Why Does Organic Food Cost So Much

Why Does Organic Food Cost So Much

Hi, I’m Chris with Organic Roost. In today’s
episode, we are going to give you the inside scoop on why organic food may cost more. It is no secret that when you compare organically
grown food to their conventional counterparts, the organic versions normally cost more, sometimes
a few cents sometimes up to double. Let’s take the mystery out of why there is a price
difference. We are going to cover the biggest factors
in organic pricing, other than Mother nature of course, so you can know where your organic
food dollars are going. #1 – Labor costs more than those nasty chemicals.
Organic farmers need to hire more workers to tend crops instead of spraying the crops
like conventional farmers. #2 – Demand is greater than the current supply.
With the retail sales of organics on an impressive and steady rise, from 12 million dollars in
sales in 2000 to nearly 55 million in 2015, it is obvious that the demand is growing rapidly.
Land dedicated to organic farming needs to grow as well. But it takes 3 years for soil
that has been used in conventional farming to be cleaned and certified for organic growing.
What all this means is that the demand is greater than the current supply right now
keeping prices higher. #3 – Crop Rotation – Soil biology plays a
big role in organic farming. To prevent weed growth, organic farmers use a natural system
of planting, what they call cover crops after a main harvest. This adds the needed nitrogen
to the soil thereby making their next main harvests more successful. Most conventional
farmers don’t worry about taking the time to use this system. They use every acre for
their most profitable crop, along with synthetic chemicals, weed killers and pesticides, giving
them the advantage of larger production quantities. Larger quantities means lower prices for conventional
foods. #4 – Fertilizers – Organic fertilizer is more
expensive than conventional fertilizer, just another increased cost for the organic farmer
to grow healthier, cleaner food. #5 – Shipping Costs are Higher – Due to smaller
shipment sizes and often further distances travelled from farm to shelf, the shipping
costs on organic produce and meats are more than that of the mass producing corporate
farms. #6 – Getting Certified Organic – To get a
farm certified USDA organic is a long and expensive process. It requires modifications
to operations and facilities, extreme daily bookkeeping, regular inspections and an annual
fee that currently ranges from $400 to $2000 a year depending on the agency and operation
size. It takes a lot of broccoli to cover those costs alone. #7 – Livestock Feed – Animal welfare is a
priority in the high standards set by organic farms. It is on record that the organic feed
for cattle and livestock can cost twice as much as conventional feed. #8 – Government Subsidies – Although last
on our list, this is a big one too. The US government offers production-oriented subsidies
which historically have given tens of Billions of dollars to conventional farmers, keeping
their costs down, The good news is, in very recent years funding for organic subsidies
including Farmers Markets, Local Food Promotions, Community Food Projects along with Nutrition
Incentives has increased significantly and is making an impact on the small farms across
America. This definitely helps make organic food more accessible and more reasonably priced. In time, as more and more of the World demands
healthier, cleaner food, the supply will equal the demand and that will mean more competitive
pricing, better choices and variety. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe to our
Channel and feel free to ask a question, suggest a topic, or leave a comment. Don’t miss our next episode where we unscramble
the differences between eggs eggs eggs and more eggs. Until then… Be Organic and Be Healthy

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  1. Oooo!!  It's happy disco music!!  This will be honest and important!!2. If demand is greater than the supply, sell it for less!!  In the long run, you'll make more money!  Plus, people like me who'd WANT to buy it but can't afford it BECAUSE IT'S TOO FUCKING EXPENSIVE will also buy it, thus, raising your profits even more!!  And, with $55,000,000.00, you can't farm bigger plots of land??  You're already saving shitloads of money by not using chemicals.5. How are shipping costs more if you ship less??  I just shipped 40 records to Tennessee and it cost me $4.00, by your logic, if I sent 20 records, it'd cost me $8.00, or, if I sent 80 records, it'd cost me $2.00??6.  Hey, if you're making $55,000,000.00 a year, that $400.00 to $2,000.00 a year is hardly a drop in the ocean!!7. Gee!  I can't IMAGINE why!!  Could it possibly be that your prices are way too high???  You've got a farm, grow the feed yourself!!!!8. What about getting into organic prostitution?  Hire a few VERY horny women to help you raise the money for your costs.  Or, sell organic marijuana!  It's for a good cause!!

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