We Sent Our PET COWS to Market! ~ How Was the Meat???

We Sent Our PET COWS to Market! ~ How Was the Meat???

well we finally did it we took a Crow's to the butcher okay so we are getting ready to get the cows off to the butcher I have been planning on moving the cows too I don't really want to call it a pasture but just like a side area next to their pasture they can eat and most of the good stuff down out of their pasture and I may be easier to Brown them in this area anyway so I'm just going to put it up when and as I got shoot the trailer [Applause] so this right here is the main area so at least I'll get to eat this down hopefully they'll knock a good chunk of that down because this is a pain in the butt to mow this panel isn't quite reached is part enough across so I think I'm going to put this little panel here too so we've got that secured right there with some bungee cords I know it does not look that secure we'll talk about this area in just a minute so we have a hidden fence panel right down there that's just laying down oh that's where my other bungee cord I knew I needed this for something and I couldn't remember exactly what however know that I'm looking at it I'm gonna need a larger bungee cord this one's gonna be too small to go around that post so we have to come back again but anyway um this is my hidden fence panel right here so as soon as I get the cows into this area right here like maybe I'll put some food or something over there like I don't know like a big watermelon maybe that'll get them going then I can come over here real quick flip this up bungee it into place right there and then swing that panel in and this is the locking sides and lock it into that anyway this is gonna stay here that's a setup back there so they can eat in here they can eat back there plus they've got some nice shade right here which they don't have out there don't see the cows what if they moved here's what I'm sad about depends and now better you got some nice yummy food I've got a couple apples here I'm gonna smash them and put them over on the far side hope that the cows kind of meander over there to go eat them hopefully they won't lock it down and get rowdy or anything because I've got we got about two hours until the trout comes together so well I really didn't expect it to go that quickly but I am shaking like a leaf right now because I know what happened last time oh I see my cow dander wait ah I'm just taking one time to get her really ticked off and she just pushed right through that and knock it all over I think next time we eat cows we're not to seriously sit down and discuss getting handled smooth cows with and how to hook stuff up all right we got the cow pick up guy here he's gonna back up and fingers crossed this all goes well yeah I'm definitely nervous thus far it's gone very smoothly so I'm just praying it's gonna keep that way so I think he's getting it all situated down there you know I've been doing this for 11 years on camping ok we have another guy that does the southern half ok can I do the northern half because they live in pseudo oh ok awesome yeah I work in sparta deluding super great so when I'm coming when I know I'm working up here I go down and get a truck or trailer the day before ok so I have to work I get out to 20 what I love about this job is you what you know you know the people okay yeah no yes I mean before this happened I would go down to Ramallah go yeah it would be a nice sunny day a lot of Amish living oh yeah and really nice people and you go down there and as you're going leaving because everybody knows who you are and where you're going it's just that kind of community yeah and so they see me going by and I know I just went to the Millers or to the you know Yoder's or whatever to pick up animals and the guys out there plowing yeah you know with four teams of Belgians just wait a minute Suns going down just awesome you know I mean just that's what I like about that's cool do you ever have to chase like do you ever have cows that like shoot out and they're like bust out man named Jeff okay pigs are a pain in the butt I don't know if you've moved no but I yet not yet pigs are a pain in the butt they got their own mindset and everything else when I pull into a place for the first time mm-hmm and they get these picks on you 245 well now they've grown to 250 300 right in the Hammond area an acre and a half oh so great yeah yeah I I come into this place she's never this