Which Fast Food Chain Has The Best Hash Browns?

Which Fast Food Chain Has The Best Hash Browns?

– Uh, I woke up at 4:30 this morning. – I woke up at 4:45. – Because we are on a mission. ♫ Ooo, hashtag hashbrown huntdown ♫ Hashtag hashbrown huntdown ♫ It’s really to find the
best fast food hash-browns. – The patties. – Potatoes are an amazing thing. – Potatoes are almost
as versatile as pigs. – [Both] Rubric Crispiness. – Fluffiness. – We brought a scale, so we could weigh ’em. Overall beauty. – [Both] “Wow” factor. Damn that’s a fine potato. – Yea, that’s like, that’s a sexy nod. – Yea, a sexy nod. Oh, here’s a thing. When you break open a hash-brown, it should steam like in the commercials. You know? Like you should break it in
half and steam should erupt. – Steam test. – Steam test. Hang a right here, then
take a left down Vine, We’ll be in Santa Monica in no time. We’re here. The Dunkin’ Donuts. I’m lookin’ for some hashbrowns. – I’m gonna get one order of hash-browns and two coffees. – Let’s get a top-down and see how beautif–
– So here’s the Dunkin Donuts. – Are these beautiful? 39 grams, that’s incredible! – Steam test. – Steam test.
– Ready? – Ready?
– Close-up, yea. – Is this gonna do it? Ready? And… I am gonna say a soft
no on the steam test. – It’s like a salty tongue bath. – I can’t give it too much
crispy or fluffy points, because they kind of blend together. – They def– There’s no contrast. – There’s no contrast.
– No contrast. – No “Wow” factor. – No “wow” factor
– Absolutely. It has somethin’ special about it. The thing is they’re very eatable. I could just… He said get one order. We maybe shoulda’ got two. – Well we have to eat a lot more potatoes, I didn’t want us to spoil
our goose this early. – Yea. – Hit us with a Tater Fact, Linda. – [Linda] The potato is
about 80 percent water and 20 percent solids. – 80 percent water?! – That seems weird. – Carl’s Jr. – Watch out for that runner. This is what we’re gonna get. – Ooo. – Well, we lost two. Lost two. 115 grams.
– Steam test, steam test! – Do you see any? – I didn’t see any but it felt better than the last time. A little less artisan. Not that much fluff though. – No, it’s just really a nice crunch. This is classic potato that’s been fried in a shape. – Definitely no “wow” factor. Ready?
– Yea. – Oh! That was close though! – Waste another one. – Oh! That’s my boy. – Same edibility.
– Yea. – And also we threw
about ten on the ground. – [Both] Hashtag Hashbrown Huntdown 2K15. – I thought we were gonna
throw them in our mouths. – (chuckles) Oh. Oh, do you wanna do that? (laughs) – Alright, we wasted a couple hashbrowns, but in the end it’s really gonna be ok, because, I mean, the
seagulls will eat ’em. – Everybody likes seagulls
at their restaurant. I gotta be honest, I’m already feeling a little bit sick. ♫ Oh Burger King, where
dreams can be yours. ♫ – May I get an order of hashbrowns? She was nice. All of the fast-food workers
have been nice today. – Yea, it’s morning. They haven’t had their day ruined yet. – I think these look way shittier
than the Carl’s Jr. ones. – Really? They look exactly the same. – 118 grams
– 118. No. – (laughs) Do you think this is ever gonna work? They are fluffy and they are crispy. I might even give it
a slight “wow” factor. Yea, I think they’re ugly. – Catch-ability. – [Keith] Tastebuds. Flavor buds. – Flavor buds. – [Both] Hashtag Hashbrown Huntdown 2K15. – Goddammit. – This is not as easy as chicken watch. – You got coffee on your pants. – I got coffee on my pants. ♫ Taste buds ♫ We’re buds in nice duds ♫ And we’re eating the spuds ♫ – [Linda] Potato blossoms
used to be a big hit in royal fashion. Potatoes first became fashionable when Marie Antoinette paraded
through the French countryside wearing potato blossoms in her hair. – [Keith] Whoa, where are we Chris? – I’m at the combination
Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. – That’s where I am too. And Linda. – [Keith] Okay. – [Chris] Okay. It looks average. 39 grams. – [Both] Steam! Steam! – It’s not crispy and it’s not fluffy. – It’s like gooey. Wooo big truck! – Yeah I don’t like this. – No wow factor. – The wow factor is like, “Wow, really?”
– Uggh. – It’s probably the ugliest one. – Taco Bell, I love you but you’re new at this breakfast thing and it’s showing. – Catchable. – [Both] Hashtag Hashbrown Huntdown 2K15. – Flavor buds. – Flavor buds. Should be taste buds, but… Thank you. – Can’t stop it. – Thank you! – How mad do you get when somebody doesn’t give you the wave? – [Both] You gotta give ’em a wave if they let you in. ♫ You gotta give ’em a wave ♫ Give ’em a wave ♫ Give ’em a wave now ♫
– Thank you. Just wave at me! Hey do you guys have hashbrowns? – No. – You don’t have hashbrowns? – Alright. – Yeah how’s it going? – Good how you doin’? – Keith, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – Hey, Chris. – Are you guys still doing the chicken…? – Oh no. – We’re doing Hashbrown Huntdown now. – Oh Awesome. – Wanna get in the car and come with us? – Sure. – So now Ed’s going with
us to Jack-in-the-Box. – Is this the right way? – No it was a right. (laughs) ♫ Havin’ fun, havin’ fun. ♫ Havin’ fun at the Jack-in-the-Box. ♫ Oooh. It’s pretty fat brown. – 50 grams. – Ooh, what a steam test. – Ooh it smells really hot. – I like the fact that the
outsides are nice and crunchy and then when you feel
the potato in your mouth, it feels nice and soft, smooth. – He’s better at this than us. – Yeah. What do you think? Wow factor? – Yeah I enjoyed it. – Damn.
– That’s a fine potato. – Wow. The first one came out really nice. The other two kind of
failed on that department. – So there was a clear,
better-looking system. – Yes. – Everything’s fine. – [All] Hashtag Hashbrown Huntdown 2K15. – What a treat. – Yeah that was really great. – Bye.
– Bye. – The average American eats about 124 pounds of potatoes per year while Germans eat about twice as much. – Remember that that’s 80% water so you’re really just staying hydrated. We’re finally going to McDonald’s. – So we made it to our final
destination, McDonald’s, and you know what’s right next door. – We have 20 minutes. – Let’s go get some recruits. – [Chris] We’re all gonna
hashbrowns right now. – [Keith] Hashbrowns. We’re getting hashbrowns right now. – Ned come on!
– Let’s go, let’s go. – Let’s go, we’re going to McDonald’s. – Let’s go! This is important it’s for a video. – Come! Hashbrowns! We’re all getting hashbrowns. Every one of us. – 50. Let’s get an even 50. Hi, can I get 50 hashbrowns? – Me and Keith tweeted that we wanna get hashbrowns with people. Caya was like, “I’ll be there.” Yeah! – It’s a dream come true! Grab a bag, take a brown, pass it down! – Hashbrown Huntdown! – Take a brown, pass it around! – There it is! 58 grams. – Wow.
– 58 grams everybody! (cheering) – It’s fine, everything’s fine. – Perfect crunch, perfect fluff. – Naturally beautiful. – Umm it’s like the best hasbrowns ever. – Yeah. – Every time it gets the wow factor. – [All] Damn that’s a fine potato! – What a special day we’ve
had as the taste buds, but we’re gonna sign off with our classic Hashtag Hashbrown Huntdown 2K15! (cheering) – We’ll see you next time! – [Chris] We live in a fast town, cruising around, eating hashbrowns. Going to Chik-Fil-A or
McDonald’s, Burger King. What you say? Jack-in-the-Box, you goin’ Subway? I don’t think they have those, not today. Not tomorrow, not the week later. No, they don’t serve taters. – Oooooh shit!

