all ma food, you will eat all my money up. *long pause* Son: You got cheese that i can eat??

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  1. Mum : I swear to god
    Little Biggie : whats he whats he saying ??
    Mum : they say you .. you will make mummy broke
    Little Biggie : ohhhhhhhhhh … Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn ( ice cube and Chris tucker Style )
    Mum : what ?
    Little Biggie : they say you g.. Imma make you broke ??
    Mum : Eheeeemmmmmm .. cuz you eat all my food .. you eat all my money up
    Little Biggie : (facepalm )
    Mum : ( i scared him )
    the whole world : ( he is ashamed of himself )
    Little Biggie : (Fuck y'all ) YOU GOT CHEESE LEFT FOR ME ?


  3. How old is he. He sounds like a little man. So cute. 😎 My son at 2 was like this. At his grandmas funeral he was introducing his family saying first and last name.

  4. I love how he acts like he cares about what she's talking about.
    This is what an adult would do.
    Then he asks for what he wants, that cheese. Lol.

  5. I searched this up. I got recommended a video with a guy calling a lady fine, placing a heart on her face and saying, "I like that." to no one in particular. Everyone in the comments were talking about how they got a horse playing piano, a baby laying his head on his doctor's arm, and this in their recommendations. I got the baby one but had to look up the horse playing piano, comrade dog, and this.

  6. Mom: I swear to God
    Kid: What she say
    Mom: You’re going to make mama broke
    Kid: Dangg…
    Mom: What
    Kid: They say I’m goanna make you broke
    Mom: Cuz you eat all my food, you eat all my money up
    Kid: You got cheese I can eat?

  7. When this kid grows up he'll be asking for two number 9s…a number 9 large…a number six with EXXtra DiP…a number 7…two number 45s, one with cheese….and a laaaaarge soda!

  8. love how he pauses for a second and then just asks “you for cheese that I can eat” lol, it don’t matter if he make mommy broke.

  9. Wow, it's great even though the video is short and funny enough for me, it can get through 22 million viewers, very good

  10. This is really a sign of a terrible parent. I wonder how overweight his mother is. Plus the way that this child communicates is ghetto. He'll never be able to hold a decent job with the way he speaks without being the diversity hire. Terrible all around.

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  12. Love from Brazil! I really would like to understand their conversation. Could someone transcript it to me please?
    What does he say after you ve gotta cheese…?

  13. Kid: I don't like this
    Mom: Yes you do 🤣
    Mom: They all gonna laugh at you I swear to God
    Kid: They is laughing at me 😂

  14. Mama: let's see what I've got…
    Monterey jack
    Queso fresco

    Enuff to stuff you boy?

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