first time he's raised big before he says okay this pigs really like Brett I'll just line right up tell you what you're gonna do before I even back up here and we get all sweaty and mad and this is what you got to do and I'll be back next week okay I'm not gonna waste my time of year to ya know the little pen up there yep let's get a little bit smaller yep a shoot of some sort where we can funnel these pigs in yeah it's better it's not perfect I came back the next year and it's even better and you know yeah you get better even your work okay honey all right girl it probably might just jump right in there cuz I've moved them a couple of times of the trailer yeah they've got they've kind of gotten used the idea that the horse trailer takes them to a greener pastures so to speak I'm gonna go see this Hawk at the countryside for a little bit well good thank you so much yes yes not a problem that girl danger all right let's go see what army it looks like yeah the turkey okay so this is Felicia pick me up and we were talking about the quality of the meat of these cows first time raising cows okay so for it being your guys's first time the quality is amazing marbling is where it should be a meat or if you your guys's first time that marbling or that fat trying to that it's really good for you dress that yeah in the butcher guy in there with standard I it felt very tender and looks jolly good considering the age of the crowds cuz they were three years old and we sent them in yeah so I'm excited to try these out hey Randy what's uh am I come and get my cow this is the del Monico stakes so the del Monico it's one of the better cuts of meat I mean you can just see that marbling right that fine green marbling oh I'm drooling just looking at this so I have not had beef in over six years no joke I've just been eating venison I don't know what to expect for flavor so to cook these as usual squid come in really hot two minutes each side and that's it so they are room temperature I'm gonna just sprinkle a little bit of coarse ground pink salt on them and throw them right on the grill all right so there they are all right so we have the steak here it's been sitting under foil for ten minutes I think it might be a little more cooked than it should be my cat has already smelled the steak and is trying to get on the table now this cat is a venison fanatic so we'll see how he reacts to the beef do you think in I dude are you gonna eat my steak you can't see him but he's licking his chops right now looking at me okay so so here's the color so I probably could have taken a few minutes I let it sit probably another 20 seconds I probably could have pulled it right at two minutes and then probably perfect for me this is more Eric's color so let's try it the fat in it you can tell it's melted through and it's coating everything inside I'm it's very smooth it definitely has flavor you can tell the flavor it's not like a very strong flavor it's probably reading about the road flavor oh girl I'm happy with that okay so one last thing I did not get to show you was the burgers we had them do some 1/3 pound pre-made burger patties and what was how you it was the most amazing thing I had ever tasted as they were cooking it smelled like I was walking past a steakhouse not even a brand steakhouse but like one of those higher upscale steak houses you know that aren't a chain so I tried it after it was cooked with no condiments and it was amazing it was so good that the condiments I later put on I took off because they ruined the flavor it seriously tasted like someone ground up a steak smushed it into a patty in there with my burger oh it was so good so good the flavor was just so well-rounded and and deep and smoky and it really it makes me feel good that we raised some good quality beef the way we raised it works so would I do it again heck yeah and definitely one but we charged a lot more this time so comment down below what is your favorite breed of beef cow to raise and why I know angus is very popular it finishes out fast that's what a lot of people out here use is Angus anyway I hope you guys enjoyed that so when you're sitting down to eat your steak this week think of cookie and ginger who are also now steaks too and here's a little sneak peek of what happened to them after the facts sample much curly first she's got down here don't you see it okay don't worry oh good call this club it's you go Ellen I'd be like why I look good in this video

