WHAT TO DO IN TAIWAN: Seafood Feast in Kaohsiung 旗津 | BEST Taiwanese Food!

WHAT TO DO IN TAIWAN: Seafood Feast in Kaohsiung 旗津 | BEST Taiwanese Food!

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  1. Sure, Kaohsiung is good , but the museum of food in Taiwan is Tainan .(Wall-street Journal ported) Watch these:

    Welcome to Tainan .

  2. Loving that seafood feast guys! Taiwan has some awesome food and I'm looking forward to going back next year!

  3. Love your vids, but could you make one about the visa/job hunting process in Taiwan?

    On another note- I'm spending 2 weeks in Taiwan this May and looking for hiking recommendations =)

  4. Thank you for introducing the food,cultrue,people of Taiwan to the world. Your videos & films are very intresting and local . They make me see & realize more and deeper about my country. Keep vogging & God bless you !

  5. 如果你能翻譯這個視頻,它會讓我如此高興,我會親自與你聯繫謝謝你!您可以在視頻的設置菜單中添加字幕。謝謝:)
    If someone could translate this video to Chinese that would be incredible, you can select to add subtitles in the settings of the video! Thanks so much and ill make sure to give you credit!

  6. Great Channel, love your style of vlogs. Subbed 🙂 We just came back from Taiwan but we'll note to come back to Kaohsiung next time, seafood looks amazing

  7. $30'ish for 3 dish. I think you guys got jacked up on the price. Should be half of that price. But again, I haven't been back for 4 years, so my price estimating maybe a little bit off.

  8. Taiwan's cleaning tombs festival is around the corner and then we shall have four-day off nationwide. Hope you can pay East Coast a visit at the time. And then , we shall soon have fabulous video to watch.

  9. Try to sample Buddha fruit, sticky rice ball with various stuffing, pork bun, and Indigenous cuisine. Have a field day when in Malaysia.

  10. Looking for some suggestions of unique, local foods to try in Chiayi, Tainan or around Taiwan! Want to go deep and taste some street foods! Let me know!

  11. I would suggest you visit Fengyuan Myaudung night market just north of Taichung, they have some great food vendors.  First stall on your right is steamed meat dumpling (Tainan style with shrimp on top), a very good crab seafood soup, and then work your way down 50 yards for pineapple ice drink with almond jello.

  12. Taiwan's seafood is really very delicious, but unfortunately some of the store prices are not reasonable need to ask the price

  13. So much seafood! I just came back from Taiwan. I couldn't make it to Kaohsiung this time around. But I was in Tainan for 4 days. I ate all the seafood there! I did get some footage of all the food. I hope I can do as good a job as you have done in my vlog.

  14. In Taiwan ,seadfood 's prices sometimes caculate not only use kilograms , they use TG too . 1TG=0.6KG
    And if you come from other country, some resturant may give you unreasonable price .
    So, nest time you want to have seafood feast , go with taiwan friend together

  15. Tainan is like Taiwan's version of Kyoto. There are not only great food, but also beautiful temples and old buildings.

  16. The beach there is indeed less attractive, however just several minutes away you can get to the Cihou lighthouse and fort with great view to the whole Kaohsiung habour. Highly recommend to put the two spots in yours schedule (maybe after the seafood again) if there will be a next. Cheers!

    And thanks to these great videos! making me so homesick in this time.

  17. Awsome vlog my man! I live in Taiwan thanks for showing new things! check out my channel for regular vlogs!

  18. I like your video and I also like the way you pronounce the place in Chinese! Hope you enjoy the rest teaching lives in Taiwan!

  19. i watched some of your video vlogs …. you always look handsome …. 😀😍😜💋💋 more viewers and subscribers to you cutie. 🐽🐸 greet me im from philippines


  21. 真感謝你認真的介紹我的出生地,很感動,一個外國人比更多當地人更愛這片土地。

  22. I thought about skipping Taipei and just getting off the plane and heading straight down to Kaohsiung! Great video!

  23. how do you eat all that street food without getting a parasite. I have heard so many horror stories about parasitic infection from street food in Asia.

  24. Being young is no excuse for being ignorant. He put a Japanese Enka music as background for a Taiwan memorial museum. He said because he liked the music. Someone mentioned Taiwan was invaded, brutally treated and colonised by the Japanese. However, the Taiwanese have been brainwashed not only not to feel ashamed but honoured to be part of Japan and continue to be grateful and adore the Japanese. If you make a video on China or any other country that was invaded and occupied by Japan and use a Japanese music, you'll get a backlash.

  25. Look very good and the foods is great you both will enjoy it how on earth that you can eat so hot soup with out blowing it nice to watch you enjoy your foods very good thank you for sharing Bless you both .

  26. Very good food nice place for food and lots of nice food the place is nice clean place I miss all the food you both eat where we live in Spain we cannot get the. food you both act we only get the food when we go back for visiting our family in Singapore then we go enjoy what we want. Thank you for sharing Bless you all good video .

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