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  1. Something's just wrong with their Dunkin' Donuts. No way McDonald's beats a hashbrown with actual seasoning.


  3. Theyr'e singing Hashtag Hashbrown Huntdown to a red hot chili peppers song at the beginning of the vid, but I can't remember the name of the song… someone help me plsss!

  4. It’s McDonald’s cmon. But on a side note making a taste test hash brown video at 6 am on the side of the road with your friends, life goals

  5. Even with bad camera quality and pixelated footage, I can still point out Ryan Bergara, Eugene, and Ned. My boys.

  6. 👏🏽😀. tried Burger King, it’s ok. Dunkin Donuts, kinda good it taste like chicken flavor ramen😂. haven’t tried Taco Bell. McDonalds is ok too. we don’t have Carls Jr or Jack in the box in MI !😕

  7. imagine them getting pulled over with a scale in the car and having to explain to the officer that it’s for hash browns…

  8. The part where they had everyone come out and eat hashbrowns was basically a big game of "spot the try guys"

  9. Burger King hashbrowns are just flat tater tots and McDonald's is a bigger flat tater tot. So why does it feel like I can't have tater tots for breakfast?

  10. If someone walked into my work and just ordered 50 of something without calling ahead I'd quit right then and there.

  11. You haven't had a hashbrown unless you tried Whataburger Hashbrowns and their spicy ketchup/ sausage country gravy 😛

  12. @6:45 when your day is not going as good so you fake a smile, before a crazy ass order. 6:46 When you hear the order and you start panicking, questioning life, and realize " Oh fudge we don't have enough and the delivery truck hasn't come at all once today.

  13. Ive watched every video on the try guy's channel so now im here watching the remnants of what they left behind here.

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