38 Replies to “We Sent Our PET COWS to Market! ~ How Was the Meat???

  1. I have a story for you
    as a kid we raise a steer I used to feed him he would eat out of my hand I called him bully he was a Holstein I came home from school one day and he was gone I was informed he got butchered I was mad as hell because he butchered my pet
    I would not eat the meat because it was my pet, my grandmother tricked me by taking the meat out of the package and put it on piece of Styrofoam that meat came on from the store then I would eat it
    First off you need a different choice of music
    Referring to them as pets and call them by name oh my God is almost heartbreaking 💔 to me I feel like I wanted to cry😢
    Such is life and there's a purpose which I understand and farm-raised beef is a hundred times better and I buy my meat from a local butcher who buys from the farmer
    PS also had a pig that I used to hand feed Chester cherries to he got sent to market I was mad as hell at least he did end up on a dinner table
    I haven't eaten steak in at least a year I'm lucky to afford hamburger anymore

  2. I raise. Black Angus cross with Charolais. The Charolais Bulls come from Ponoholo Ranch. Meat quality are mostly choice grade.

  3. Were they cows or heifers? I would think the heifer meat would be more tender, cow meat most likely I've heard is only good for hamburger. 🙂

  4. I could not done what you did but thats cools. I have a ? for you I was born and rase in MI and I moved out of MI to IN i'm,m about 15min for MI border and I want to plat my traler in MI becouse here I IN will cose me $115 a year when it started at $23 a year would you know if i will be abole to do it or do I have to sine off on my traler and have my Grandma do it

  5. Not my kind of video I want to watch, last 25 years I would not be able to shoot a groundhog. My feelings for animals have changed a lot.

  6. Raise dairy steers. They have better quality and taste. But it takes them about three years to be butcher ready. This is from a butcher who slaughtered for25 years in a small locker plant.

  7. I wonder why people around here don't raise Wagyu. The marbling is much more uniform and melt at lower temperature. It gives it a buttery taste. Although, I did not think the meat is worth $60/oz. I would maybe pay $5-$10/oz.

  8. I do love me some ribeye steak only steak I will eat besides buffalo steak it is so fricking good but expensive my steak has to be just over medium rare I don't like it pink but your steak did look really good glad your happy with it.

  9. That looked liked very nicely finished beef, it looked like pictures of that fancy Wagyu beef I've seen…….did you give  them messages everyday like the Japanese do?   Yeah, I'm thinking messages are a bit much

  10. That's fantastic, just like it's supposed to be, great video, loaded great, did you sell some of the meat?, Two cows should have dressed out several hundred pounds, or did you have enough freezer space?are you planning on a couple more cows, or are you going to bale the pastures?, Thanks for sharing this, can't wait to see the hides when you're done

  11. I bought a quarter of beef from a local farmer and it was a cross between angus and simental. Like you I agree the hamburger is just amazing. Steaks are very good and had excellent marbling in them.

  12. We learned on the farm to never name your animals that you plan on eating later. It was harder on my sisters than us boys when butchering day came. But we processed our animals too. Two minutes on each side, ahhh, a woman after my heart. I eat mine at medium rare. My wife eats her’s burnt.

  13. We named all our cows and hogs that was for our use. Boy Rufus was good steak and Betsy was good bacon

  14. Well you got my mouth watering thinking about that beef the way you broke it down lol. Glad it turned out good for you guys enjoy.

  15. Aberdeen Angus hands down,grow in pasture then put inside feed corn silage& grain & dry hay to finish.

  16. Organic grass fed beef, should bring a premium price. For a small operation a good business practice. Presell under contract at a fair premium. Raise what you can sell or produce. Beef my favorite food, a good steak little salt and pepper and it's a little trip to heaven.

  17. Another great video. Yes I remember all the work and the reward.
    However, my grandfather would butcher a cow when it was old enough to vote . The meat was so tough you could resole your shoes with it. Lol.
    But the event was a family effort and was not only rewarding but a learning experience. Although sometimes it didn't seem like.

  18. There are no greener pastures this time – what do they taste like gilled – sounds good – where's mine – mail it to me express mail or next day – always warm it up

  19. OMG Eric how could one man be so damn lucky? How can one woman be so beautiful 😍 lol fell off my chair when she flexed those big guns geez. Great job you two on the cattle. I currently live in Georgia but own a farm in Ohio I raise Beefalo, chickens, milk goats and Babydoll Southdown sheep 🐑. Keep on getting it girl no other channel with brawn and brains LMBO 😜

  20. Probably said this before and I'm going to say it again, I think your tractor's sexy, LOL really I love New Holland and Ford God that charges a beast for the size of it it's good tractor I like it alot

  21. You could raise your own in a field rotation. Sell what your not going to need and feed your stock.

    Barley has a powerful starch that is easier to digest.

    Corn in flames the digestive tract of animals and is difficult for stock to digest; therefore, fair amount passes through the digestive tract, waisted.
    No pun intended.

  22. Farm raised beef always tastes better! Never hide those burgers in a bun, A lil A-1 is all they need 🙂

  23. We raised about a 100 head a year growing up, we had dairy and beef, dairy was Guernsey, and beef was Hereford, Charolias, and Simmental. Spend 10 – 20 min a day bucket feeding your cattle, makes it a lot easier to move them, they see the bucket, they come running.

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