What to eat in ROME, ITALY | Roman FOOD TOUR – Pizza, Rome street food, Pasta | Italian FOOD

What to eat in ROME, ITALY | Roman FOOD TOUR – Pizza, Rome street food, Pasta | Italian FOOD

today we’re in Rome, Italy we’re gonna be
traveling all around town to show you the best food Rome has to offer
Roman food culture is bold, delicious and steeped in history this is our second
video from Rome and we’re here to hunt down the best Italian food watch out for
traditional Roman dishes featuring horse and offal, modern Roman street food and
loads more in this three-part series we’ll show you some of Rome’s best food
from local restaurants that are off the beaten path to delicious street food you
don’t want to miss this series get ready for some mouth-watering food
I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we hope you’re hungry,
let’s eat! the food in Italy is really regional and
we’re so excited to share Roman cuisine with you so Roman food is really
well-known for its punchy flavours, they love using seasonal
ingredients and they really really love nose to tail eating we’re starting our day of eating at Testacchio market and this place is filled with an array of fresh produce and a lot
of ready-to-eat food as well but we are here to hunt down something special we’re here for a
famous braised meat sandwich the most famous sandwich at this shop is
called Allesso di Scottona and it is a braised beef sandwich I’m holding it in
my hot little hand and holy moly it looks so good so what he did was he just
took a white roll and he sliced it in half and then he dipped one side of the
roll in the meat juices now I can see that the meat was braised in tomato I
think and there’s celery in there and it is just falling apart when he grabbed
that chunk of beef out of the stewing juices it just collapsed onto the
chopping board at the prod of his knife it was so tender and then I also asked
him to add cicoria which are braised bitter greens there’s a bit of chilli
cooked in with them so they should add a really or cut through I suppose the
fattier meat this shop is really famous because the owner used to be a butcher
and he’s using his old family recipes to create some meat dishes from offal and
less popular cuts of meat I’ve got to stop talking and just get eating oh my goodness that braised beef just
melts-in-your-mouth it is incredible it is so tender and fatty and that bun is
really chewy it’s got a great texture I want to eat this bite right here with
that fattier meat and a whole ton of that cicoria or the bitter greens oh my goodness it is so delicious the meat just explodes with juice it’s got a really subtle flavour you can taste
the vegetables it’s been cooked with but it’s really really rich as well cicoria is perfect as it cuts through the fattiness of it and that bread is
sensational Rome is a beautiful city to travel
around we’re covering quite a bit of ground in this video on public transport
but also on foot it is stunning to walk around almost every building is just a
picture postcard, churches everywhere, ruins it’s a stunning place but walking
around makes you hungry so we’re going for our next snack now it’s time for second breakfast
we’ve come to a famous bakery that is really well known for its maritozzi
which is a cream bun we ordered our bun from the pastry shop
next door but what you can do is have a coffee with it so you take your bun
next door to the coffee shop and then order an espresso and you can have your
coffee and cream bun together this is a serious cream bun look at the
amount of cream on top so it’s a plain sort of bun a sweet bun and then just
absolutely piled with whipped cream so very simple breakfast snack and I do
love the concept that you can go to the bakery which is right through this wall
and then come through to this little coffee shop order a coffee and put it
with your cream bun oh my god, wow look how thick that cream is that’s crazy
the cream is really really soft so it’s super super aerated it’s got a beautiful
flavour it’s really nice and sweet so the bread is sweet as well not overboard
though but I think definitely sweet enough that the espresso will be good perfect combo beautiful bitter coffee cuts through the sweetness of the bun that cream is
incredible it’s so fluffy and then the bread itself it sort of tastes to me a bit
like a panettone it’s got that same sort of fluffiness it’s really nicely
aerated just like the cream so you’ve got a lot of lightness here actually it’s
not as heavy as it looks it looks like it’s gonna be just too
much with that much cream but it’s not it’s really light this is a
