Where Am I? | Google Street View Game

Where Am I? | Google Street View Game

( theme music playing ) I don’t know where you are
right now, Mythical Beasts, but I do know
where we are– Burbank,
at least physically. But virtually
we’re about to be
all over the planet, thanks to this
geo guessing game. Here’s how it works.
We’re going to be presented
with a Google Street View image of somewhere,
anywhere on Earth. And then we’re gonna bid
by stating how few
Street View moves we need in order to name
that place. The lowest bidder wins
the right to guess first. And if he gets it,
he gets two points for the city,
one point for the country, and if he doesn’t
get anything right, then the other person
gets to guess in however many moves
they had bid. You’re gonna understand
as we play. The winner gets
a golden globe award. Who is better
at global geography? We’re about to find out. Okay, let’s see
the first still image
from Google Street View. Man, so all I see
is a marbled corner
of the world. Stevie, what’s
our starting bid? Stevie:
The starting bid
is 5 moves. – Oh, man.
– Were you gonna say five? I have a wild hare guess
in one move, but it’s not
my official bid. – He’s guess–
– No, I didn’t say “bid.” I’ll say five.
I’ll bid five. I’ll bid three. – Stevie: All right.
– I will let you– oh, you assume
that I’m not gonna go two? I could go two, Stevie. – Link, would you like
to go two?
– But I’m not. I ain’t. Okay.
Let’s see the three moves
for Rhett, then. Link: That’s two. Stevie:
That’s three moves. Okay, I’m second-guessing
myself now. What have you–
what did you see
in those moves, Rhett? Well, in the beginning,
I thought it was outside
of the Washington Monument. But I am wrong. And I actually think
that that was that
big arch deal. I’m gonna say
Paris, France. – Stevie: Incorrect.
– ( buzzer sounds ) Shall we play the other
two moves for Link? Yeah. Link:
Mm-kay, so now we’re
moving this way. Ooh, I think I might–
what? Well, shoot. Rhett:
Oh, I know where this is. So I’m like–
this is America
but that’s the– I’ve never been
to “Paree.” So I don’t know
if the Arc de Triomphe is that close in actuality
to the Eiffel Tower. I’m very suspicious of this. – That’s–
– Is that the name of it?
You knew that? I must say
this is Paris, Texas. I think it’s– no,
I think it’s Vegas, man. I think they have
an Eiffel Tower in Vegas. Stevie:
I don’t even know
how to score this. Yes, it’s
Las Vegas, Nevada. – Yeah.
– Nobody– this is Vegas? You said Texas,
which is in the U.S. Oh, don’t give him–
no points! But then Rhett guessed–
okay, no points, no points. We have to get the state. Yeah, yeah.
It’s Vegas, it– But it Paris, Texas,
they do have an Eiffel Tower
and an Arc de Triomphe. – Question mark?
– Probably not. Stevie: You ready
for your next one? – Oh, yeah.
– Let’s see it. – Vegas.
– Stevie: And this one,
we’re also gonna start the bidding
at five moves. – ( Rhett scoffs )
– Link: So it’s just a– okay, we learn nothing
from this shot of a tree. I don’t know, I mean,
that particular tree probably only grows
in some places on Earth. – I’ll bid five.
– I’ll bid four. – All right.
– I’ll bid three. Oh ho!
Okay. I will not bid two. Okay, let’s show Link
his three moves. Okay, zooming out. This looks like some sort
of a park situation, with military people. Ooh, man,
this is pretty. I’d like to visit
this spot. You could fall
in water anywhere. First of all,
there’s no street involved. These are just paths. ( chuckles )
Good observation. What is that big building
back there? It looks like a museum. I don’t know,
this is Greece. – ( chuckles )
– I’ma say we’re in Greece. I can’t think
of a town in Greece. Incorrect.
So I think that Rhett – has one more move.
– I get one more move. I think I might
know where this is. – Link: How did that do, right?
– Rhett: Yeah. I feel like we might
be in India. Well, what are you seeing
that makes you say that? Uh, flowing clothes… and the architecture
over there, but also
the architecture earlier. And I think if you turned
one more time, there’d
probably be– the Taj Mahal would probably
be there or something. What the what? – You’re correct!
– ( laughs ) All right, let’s see it.
Seriously? Aw, dang it!
The Taj– I thought
it was the Taj Mahal
on the second one, ’cause I’ve seen
a lot of tourist pictures
of the Taj Mahal. – So I get two points.
– Yeah, I’m gonna give you two. It’s in Agra, India,
but it is the Taj Mahal in India, so I feel
like that’s a good two points
right there. – Yeah.
– Dang. Good work, Rhett. Hey, thank you.
Thank you, thank you. All right, let’s move on
to the next one. You know what would help me?
If I had darts. – Yeah.
– ( laughter ) – Can I just hold the darts?
– Well, Russ is gone. – He left.
– I’m just gonna hold– Russ– Russ–
Russ left us his darts. These are professional darts.
It’s gonna bring me luck. Stevie: Okay, so the bidding’s
gonna start at seven moves. – All right. I’ll bid six.
– Oh, God. – I’ll bid five.
– ( exhales ) This is a risk. – Do I want to go four?
– Because they usually put the really seal-the-deal
information at the very end. – Well, based on the last one.
– I’ll let you go with four. – I didn’t say four.
– Okay, five. – Five moves.
– Are we going with five? – Yeah.
– Rhett? Okay,
let’s see the five. – Link: One.
– Rhett: Oh. Oh, seriously? – ( Rhett chuckles )
– Link: Oh, gosh. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, uh, Stonehenge is in England. You think this
is Stonehenge, man?
Ha! – ( laughter )
– Just a bunch of rocks. All of a sudden, you think
a bunch of rocks are Stonehenge. Surrey, England? It’s Wiltshire, England, and so I’ll
give you a point, and– I mean, it’s obviously
Stonehenge, so… I think a point
is pretty good, yeah? – Yeah, sure, yeah.
– Dang it. That one– that one– man, we should’ve
been aggressive. Yeah, that
was the old trick. – It was the old trick.
– Okay, now you know. You guys are clever.
You’re clever! – For the next one.
– Yep. Come on, darts! Bring me luck! – Link: Mm, going deep!
– Stevie: The bidding
starts at six moves. – Link: Whoa.
– Rhett: Six moves. I’ll bid five. I’ll bid four. I’ll bid three. ( low chuckle ) – Are we going with three?
– Yes. If I bid two,
will you bid one? Nope.
( laughs ) All right,
go for it, Rhett. Okay, three moves for Rhett. One. Two. Hmm, three.
You didn’t– – Ooh!
– Rhett: “This… – was where the dirt was.”
– ( Link laughs ) Wow, so it’s an
underground situation, but there is– it’s historical.
It’s historical, because …there’s a placard. Historical
underneath the ground. But relatively
new construction. Hmm, this is tough. I have no idea. – You gotta guess.
– Under– Underground
Railroad. ( laughs )
I don’t know. That’s–
the Underground Railroad – is not technically
– A place? or involved trains. There were places that they
went underground, though. Oh, okay.
I’ll give you that, but– I know that I’m wrong. All right, how many
more moves do I get? – You get one more move.
– Aw, gosh. – ( laughter )
– Link: Are you serious? That’s the move
you’re giving me? That’ll help you, Link.
You can get it! I believe in you, Link. So you got
this reinforced steel, which was added, so that
you could walk through the Egyptian tomb
of King Tut. I doubt it? – Incorrect.
– ( buzzer sounds ) No, no, no.
Give us another move. – Oh, okay.
– I just want to see if– – ( stammers )
– Give us all the moves. Give Rhett another move.
Let’s see if he can do it. – ( laughter )
– Link: It went back? Can you give us
another move? That’s it?
“Dressed bedrock begins.” – That’s Arabic.
– Oh, it’s the Western Wall. Correct!
That is Hebrew. – Oh. Sorry.
– ( laughter ) It’s the Western Wall. Well, neither one of you
won that round. – It’s the bedrock.
– Rhett, you won overall! Whoo! It’s a good day
for the Rhettster! Hey, do I get, like,
a chair to go sit in? No, oh, I get
a golden globe award. Congratulations.
Oh, that was it, huh? – That’s cool.
– Wherever it lands,
I get to go! – Gold Town!
– ( laughter ) Goldsborough!
Oh ho ho! I’m going to Goldsborough!
Everybody pack up! There’s barbecue there. All right, that was
a tough game, and I need to brush up
on my “geog.” Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is.
– ( sniffs loudly ) – I’m Chanel.
– And I’m Stevo. And we are spinning
around the world. And now it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Whoa!
– Spinning and spinning!
I get it! Yes! Click the bottom link
to watch this episode
from the beginning. And click the top link
to watch us be blindfolded and guess what snacks
we’re feeling from
a vending machine in “Good Mythical More.” Of course.
And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality
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100 Replies to “Where Am I? | Google Street View Game

