We Tried Indian Breakfast Street Food in Old Delhi

We Tried Indian Breakfast Street Food in Old Delhi

fried bread stuffed with lentils and then this little potato dish I’m so glad we’re able to try this I could barely get my camera it’s morning everybody welcome back to India today is our last day here in Delhi so we’ve decided to spend our last morning here on a breakfast food to us yes we’ve eaten so much food so far but I feel like what Indians eat for breakfast is a little bit different and we’re gonna work that out for you guys and show you what you can have [Music] all righty guys we just hopped out of our pooh-bah and that’s pretty much how we’ve been getting around Delhi these last few days it’s so cheap was like half an hour or four dollars so I definitely recommend you guys just jumping into an uber pick up like a local SIM cards you can get in and out the guys who come to our first stop it is sorry busy it’s currently some day here in India and I think we’re a very popular spot we’ve just been served fried bread stuffed with lentils and then this little potato dish and we’ve been told to done spicy curry sauce yeah good so the reason it’s so busy is that on Sundays a lot of Indians don’t want to cook at home they want to come out and eat and it is Ryan everyone is here the next thing we’re trying is this fried like bread thing and it is stuffed with semolina ghee saffron and sugar they said it’s like a very traditional thing to have here for breakfast ready especially in the north [Applause] it’s so sweet it’s like a desert breakfast it’s so good oh wow chagum oily sweet pastry hmm actually only found here in jelly and it’s only served in the winter so this is like one of the last weeks that they’re going to start serving this it’s basically milk and cream churned up and then they put saffron pistachios and sugar on top very sweet tea don’t start line it kind of looks like my right Wow it tastes just like meringue there’s no egg goodness it’s really good alright let’s give this a try I’m not a huge fan of meringue but I’m always up for trying some new foods though I serve a spoonful of light cream that was good because it doesn’t have like the crunchiness of meringue but it’s like the flavor of meringue and the best bit we literally picked it up from like a cart that’s on the side of the road so the next one we’re going to is BYOB bring your own butter sound card is gonna pick some up [Music] yeah all right so we’re on our next dish and we’ve literally just walked down an alleyway probably wouldn’t walk down here myself so that’s why it’s so going to do food tours because you wouldn’t come to these places on your own and literally everyone is huddling around this man over here I could barely get my camera into there it it’s so busy it’s such a super popular dish [Music] good spot for a restaurant by the way so this is a chickpea based dish and why we had to bring our butter is normally the chefs will cook it in with the bread but this guy over here you’re giving your butter and you’ll cook it into the chickpeas now we’ve asked for medium spice there is a lot of red on this dish so let’s just jump in Wow medium spice here in India is not to become spice back home that packs a bit of a punch so basically tastes like super spicy chickpeas but this is super yum I can see why there is an insane line at the sky shop nice funny there’s a local guy here with us like a leather jacket and you think he’s gonna sell you something dodgy but he’s actually the butter man so you could buy your butter from him and then you can hand it to the chef to mix it in [Music] I’m actually so glad we’re here in Delhi on a Sunday because one I think it’s probably not as busy but also to its super interesting the streets are lined with barbers so a lot of people get haircuts they’ll have a shave so it comes to quite a famous restaurant here in Delhi vodka Rimmer’s it’s been open since 1913 and for breakfast they only have two dishes they either have a goat dish or a veggie dish the goat dish is goat feet so if you’re adventurous you can go for that we’ve gone for the veggie dish it is called aloo mutter which basically means potato and peas and we’ve got our naan bread I mean we’ve got our done I’ve learned today that naan basically means bread so saying naan bread you basically say nan nan or bread bread so I got our nan I love Indian curries they’re so good like a potato we carry very good before we show you some more incredible food to try reichian India we wanted to give a very quick shout out to the amazing people over at cyberghost VPN for sponsoring this video it’s people like them who help support us and keep us on the road to make travel series like this one here in India when you were traveling abroad you’re going to be using a bunch of different Wi-Fi networks whether at your hotel the airport or on the streets most of these networks are either open or unsecured which means that your online identity could be at risk cyberghost VPN is great when it comes to online banking to transfer funds into your travel card and it can also help you save money on flight tickets by hiding your IP and replacing it with one from a different country they also have an easy-to-use app which you can download onto your mobile so you can get online with just the tap of a button so you can get secured for as little as $3 a month check out the link below to download cyberghost VPN today and help support those who help keep us on the road now let’s go try some more food magic traffic that’s new to Delhi our dad was telling us that this has only been around for a month now it was basically sweet bread or sweet nan but it’s a consistency of naan and it’s got raisins and nuts in it yeah it’s like a sweet bread guys you know how much I love bread and just sweet bread my sorry god [Music] so we’re now training another very famous popular dish here in India it is called jalebi and what it’s basically made of is flour that has been fermented so they’ve been leaving this batter out for two days and then they fry it into this shape in B and then they dip it in a sweet syrup that is sorry delicious it was like a hot sweet fried that ah like it is really good it’s very hot I literally just bought it fresh out of the bag that is just dripping with syrup that’s my first hindi word that is Swadesh in delicious oh thank you thank you wow we got too many we’re just watching the next chip being filled up and wow it’s so cool just watching it rise into this gigantic basketball sized piece of bread this is what we just watched getting made this is called the Torah and inside here is surprised that we opened that up and then inside is paneer and coriander and then we have our little side dish year which is potatoes and chickpea mix with a lot of different spices and of course if you’re in India you need to eat everything with your hands I mean it just makes the dish so much more fun to eat I really like how able to do that and you just grab some of this make yourself a bit of a spoon from such a bread pan like this is like the tastiest bread we’ve had sleep on a certain light as well company is like a cheese you guys didn’t know what that was that’s really nice to have it on the bread and the chickpea dip is good we’ve had this dish before but it’s one of my favorites [Music] Wow this is basically deep-fried milk solids and again deep-fried in the game and covered in syrup so onto the healthy part of it very a very healthy breakfast right yeah that is amazing it tastes like a softer donut it does my favorite that’s your favorite it literally tastes like a doughnut it is amazing [Music] they are pushing the best taste so there’s two ways you can go forward with or without sugar what do I have we should do you have sugar and I have no sugar okay hmm that is so good such a good breakfast drink as well usually I like coffee but the next two and a half weeks here in India I think I’m gonna be drinking chai for most of the time but this place is super special because he cooks it on coals a lot of places have moved to gas so it’s nice to be able to have it in the traditional way as they would without all the modern technology but this is so good guys that was incredible honestly if you come to India and you have a layover in Delhi or you starting your tour in Delhi definitely going to a street food because it’s so nice to go with a local that’s been doing this for years and they just take you to the best spots like spots II wouldn’t imagine going to on your own I am so full yes but if you are new around here hit subscribe because we’re leaving Delhi and going out and exploring the rest of the country we’ll see you guys next time alrighty everybody welcome to the New Delhi train station train and this is the holiest of temple religion so this is like Mecca for the Muslims Jerusalem for the Jews so it feels very special that were able to visit this temple