really popular breakfast snack here in Rome we went to the place that we got it
because it’s known to do one of the best ones in Rome and the shop has been
around since 1916 so they’ve been at it for a very long time we love showing you the really
traditional stuff on this channel but we also don’t mind something modern if it’s
incredibly good so this next stop that we’re making is something that’s taken
Rome by storm now in a city this old you’ve got to consider something which
is 10 years old like what we’re about to have modern
because things are just so old here and places have been around so long so this
place it’s been around about 10 years it’s taken Rome by storm, it’s called a trapizzino
and it’s a type of pizza pocket the trapizzino is basically a pizza
pocket so it’s a triangular shaped pizza bread and they’re putting fillings
inside which are really classic Roman dishes so we ordered two we went with
the chicken cacciatora which is chicken cooked with herbs and spices and white
wine, garlic, olive oil and whatnot and then this here is the lingua which is a
cold dish of beef tongue and it’s mixed with a salsa verde so lots of parsley
anchovies garlic capers to give it a really punchy kick all right I want to
start with the chicken because I’ve got it in my hot little hand and it’s also a
hot filling and you can see that the pizza bread is really really crispy on
the outside but soft on the inside and it’s really slowly leavened so it’s had
time to rise okay let’s give this a taste holy moly that is amazing so the chicken has so much flavour you can taste that rosemary
the chicken is really tender and then the pizza bread, the bread here is just
insanely good and this is no exception the outer is really crusty and crunchy
and the inside is really pillowy and soft oh man so much flavour it’s just been
braised and cooked for a really long time so all of the flavours from those
different ingredients have had time to sort of melt out into the dish, it’s
delicious I really love this concept of taking these really traditional dishes
which you’d normally get as a main in a restaurant and turning them into this
it’s really neat so this one is the beef tongue which is sitting in salsa
verde so it’s a green salsa with a lot of parsley you can see and there’s anchovies
and a lot of olive oil the olive oil is glistening all over that and I think a
lot of garlic in there too so I’m just gonna push it all down actually look at that whoa it’s so soft that beef tongue I need a tissue oh man, wow the beef tongue is so so soft
tongue can be really tough that is not at all it’s perfectly cooked but look at
this this is the best bit that salsa verde and all that olive oil it’s all
run down into the pizza bread so that beautiful soft inner layer of the bread
is super squishy and wet with olive oil but then the outside is so crispy that it hasn’t
soaked through the tongue it’s so tender
oh wow that is incredible I’ve had the chicken one as well the
chicken’s so tender and there’s so much flavour it’s always a little bit funny
you know with this sort of thing I’m never quite sure and I’m sure you guys
have seen it too where you see something a modern take on something you think ohh I
don’t know about that this is incredible it’s so well put
together and it’s great to get these traditional flavours in this incredible
pizza bread it’s beautiful it’s so chewy it’s got a nice little tang and the crunch on
the outside is amazing mealtimes are often very defined here in
Italy so lunchtime means lunchtime often a restaurant will be open for lunch
service but then shut at three o’clock and be totally shut like doors down done
for the afternoon however then they reopen for dinner we had to kill some
time between our pizza pocket snack and dinner time so we went and sat in
St. Peter’s Square and people watched a bit and cooled down because it’s 36
degrees today here in Rome so it’s really really hot but now it’s gone
8 o’clock dinner times from usually 8 o’clock to 11:00pm so we’re here for
dinner and we are going to be eating some traditional Roman dishes this restaurant has a brilliant
means of ordering so there’s no written menu there’s a human menu so the waiter’s
come across he’s sat down with us and he’s letting us know all the dishes that
they have today and we’re ordering straight from him we’ve come to this restaurant because
it’s really popular with locals and they specialise in cucina Romana so Roman
cuisine so we ordered our first course and also our pasta course and then the
waiter said he’ll come back later after we’d finished those two courses and see
what else we felt like eating so this is our first course and it is shredded
