Why you should NEVER Butter Dry Age STEAK | Guga Foods

Why you should NEVER Butter Dry Age STEAK | Guga Foods

Butter dry-aged. Last time we did a
video on this we said that butter dry age is the same thing as wet aging. But
that was just saying. We didn’t actually put it to the test and for today’s video
I’m really gonna put that to the test and find out if butter dry aging or
butter aging is actually worth it. So let’s do it! This is a whole beef tenderloin and I
got it from Harry’s Ranch. After removing the packaging you can see that they come completely untrimmed and that is what I recommend if you’re doing any type of
wet aging or dry aging. Whenever you’re aging something you will have moisture
lost so starting with an untrained piece of meat is the right thing to do.
Since I want my tenderloins to keep its shape the best thing to do is to
tressen it with butchers twine. That will ensure that the filet mignon will
keep its well-known shape. To keep this test consistent it is important to use
the same cut of meat so for that reason I’m splitting both of them in half. One
will be aged with butter and the other one will be just vacuum-packed.
To make sure my seal is good I sealed it twice. Now that we have this one
ready it’s time for the next one. For the amount of butter I’m gonna be using he
can be expensive, so I decided to make my own and it’s super easy to do. Start off
by throwing a bunch of heavy cream in your mixer, this job gets messy so make
sure that you put the cover on, start by blending it on low and then move to high
speed. As I mentioned this is a messy job and if you have towels, use them. After
blending them for a while the butter will automatically separate from the
milk, and that is how you make butter. And as a by-product you have buttermilk left.
Now that I have my butter ready the first step is to lay down some parchment
paper and spread some butter. The important thing to remember is that you
don’t want your first layer to be thin it must be thick and if there’s any
additional moisture just remove it with a paper towel.
Once that’s done lay down the beef tenderloin, using the sides and the end
wrap it around it until you cover the whole piece. Once you are done you are
left with a perfect log of butter beef. But now that we have both of them ready
there’s nothing else to do but put it on my regular refrigerator to let them age. Once I took them out of the bag and I can
tell you right away it has a very strong smell. The oxidation is also clear on the
edges and also on the front. It does not have a bad smell is just have a very
strong smell of beef. I normally have this kind of smell with beef that has
bones but never with a tenderloin. The next thing to do is to quickly remove
other butchers twine and cut them into individual filet mignons. Even though it
has a strong beef smell it does not smell bad if you ever come across a
beef that smells bad it’s time to go. This one however it just smells strong
and I’m ok with that. Then we jump right into the butter aged there is absolutely
no difference from the time that it went into my refrigerator. The biggest thing I
can tell you is that your entire refrigerator will smell like butter, but
hey if you are like me, you love that smell. The next step is to cut it open
and see what’s inside, and once I did, this is what it looks like. Just by looking at it I can tell you
that they look perfect. Exactly what I’m looking for then I decided to cut them
into individual steaks. Here are some things I could tell you
about this, as soon as I cut it open a lot of moisture escaped. When I smell it
it smells very similar to the previous one but because there’s so much butter
it masks the smell. The next things to do is to remove the butter and I think if
I’m very careful I can just pull it out. Since the butter became a crust it’s
quite hard and if I carefully push it out there you go I’m able to take it out.
And to my eyes the edges looks a lot more oxidized than the last one. Every
time there is a butter dry-aged video the number one question is can you use
the butter. You have to remember this was uncovered in my refrigerator for a long
time I don’t feel comfortable using it and I don’t think you should either.
Now all there’s left to do is to trim it. And one important thing to remember is that
you don’t want to be cheap remove all the oxidation. But once I was done here’s
what they look like. After trimming them the one on the left
is the butter and the one on the right is the wet aged. I know the butter aged
won’t look bigger but you have to remember that was bigger going in. The
only other thing I can point out is that the butter age is a little bit darker
but if there’s a difference it’s too small to tell. The next step is to season
them it to really keep the taste of the beef I’m only seasoning them with salt
and freshly ground black pepper. As I’m handling them I can tell you that it’s
so tender that they are falling apart on me. To make sure that does not happen I
decided to tressen them with butchers twine. But now that I have my steaks
ready the first thing I’m gonna be doing is putting a beautiful sear on them, then
I’ll be using my wireless thermometer to cook them in indirect heat. I am shooting for an internal temperature of a hundred and twenty-five degrees
Fahrenheit. But now I say it is enough talking and it is time to cook some
amazing filet mignon. So let’s do it! Alright everybody we have our beautiful
filet mignons here. Are you ready to try Angel? Of course I’m ready to try. Oh filet mignon, Angel are you ready? Born like this. It’s kind of like a, you were born for this huh? Yeah. Alright born ready for this one huh. Alright no more talking let’s give it a try Angel go for it.
Get that one first. So tender it’s about to fall apart seriously everybody.
Alright cheers everybody! Cheers! Oh my god falling apart in your mouth
everybody mmm. It’s so tender I went right through it. I went to cut it again
right boom. There’s like almost zero resistance when you take a bite on the
steak everybody it just almost melts in your mouth. I’m not gonna say it’s jello
but it’s kind of like jello. Juicy as hel. Super juicy, super tender amazing
flavor. Wow! That’s a wonderful steak. You agree? What are you doing? Bro you almost done. We have experiment Angel, take it easy my
friend let’s try the last one first. Ready? I guess. I know you’re hungry alright go for
a second one. now there’s a difference between them and I want to know your
honest opinion which one you like better. Be careful they might just
disintegrate. Second one everybody Cheers! What do you think Angel? We’re waiting. It’s amazing but do they are the same.
You think so? I mean, I don’t know, they’re different?
Because they’re the same to me and like flavor is the same. Wow Wow
I actually think that you have a point here Angel. I don’t notice much
difference let me give it another go everybody. Is the same. It’s an amazing
steak it’s absolutely delicious, it’s absolutely incredible, but it is the same.
It’s amazing that’s not a problem that is the same. Very true. it’s not a problem
if it’s exactly the same. But, the method is completely different. The first
one I vacuum packed it and dry-aged it in the vacuum pack. Okay. It’s not really
dry aged it’s called wet aged. Yeah? The second one I did the same thing but with
butter. Oh you did the butter thing? The butter experiment for the tenderloin.
What happened Angel? What are you doing you don’t remember what I said? A while
back we did an experiment…Oh it is exactly that… It tastes like you just vacuum sealed it. I don’t know
if this is gonna really count as dry aged you had it on the fridge for a
while but I feel like it what happened is that it kind of just vacuum sealed it. We just proved it that is exactly like a vacuum sealed steak there’s not that
much difference. So Guga, you just proved my point. Thank you. Yes but I really wanted it to
work because you know the butter is so much work to put it together and all
that messiness and you make your own butter and all that stuff. But guys if
there is a difference the difference is so small that it’s unnoticeable. Difference? What difference? There is no difference. It’s the same. It’s the same everybody it’s
absolutely the same there’s no difference the only difference I notice
is that there is more loss on the vacuum sealed one because the edges get
oxidized more. But the butter dry-aged doesn’t have that much lost. So yeah if you own a wet age it… butter. Or just put it on the bag and do
it. If you really got a lot of butter left over for some weird odd reason. Or if you are mad like me make your own butter. Guys look do not use that butter. No not
worth it. Save your money and go ahead and buy more stakes. Agree? Agreed. We agree
everybody. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you do enjoyed this video make
sure you give it a thumbs up. If you’re not a subscriber be sure to subscribe
for future videos. Remember if you’re interested in anything I use everything
is always in the description down below. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll
see you guys on the next one. Take care everybody. Bye bye this one is mine. Yeah ok.

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