Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Chicken?

Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Chicken?

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  1. Cool! I can't wait to try Snoops recipe!! I tried Stove Top Kisses and thought was great especially with the Knorr's chicken bouillon seasoning:-)

  2. this channel did a real disservice with Ramsay's recipe. Like, how do you not know of his F Word channel? The best fried chicken recipe is there for you to copy and you went with a "video" from like, 2011.

  3. You know what they say. White people don’t know how to season 🤭 I’m asian and we always say, “is it white people spicy or Asian spicy?” when something is labeled as spicy lol

  4. They followed the Gordon Ramsey instructions exactly as he narrated in his video. Gordon needs to give the exact details if he wants people to recreate properly.

  5. this donkey just straight up left so many things behind and make Gordon look bad. just straight up donkey level chef

  6. I knew Snoop Dogg would win, he even came late to an interview just for some chicken. Snoop Dogg knows some good chicken.

  7. As soon as i saw how snoops was made i knew it would win and i picked it before i even saw the others lol…the brine with orange peal.😱😱..yes please..im pretty good at fried chcken myself i use thighs and i cut the bone out so it cooks quicker and more evenly..salt,garlic powder,paprika,chilli powder,pepper,..double coated with egg and flour..thats my recipe if anyone intrested but im defo doing snoops chicken

  8. You got ramsay's recipe presentation wrong. the composition of the all purpose flour, salt and pepper is imbalanced. you put too little of salt and pepper, the paprika is okay I guess. and where's the pink and black peppercorn with honey coating applied with rosemary brush? and remind you he eats it along the yam hash.

    and for the record, Ramsay is a chef before a celeb. if you don't want his recipe to win, just don't include him. idiots.

  9. Based on just the recipe, my vote would go to Snoop. With, again based on just the recipe, Gordon coming in 2nd. But, apparently Gordon's recipe just doesn't really work. Or, based on reading through the comments, it was just botched really hard.
    Good to see that Snoop's recipe does work though. Because the recipe was awesome. It deserved the win.

  10. That's not the official Fried Chicken Gordon Ramsay Recipes. It's totally different from his original recipes. If you don't believe search on YouTube.

  11. 1:20 how tf you get the chicken to look that golden while still being cooked? i've tried different flours,oils, oil temperature pretty much impossible to get it that golden while being cooked.

  12. the secret ingredient of snoop dogg's chicken is weed and it cooked for 4minutes and 20 seconds and the reason gordon ramsey's chicken doesnt taste better than snoop dogg's chicken is it doesnt have enough olive oil

    ITS AT 0:19


  14. Was looking through the comments because I had a suspicion that GR should have won.

    I was right, they sabotaged his recipe. 'I have seen the other videos' – Jesse scared of comments

    Also Jesse – let's change the recipe!

  15. “Scheming on a thing, that's a mirage
    I'm trying to tell you now, it's sabotage”

    BOOOOOOOO! Biased video! I don’t blame the judges, I blame the cook.

    I can’t like a video that sabotages one chef by under seasoning and not adding herbs he’s seen in the video and yet does a take on another by saying that he’s guessing and adding ingredients he’s seen in that video and also heavily seasoning another chefs recipe bc he wants hers to taste better.

    “Listen all y'all, it's a sabotage”
    – Beastie Boys

  16. Legitimate bullshit, you all know good and well that chef Gordon would have made a way better fried chicken recipe. They only are making Gordon’s chicken bland and dry because he has won every one of these challenges that he has been in exempts for the brownies and pancakes, no to mention that the brownies that were supposedly Gordon’s were an absolute disgrace to cooking, a chef of his caliber does not use poprocks.

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