We Tried Pollo Tropical — The Chick-Fil-A Of Florida

We Tried Pollo Tropical — The Chick-Fil-A Of Florida

Oh, man. I traveled a long way to
try out Pollo Tropical, Florida’s chicken chain. Can only get it in Florida. This is way better than
anything I’ve ever tasted from Chick-fil-A. (airhorns) The first Pollo Tropical
restaurant opened in Miami in 1988. Today, there are more than
140 Pollo Tropical locations in the Sunshine State. I tried Pollo Tropical in Tampa. So, the chicken-sandwich
debate has been going on for a long time: Chick-fil-A and Popeyes,
brands we’ve known for years. I’m here to showcase a chicken chain from the southern United States. Not too many people know about it. And I’m gonna go see what
their chicken sandwich is all about. OK. Oh, yeah. Let’s see what all I have here. I got the classic chicken sandwich, one chipotle chicken slider, an order of fries, an order of plantains, and I got a special, Mexican-style Coke. Let’s take a look at this
classic chicken sandwich. “Warning: Contents of this
box cause serious cravings.” That is thick, man. Check that out. Oh, yeah. So, all their chicken here
is marinated for 24 hours, at least. So, it’s just this Kaiser roll, beautifully grilled white chicken, lettuce, and a tomato, in addition to this lemony citrus sauce. Let’s give it a try. Mm. Everything about this is fresh. I don’t feel the guilt that you feel when you have Chick-fil-A, in more ways than one. They have an awesome sauce selection here. I’ll try a bite with the Guava BBQ. Mm. Oh man, yeah. Sauce is really good. We’ll do the Poyo-Poyo. Whoop, don’t drip. Oh man, that is spicy. This stuff is nuclear. The Poyo-Poyo blends with the house sauce; it’s just a delicious combination. Pollo Tropical does make
a fried-chicken sandwich, but it only comes in slider form. This is their crispy
chicken chipotle slider. Oh, man. Dude. That was a chicken
explosion just now. Tender. Flavorful. Fresh. It’s fried, but it’s not, like, too fried. It just adds a nice texture to it. It doesn’t dominate the
chicken like so many other fried-chicken sandwiches. They’ve gotta jump in this
fried-chicken-sandwich game for, like, the full sandwich. They only sell the big one
as grilled, and I get that ’cause that’s their
specialty, is grilled chicken. But they’ve got something
really special going on here. I’m from Alabama; I grew
up with Chick-fil-A. This is way better than
anything I’ve ever tasted from Chick-fil-A. So, let’s try the fries. Not really their specialty,
maybe a little soggy. What the fries may lack in crispiness, you can make up for with the sauces. Got a serious sauce
situation going on here. Since this is sort of a
Caribbean-influenced chain, they have plantains:
beautiful, golden plantains. These look amazing, so let’s try it. So, plantains. An acquired taste that I
maybe have not yet acquired, but they sure are pretty to look at. I’ve got to get another fried
chipotle chicken sandwich. I had to do it. Two more of these crispy
chicken chipotle sliders. I’m just getting greedy at this point. It has got to be inevitable
that they will make that, like, an actual, big chicken sandwich that can compete with
Chick-fil-A and Popeyes. If you’re in Florida, you’re lucky. The rest of the United States has no idea what they’re missing. Out of five stars, I’d
give it four and a half. I’m gonna have to get
another one of these.

100 Replies to “We Tried Pollo Tropical — The Chick-Fil-A Of Florida

  1. All my life I thought this was just a normal food restaurant served around the US, this is the first time I see insider post something I usually eat! I’m from the 305 btw!

  2. I feel like he's only eating at this joint to crap on Chick Fil-A. His review just doesn't feel sincere. Might have been an envelope of cash exchanged.

  3. OK, this is sad to say, but I totally disagree with his review. If they are closing stores in Georgia and Texas, they are nothing close to Chick-fil-A! Next, I've been to the Orlando store and had almost everything he had, but the food was worse. The chicken sandwich was cold and dry. The fries was warmed over and cardboard tasting. The plantains was barely warm and should have been better. Even the sauces were low and not worth mentioning. On top of that … customer service was poor! The register operator was rude and gave me attitude bc I didn't know what to order and I didn't understand her. I usually give restaurants a second chance BUT not this restaurant chain!

  4. Shit i didnt realize poll tropical was such a rare thing lol btw you messed up gettin the french fries nobody ever gets that, you was supposed to get the yucca fries and the cilantro garlic sauce 😋

  5. Chick-fil-A of Florida my ass….Pollo is not that good. Its dry as shit….you'll choke trying to eat that sandwich without water🤦🏻🤦🏻 and the shit is unseasoned. Don't be fooled ppl my lord.

  6. but there are already chick-fil-a stores in florida….fyi pollo tropical is like the east coast version of pollo loco on the west coast of the united states.

  7. Me and my family would always get a Family Meal. I love they're chicken and the beans are so good but my favorite thing is the platanos.

  8. One came to Texas but couldn’t compete (it was also rly bad and NEVER got my order right) the restaurant was taken down a few months later and now it’s a jack in the box 😂

  9. They have one in Austin. Tx I been!
    It's sucked!


  10. The Chic'fil'a of Florida? No, everybody in Florida loves Chic'fil'a more than any other restaurant. Pollo Tropical sucks..never had their chicken sandwich though. And Pye Pyes? 😆 Nobody puts catagorizes Chic'fil'a with any of those places.

    Do these advertisers not do any digging of information from the public? And YouTube channels paid by other advertisers don't count 😂
    Have these people promoting this message not had a Chi'fil'a or have they not tried their own products? 😆

    Its like saying 5 Guys and McDonald's are competing only just a little more ridiculous than that 😂


  12. The best chicken sandwich is COOK OUT…chik fil a is fire too but cook out spicy and regular are the best for the price.

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