What Would You Do: Customers discriminate against Hispanic waiter | WWYD

What Would You Do: Customers discriminate against Hispanic waiter | WWYD

Allow me to help you. You guys can have a seat right here and we’ll be out to get you started shortly. I can’t wait to order. I’m so hungry. Yeah this place has really good food. Hey, how are you folks doing today? My name is Miguel and *Man interrupts* Manuel Agua, por favor. Um, excuse me. It’s Miguel and I’ll be your waiter today! And today’s specials a– Woman: Um, excuse me, is this a Mexican restaurant or something? Ma’am? Look, you know um nothing personal just grab our waters and send over that nice lady to take our orders. Sorry She’s the hostess – something wrong honestly Yeah, you in this country Lord knows How many real Americans you’ve taken this job from it’s happening in restaurants all across the country people Insulting their waiter or waitresses based Solely on their ethnicity Sometimes even writing comments on their receipts like we only tip citizens if you saw a couple lashing out at their server Simply because he doesn’t look American what would you do both? I can assure you I’m American. I don’t buy it boy okay I’m not still wet behind the ears I pay my taxes, so I’ve earned my right to be here. Excuse me, can we have an American waiter? Today, we’re in Apache Junction, Arizona And we’ve taken over the rustic Dutchman’s hideout located at the base of the superstition mountains These first customers listen in as our waiter begins taking abuse… Instead of drink orders. Waiter: Yes, I’ll be your waiter for today. Woman: I didn’t know we were in a Mexican restaurant. sorry, I Want to be served by an American did I do anything wrong? Yeah? They’re not being in this country taking jobs from real Americans yeah Should be ashamed of yourself. She’s heard enough first taking her complaint to our manager They’re giving that waiter a hard time saying he’s mexican from out of the country and he should be ashamed of himself I really think you should ask with people leave and then Consoling our waiter that bothers me, and it’s inappropriate I’ve asked your manager to have them leave Thank you With her good deed done She returns to her table But will anyone confront our mean couple can I take your order is that okay? Yeah, hey, you are More than an American enough for me. We’re all Americans here. Where your ancestors from what country italy? Didn’t come over here, where would you be? They came here legally. Hey! You don’t know he definitely crossed the border illegally guarantee, and if he didn’t his parents did You’re a… *cuts himself off* Messed up man, holy, man. Yeah You want me here cause I’m Polish? sir hi there hello? I’m John quinones Yes, sir, and I’m very upset. I’m sorry. I know it is but you know what? They’re actors. It’s prejudice! We’re all Americans man. Don’t forget it good. Just because you got different colored skin that Unites America. That’s right Yeah, because we’re all immigrants Mr.. Native American Hey, you weren’t here first man We’re rolling again. Is there a problem. Maybe I can be more comfortable with someone who speaks a little better English. Our crude couples racist remarks has this woman asking for a reality check Once I’ll be right back Is it such an issue? You just wanted an American. You know Really people really? Fit us so bad. We’re in America. These people come here. They take the Tikar jobs seriously You don’t think that job should belong to a natural-born American? Being an American doesn’t mean you have to be born here. He doesn’t look American! He doesn’t look like us! Well of course he doesn’t look like us. I didn’t say he looked like us. But what does American look like it’s a sentiment served over and over to our bigoted bullies There’s no such thing as looking American How do we know you’re an American? Because I look American. You could be German. I don’t have any proof you’re American. All I know is you’re a person who is discriminating against someone who is a different skin color. I don’t know who you’d come across… just looking at somebody said if you can tell just by looking at him, he’s not American. What makes you so sure he’s an illegal? He spoke perfect English, so he’s got a different complexion. Big deal. Look at him. You can just tell you can just tell? Yeah, I spent 20 years in the restaurant business. I used to work with this kid. Whiter than you, it’s legal for you Windows in Canvas closed I’m pretty conservative. You know poor crop carry guns. That’s fine You carry now. Yeah, let me see Bobby yeah, yeah, what might it give you to judge somebody’s legal status just based on the color of the skin For our final course at the Dutchman’s hideout we asked Elizabeth to buddy up with these two cowgirls I was wondering if you’d be willing to take a fashionable, okay? And right away they seemed it at all there is excellent photography. Let’s hope this is one of many So will they step in for me again despite their newly formed bond with our couples, okay? Here’s the demand your kind or taking jobs from Americans And I feel like if I let you serve me I’m supporting that they’re doing anything wrong I know yeah, we’re building a wall to keep your kind out and with that Laurie Archbold stands up for me again You’re really not much more new york yeah. Yes, you are you know what if you defy young man here Why don’t you be can you believe for something? And they’re American so is he I you don’t think he should leave I do not think you should leave I think that you should be about Why is it okay for him to be here? With the entire restaurant scared up we decided. It’s best to end our couple away have them leave storm out Your lot No time for You are and you got those people here that are looking out for yourself That’s why we’re the sixpence. Do you ever see anybody with a safety pin on that means, they’re Never get set up what were you thinking that not my America? That’s not my America what they were saying I’m military brat and my father bought to the trade-off to be here There’s so many good people in the country and they sound upset about it. We’re all Americans and The right thing to do is to stand up for someone when you feel that. They’re being treated inappropriately That’s the way my mom and dad raised me and then like something out of an old western our heroes saddle up and ride away

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  1. I don't believe that's happening in restaurants all around the country. I think this is propaganda but if I ever saw that I would step in.

