Who Regulates Our Food?

Who Regulates Our Food?

In a listeria scare this month, microwave-meal
brand, Amy’s Kitchen, recalled almost 80 thousand cases of food possibly made with
tainted spinach. But this was minor compared to last year when a California slaughterhouse
recalled nearly 9 million pounds of beef after processing “diseased and unsound animals”,
according to the USDA. So, who regulates the food we are eating in America? Well, there are two main regulatory agencies
in the government which impose and enforce food safety laws: the Food and Drug Administration
and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Both agencies work with state and local-level employees
to make sure food for the public is clean, safe and properly labeled, as per the Federal
Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Although both federal agencies overlap in
their food safety regulations, there are some general differences. The U. S. Department of Agriculture, as its
name would suggest, is mostly responsible for the nation’s agricultural industry,
as well as animal welfare and forestry. The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service,
or FSIS, oversees food processing and distribution, and they take most of the responsibility for
testing meat, poultry and eggs before they’re sold. The FDA, on the other hand, takes more of
a regulatory role. While the USDA inspects food regularly, the FDA is reportedly more
likely to act on tips from consumers. The FDA is also the only government agency capable
of issuing mandatory recalls. Because it’s an agency within the US Department of Health
and Human Services, the FDA is concerned with public health and the enforcement of a wider
scale of products – like medications, cosmetics and tobacco. Yet another important food-safety regulator
is the food-producing business, itself. Many companies keep cautious records and test their
own products, to make sure they aren’t violating federal law. Any violations of food safety
acts can hold massive fines and even jail time for those responsible. However, the FDA and the USDA are reportedly
understaffed and overworked. An audit of USDA inspectors from 2008 to 2011 found that, in
almost a third of pig slaughterhouses, inspectors did not fully meet standards of inspection,
which led to federal food safety violations. Both agencies work to keep American citizens
safe and healthy. According to the USDA website, the agency expects to prevent as many as 25
thousand cases of foodborne illness annually, from bacteria like E.Coli and Salmonella.
The USDA claims to inspect about 6,000 food processing plants every year. So can you trust the food you eat? Well, even
though the federal government has these agencies in place, the CDC reports that 1 in 6 people
get sick each year from foodborne illnesses. In the end, it’s a good idea to be careful
of what you eat. Big business has a big stake in what food
is served in America’s public school system. To learn why this is kind of a scary idea,
check out this video from our friends at AJ+. Thank you for watching TestTube, to see all
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  3. Didn't the FDA last year say something along the lines of how they could't keep track of all the chemicals used in food anymore?

  4. "our" don't you mean your testube don't just focus on the USA their are other countries mention other countries or I'll unsubscribe (which isn't much but all I can do)

  5. Keep their citizens safe and healthy? Is that why America has highest crime rates, most gang violence and acts of war crimes? Stop the brainwashing, please.

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  7. Corporations regulate their own food production by buying politicians which control the inspection agency which leans on inspectors to do what the corporations want. Works the same way in oil and gas, mine safety, EPA, etc.

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  9. I worked at a poultry plant, as a Quality Control Technician, essentially a lower level USDA, worked for the company though not the government, anyway, we also made should everything was in a clean sanitary condition, USDA workers are bitches

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  11. Well if there's ever an outbreak, I guess we're just gonna have to go back to growing our own food… -_-

  12. Exactly…

    Why reguletes our food?

    A company that want to keep its customers happy?

    Or a big government that only cares aboit power and taking taxes?

  13. So, its only the story for states. I was hoping a world wide perspective of this video. Or is it the general case for most of the countries

  14. Who regulates our food?

    a) Our mothers "Fast sold is bad for you.Now drink this stew that I made for you."

    b) That one health freak that you don't know why you are friends with."OMG that is SO unhealthy"

    c) That person that goes to MCDONALDS and orders A SALAD.A SALAD.A FUCKING SALAD."OMFG I hope you die because your eating diet is so unhealthy.Urgh I can't stand people like you"

  15. Food should be heavily regulated. It's literally necessary for life. I understand arguments for deregulating optional goods, but food and drinks should be so heavily regulated no harmful substances can get through to people.

  16. FDA is corrupt as fuck allowing Amylase in diet beverages. You know how many ppl are potentially getting cancer from that shit don't chance it guys, avoid diet drinks.

  17. The FDA don't seem so strong to me. After all, they allow some chemicals that the EU ban. For instance, brominated vegetable oil. 

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  19. So of 53,000,000 people who get food born related illnesses per year, 25,000 are protected?
    25,000 illnesses are kept from the public, or 25,000 people?

    If only 25,000 people are protected, that's a horrendous statistic.

  20. to be fair, most of those illnesses are from consumers or chefs not preparing things properly, though in the later case they also must pass inspections.

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