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  1. Welcome back to our last day here in Delhi – on the hunt for some incredible Indian Breakfast food – we thought we tried it all – but is there anything we missed? Also a big thank you to Cyberghost VPN for sponsoring this video and keeping us on the road – download it today: http://bit.ly/2PsM8gZ

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    Swadist i like it 😂😂😂

  4. i have heard many foreigners fall sick due to food poisoning because of eating street foods but if your stomach can take it then try it.. it's the best

  5. Hey guys..great video..really appreciate you guys trying literally the authentic street food of my city. One correction though, the dish labelled as Nagori Halwa is actually the Bedmi Poori and Aloo. And the one after that semolina pudding is the mouth watering Nagori Halwa. My favorites absolutely love them! ❤️

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  9. Oh My J , so nice of you brits to visit India. There is nothing like monochromatic ignorant food called 'curry' in India. Ignorance is a tool of the devil and you are the proud bearer of it.

  10. Although every state has diff cuisines and charm.they eat diff diff things in diff parts of india so generalizing it would be litlle wrong

  11. Maam not all bread is called nun. Its just that specific bread that you have in that restaurant😅😅😅

  12. Everything is not curry Americans African russian French there are something like sabji chola bhatura dal chawal
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  13. you are having food from the shops, which are exists from decades, I as a Indian, inviting you all the viewers from the out side of India to do come and visit such a beautiful places in India. Thanks and respect for this beautiful video

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  17. Indian breakfast varies from East to West and from NOrth to South of India.
    Some of the popular breakfast options are
    1) Poha
    2) Upma
    3) Idli

    4) Dosa
    And you are right if you prefer medium spicy in India you should tell the cook to make it Not Spicy, No Chilly!

  18. I am from india. And i am glad that you guys came here and love our food. You are alwys welcome❤❤
    Love from India ❣❣

  19. No no!! It's just 1 % of Indian breakfast… It totally varies according to the location. I would like to request you to visit east side of India and particularly to the cultural state of India 🇮🇳 I.e WEST BENGAL

  20. U r lucky to have daulat ki chaat. Its not available for long!! Its made with the overnight winter dew. Glad to see you trying all these dishes. Its legit a typical Indian experience. And about the spice, Indians have alot of spice as well as chilli😂😂 KARIMS IS THE BEST! YOU REALLY HAD A GOOD TOUR GUIDE.
    Jalebi is one of my fav indian sweets. What u had later, "soft donut", its called gulab jamun. Try it with vanilla ice cream next time!!!
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  21. You guys have done amazing work on this video, you've covered places & dishes which most of the Indian Foodies keep missing or they don't know! Cheers

  22. Every state has a different set of dishes, you can never complete the breakfast so easy. Lot more to go for, south indian breakfast consist of dosa and lot more. There are 72 variety dosa as of my knowledge in hyderabad, don't know about other places. Best of luck hunting street food, there always a new innovation of food in India.

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