  2. This shit ain't no joke, i live in England and I'm Hispanic and work in a chip shop and I get this shit all the time fr

  3. I don’t understand how that guy supports Trump when Trump stands for and supports all the bullshit that couple was spewing.

  4. One time when I worked at a fast-food style Italian place, I was taking a lady's order at the counter and there were 2 of my Puerto rican co-workers talking behind me.

    This "Karen" walks in and after 30 seconds is like, "doesnt that bother you?" i said, "I'm sorry, does what bother me?" She goes, "I've worked in places like this. You have no idea what they're saying. I know how it is working with people like them," the Karen said back to me. I couldnt believe the blatant racism. I knew it existed out there but was never prompted with it. Just cause I'm also white doesnt mean I'm also racist, Karen. All I could say was,
    "My husband is Mexican."

    Pinche puta.

  5. This was filmed in Arizona? Wasnt Arizona the last state to recognize MLK Jr. Day in any manner?
    I love the weather in Arizona but…..this was harsh. Hope it isnt indicative of the culture

  6. The Native Americans are not the same like the indigenous from Latin America. They do look alike but it's not the same thing. Also, Hispanics are half European thus, being mixed with half indigenous and European blood. Some are a mix of Spanish, German, Italian., etc with a mixture of indigenous blood.

  7. 2:42 “they came here legally” lol read a history book I hear this said so much. they came and brought their diseases and violence. They raped, tortured and killed so many Native Americans. So fuck u and ur ancestors tbh

  8. I've live in Arizona my entire 64 years, that's not what we are about. I would go so batshit crazy redhead over those customers. The last "That's not my America' That's how Arizonans are.

  9. USA citizens and media should stop using "American" to describe their nationality. America is a whole continent, that means Mexicans, Cubans, Brazilians, Canadians, etc, etc, are all Americans

  10. The last woman who spoke wow her face is beautiful the structure of her face and her cheekbones! I bet she was a model in her younger days! ❤

  11. “Unless you’re Native American, you weren’t here first man” love that guy, i bet he knocked quite a few teeth out in his younger days, you can tell he is a scrapper and wanted to fight

  12. White people weren’t even the original land owners of America. How did they get all this audacity all of the sudden?

  13. I think there's a difference between being American and being NORTH AMERICAN. I from Mexico, Mexico it's in the AMERICAN CONTINENT, therefore I am American, but if I live in U.S.A I woul be North American (¿?)

  14. I can totally relate to this. I came to the US 4 years ago. I can still remember having lunch at school, when I was sitting with my friends and I was sitting next to this guy (I don't know him) and my friends and I were talking to each other, when this guy said " I hate immigrants, they are just taking our jobs. They don't deserve to be here, they should leave" as if he's saying it loudly so I can hear it. It almost made me cry but didn't say anything and just kept quiet.

  15. American?The first people on that land was not white.. You can t call yourselves Americans..You are a mixed from all over the world!So…!

  16. That polish man is literally the best human being alive, he was so ready to pop dude in the face for being racist 🖤

  17. People are so ignorant that most foreigners spend years studying English, but then they only come to America to be argued in English by white folks

  18. I hate when they say immigrants take their jobs. They do realize that the economy is booming because there’s more people in the country and more jobs are being opened up.

  19. What pisses me off is I went to the DMV today and Mexicans who are NOT citizens of our country were getting driver's licenses without a birth certificate of which I had to show mine!!! I was born in America and I've lived here for 65 years. THAT is why some people are pissed at illegals taking OUR jobs. I live in Texas where the north will never understand OUR massive problem Thank you President Trump for forcing ANYONE to abide by all of OUR laws. Come, but come LEGALLY!!

  20. karen: " who knows how many real americans you've taken this job from”

    you're not a real fucking american either shut the fuck up mayhaps

  21. That old fart didn't even understand they were actors and it was part of a TV show. Can tell he's already lost his mind due to being old. Guy shouldn't be allowed to drive or be out in public like that.

  22. My friend Oswin is native american and black and i don't like his kind in my white country. i hope is reads this post.. white power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. i am a white american and i don't want blacks in my white country. even my but ole is white and beautiful. white power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Miguel looks more American, maybe he is a Native American and has more rights than the descendants who came to the US years ago

  25. The sad fact is this country was founded by immigrants and for racist people to say things like that shows me how dumb they really are

  26. I love how people are quick to say unless you’re Native American, forgetting that a good part of the United States was Mexico. So there is a better chance that Mexicans were actually born on the land.

  27. American…. IS NOT A RACE.… YOU CAN BE ANY RACE AND BE AMERICAN👏👏👏 ONE MORE TIME FOR THE POEPLE IN THE BACK… AMERICAN IS NOT A RACE!🗣👏 i wish I was there when things like that happed… god so I can help educate ignorant people😡 you can’t look at someone and decide if there American… and even if he wasn’t American wtf why does it matter, you don’t know peoples Past or where they come from. Dont be so fast to judge PERIOD. (Ik they actors but I’m talking about/to people who actually do this)

  28. How is it even possible that there are so many sane and sensible people in America and yet Trump won….. i can believe it

  29. Really? Really? This is happening all over the country? Not here in Atlanta!!!! We are an international city and very, very few of us are that rude.

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