7 Replies to “Wolfgang Puck Signature Portable Rice Cooker

  1. Great small cooker for someone alone.  Want to be sure that the dark pan does NOT come out at all ….right?  Thank you

  2. Wolfgang Puck items are great coming out of the box…but they descend fast! They sell them to you on HSN and then they do not service them past the 30 day return. If you call them they tell you they don't sell parts to contact the company…when you contact the company that item will be out of stock or no longer produced. So…you can not get parts! I told them they were nothing but crooks and they blocked me from buying from them which is fine. They sell this junk on ebay only much cheaper after the initial stock is sold out and the warranty is worthless. So…buy it but if you like it buy 2 or 3 since they will last around 6 months and then you will have a problem and by then they will have "invented" something else and this will be out of stock and discontinued.

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