  1. All my classes are in computer labs so in a particularly boring class last semester, all I'd do each day is play geoguessur. I played it again a couple of weeks ago to kill time between classes and a bunch of my classmates swarmed me kept giving their opinion of where they thought I was. Even the prof was naming some places!!

  2. I have been dreaming of seeing a GMM episode with Geoguessr, and just realized it was hidden in the final episode of the old format… 🙁

  3. Lmao Paris, Texas is a real place, but the only thing there are old white people and abandoned mechanic shops. There is an eiffel tower, but it's very tiny.

    Source: Have family there.

  4. I knew the second one was India because of Rollarcoaster Tycoon. There was a game where they had those water ways for the Taj Mahal.

  5. Sometimes I wonder if Link is really guessing things so incorrectly on purpose for the entertainment or is he really this…..like….unknowledgeable

  6. I thought Stonehenge was in Scotland and not England? if i'm right, you probably angered some Scotsmen as they do not like being called English.

  7. I know this is a year old, but this should have been a lot longer. This was cool and fun to watch. Maybe do it again??

  8. I got Vegas and Stonehenge on the first picture.
    India I needed the first move.
    The last one was a complete mystery to me.

  9. On the 1st picture, Link should have gotten 1 point because he got the country correct. If I'm not mistaken, they did say that was part of the scoring.
    (I have seen this video before, just rewatching old ones and noticed I had missed that previously).

  10. Goldsboro doesnt have the BBQ like we once did.. Wilbers has closed. But you guys are welcome to come visit anytime.. We all would love to meet you…

  11. I’m from Paris Texas and we do have an Eiffel Tower but we don’t have that other thing you said😂

  12. Why give 2 points for Taj Mahal India and 1 point for Stonehenge England.
    Taj Mahal is as much the name of the structure as Stonehenge is.

    (Snorts decisively and keeps on enjoying the show).

  13. We played a game similar to this but there was more freedom in ELA. Kinda ironic. (Geoguessr) (it is spelt without the er at the end)

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