We tried Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Chips!

We tried Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Chips!

– [Both] Welcome to Southern Certified. – What is this? – Grilled cheese and tomato soup chips? – It doesn’t say chips,
it just says flavored – Flavored. – Which, we’ll assume they’re chips. (upbeat music) – I love grilled cheese and tomato soup. – Isn’t that the best? – That’s a staple of the winter around the Schwartz household. – I never had tomato soup. – I’ve bathed in tomato soup before. – Bathed in it?
– But never ate. – Okay, okay.
– Yeah. – I’d much rather have
chili and grilled cheese. – Oh yeah. – Why is there not a chili
and grilled cheese chip? – Yeah, Lay’s, do it. – I like chili and cheese,
yeah, but I don’t know about in chips.
– Like if you ate it as a chip, would you want that? – I don’t know.
– Now I know grilled cheese. I’m a grilled cheese connoisseur. – Is grilled cheese and
tomato soup Southern? – No.
– I don’t think it is, but I mean,
– I don’t think they’re distinctively Southern. – I’ve eaten it in the South. – I think it’s a comfort thing. I don’t think it’s a Southern thing. – It’s enjoyed wherever you are. – I mean, I don’t know
a lot of people who, “Hey man, come in the crib,
man, I got some tomato soup.” (laughing) – You’ve got dairy and fruit. – And bread is in grilled cheese. – Yes, so you have grains. – And soup, which is another food group. – Soup, which is good
for you when you’re sick, so those are all the
food groups, that’s it. – I’m gonna try this. I’m gonna try it and see,
let’s see what’s going on. – We oughta get one that has
a lot of seasoning on it. – Oh, weird. – It was little rocky at first,
but it kinda grows on you. – I’m honestly a little
confused about what I’m tasting. – Yeah. – Mm-mm. – Mm-mm.
– Nope. – Mm-mm. (chuckling) – This ain’t it. – They all taste like
cheddar sour cream to me. – I was about to say, watch, it’s gonna taste like a Pringle. – What if someone just gave us these chips and they were like, “Hey,
these are cheese chips,” and you didn’t see that they
were different flavored. I would think that they’re
just cheesy potato chips. – The more I eat, the more I like. – The more I eat, the
more they go to cheese. – Can we microwave these? – Sure.
– What happens to potato chips when you microwave ’em? – They turn back into potatoes. – All right, let’s just
put this entire bag – Unlike this other stuff.
– in the microwave and find out, don’t open it first. – I’m really not digging
this. I feel deceived. – Exactly, that’s why I
said false advertisement. – I would not go for chips
instead of soup and sandwich. – I wouldn’t either. – I mean, I think these
would be delicious with your tomato soup and cheese. – There, you got Pac-Man there. There’s a ghost. – Okay. (electronic game music) – Ha, ha, ha. – They don’t do that. – I always picture them doing that. – They’re not like The Joker. – I like them, but are
they Southern Certified? No. – What? – I just wanted the cheese. – Mam. It’s got my vote. I’m gonna give it twice. – He loves these. – These are really good. (applauding) – What I feel like they were going here is they had a lot of extra cheddar from their cheddar chips left over and then tomato from ketchup chips that are apparently
pretty popular up north, and then they just mixed them together and then made this ’cause
that’s what they do. – Well, it’s smart, it’s
how you reuse assets. – Whoa, someone went to business school. – I did not. (laughing)

94 Replies to “We tried Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Chips!

  1. Love ketchup flavored chips. I live in the far northeast and sometimes in the summer they stock them. Maybe for Canadians who visit. 🙂

  2. I love grilled cheese and tomato soup but, I want them hot. However, I agree that chili cheese chips are awesome so I might be willing to try these if someone was sampling them.

  3. I concur they're not really Southern but they're not really not Southern either. But chili cheese or chili cheese and onion oh man those chips would be out of this world!

  4. You can't cram everything into one thing. I wouldn't swap a good soup/sammich combo for every blasted chip in the WORLD! Reaching out too far and grabbing NOTHING!

  5. grilled chesse & tomato soup is like 70% midwestern. BTW Midwestern People are nice(except Illnois) and I see a heck ton of trucks and vans.

  6. Some things are not meant to be changed just plain kettle chips with salt yummy I do like sources and onion and salt and vinegar sour cream cheddar pretty good.

  7. You guys need to try Covered Bridge Storm chips. Canadian invention. You guys need them for the quarter inch of snow that grinds the South to a halt twice a year!

  8. Y'all need a road trip to Atlanta (pronounced "Lanna"), and go to The Majestic Diner on Ponce de Leon Avenue (pronounced "Ponce")…

  9. I refuse to eat tomato soup. Every time i had a cold mom gave me tomato soup until i said "I hate that mess and won't eat it" lol it doesn't even taste like tomato. Then mom tried to get me to eat tomato soup with milk in it. That was a negatory and an abomination.

  10. Never have heard anything near a Southern certified accent on this channel. I suspect some sort of damn Yankee slicker subterfuge possibly involving Russian trolls.

  11. Guess what we had for late lunch today and this comes on?! so weird. Gonna buy to have it with the next time we have grilled cheese and tomato soup

  12. Y’all should try the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Cheese Puffs from Herr’s!!!!!!!! Those chips you’re trying are awful…

  13. Lays potato chips remind me of that gum from Charlie and the chocolate factory. It's only a matter of time before they make blue berry chips…..

  14. I feel like lays just has a few different flavors and they find submissions that already could be made with what they have. These are probably just their cheddar lays with some ketchup seasoning.

  15. I take tomato red pepper bisque and add Gouda cheese then before serving sprinkle, well dump, cheezits in. The sandwich has at least three types of cheese.

  16. No Lay's ever, but this is sooo wrong!

    I eat Utz classics only. Just potatoes, peanut oil, and sea salt. If I want grilled cheese and tomato soup, I know how to make it.

  17. I love them but had to come to Maine to get them!! Couldn't find them in GA so how are they southern certified?? My neighbor works for Frito Lay and I tried them a couple of months back but didn't find them till last week on vacation in Maine!

  18. I just went through the comments, there's a 116 right now. I am really surprised that no one commented on the "bathing in tomato soup" statement. I'm surprised the guy didn't say something. Maybe just Southern manners.

  19. Herr's brand (chips and cheese puffs) came out with a Tomato Soup/Grilled Cheese Puff a couple years ago. They were amazing – you actually got both distinct flavors of Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese. I have not seen them since. I will try these Lay's to see how they do with the same concept!

  20. I really like plain tater chips & every time I try flavoured chips, I wish I'd gotten plain. Ah well! Lesson learned.

  21. Meanwhile I found the Coca-Cola cinnamon soda and the store and it grew on me even though my tastebuds were confused

    also found the chips and they’re good with a sandwich

  22. Crush them and then put them in the grilled cheese sandwich…FIRE…UM UM GOOD….and you guys need a Joe Dirt character for your show..

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