horse meat sitting on a bunch of rocket or arugula with a lot of olive oil and
then Parmigiano-Reggiano over the top so I’m just gonna grab myself a big pile of
this look at that sheet of parmigiano oh my goodness
okay now let’s get into this horse so it’s really finely shredded that parmigiano really salty it’s got a real
kick and that horse is very salty as well it tastes like slightly gamey beef and then that
rocket is very very peppery it’s a great combination of course to go with a meal like this
we had to order wine so we’ve ordered the house white so we’ve got a half litre
carafe of wine and it goes perfectly with the food here in Italy and we have
got to the pasta course this is an incredibly simple pasta
cacio e pepe and this is one of the four pastas that you’ll always find here in
Rome so it’s one of the four Roman classic pastas so every menu will have
this particular pasta on it and it’s really just cheese and pepper and it’s
Pecorino a sheep’s milk Pecorino the cheese and look how
incredible it looks we’ve got spaghetti you can see all the cheese obviously and
you’ve got those big chunks of pepper all through there so let’s just free it up
a little bit oh my god oh my god the flavour is incredible so the cheese is very sharp very salty and then you get a
massive hit of pepper so you basically get the salt and pepper combo working
together and a super creaminess from all that cheese simple and incredible taking not many
ingredients and just making something that tastes amazing it’s so good and
eating this way is super common here so eating in courses so this is the second
course the pasta course and what we’ve actually got here is we’ve ordered
one and they’ve split it for us so we each have a half portion so you don’t
need to order a massive massive pasta portion to yourself which is really
handy because there’s more food to come there was an array of choices for our
next course heaps and heaps of meats that were available from the grill there’s a
really fiery grill going out at the front of the restaurant and then some traditional
classic Roman dishes as well as some deep-fried things now the Romans love
their nose to tail eating so there were lots to choose from when it came to
offal so let me talk you through what we’ve got so this here is trippa alla
Romana which is tripe cooked in tomato sauce with some mint and a ton of
pecorino romano on the top this my friends is bulls balls so testicles
they’ve been deep-fried there’s a bit of lemon on the side and some rocket and
then we’ve got some braised bitter greens cooked with garlic and drizzled
with olive oil I’m so excited to try this tripe dish it comes from quinto quarto cuisine quinto quarto translates to the fifth quarter and it’s sort of peasant, the peasant food so when they had, back in the day
an animal they broke it up into four quarters so the first the prime cuts
the first quarter went to the nobility second quarter went to the clergy the
third quarter went to the merchant class and the fourth quarter went to the soldiers and
then the first quarter the leftover bits the hearts, the livers, the feet, the tongues the heads went to the peasant class the poor people but nowadays in Rome this
dish is eaten because everyone just loves it it’s really hearty and supposed to be
really tasty so let’s just give it a go so tripe is beef stomach that is good that tripe is really tender it’s prepared to perfection
it just melts in your mouth that tomato sauce is quite tangy and then you’ve got that
sharp kick from that Pecorino let’s get some lemon all over these
bulls testicles so they’ve been crumbed and deep-fried and they look like
they’ve been really nicely deep-fried they’re super crispy ohhh and really meaty inside
look at that Oh very well cooked not chewy at all, really nice texture
super soft, flavour-wise not too strong a lot of the flavour I’m getting is from
the crumb and from the lemon actually the meat is more just a great texture so
not too robust in the flavour stakes not too strong they’re really good and
really well cooked I guess creamy would be a really good word for
these they’re just such a nice soft creamy texture and this restaurant I’m
loving it it’s got such a buzz so we came in at 8:00pm we were in when the
doors opened but now it’s about 10 o’clock and it is absolutely buzzing in here
it’s packed with locals everyone’s having a great time and the menu is incredible
there was so much offal on offer intestines, hearts, testicles like we’ve had the tripe there was much more than that as well there was so much on offer this is a fantastic local

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