We NEED More Restaurants Like This

We NEED More Restaurants Like This

– [David] Are you ready Braylee? – Yeah. – [David] Are you excited? High five. Let’s go meet some people. (upbeat electronic music) – Oh, just one of those?
– Thank you. Guess what? I have a treat for you. Do you wanna go see my treat? – Do you want to go see it? – [Hillary] Let’s go find
out, it’s hot out here. – [Maggie] Ooh you got shiny shoes. – [Stacey] Feel it? It’s soft. (chuckling) – [David] She’s like, I just
want the mac and cheese. – [Stacey] I know. (chuckling) (upbeat electronic music) – So we’ve finally made
it to Colorado and we are, we decided to visit Goally. If you’ve seen our video, I’ll link it up here, our Goally video. Hillary and Maggie will probably be able to explain the Goally a lot better than I can.
– Have you seen this one? – [David] Probably a lot
better than our videos. – Yeah, we’re pros. (group laughing) So, this is our awesome office and we get to help design and give input, but mostly we’re helping
with parent coaching calls of how to set up routines
and creating new ones. So not just your typical get
up, get ready, go to school, but maybe calm down from a meltdown, or how to make a sandwich
or let’s be wacky today and just forget everything
and have a family moment, so. – And I think the support is like how to break down routines
into as many tasks that a child needs. – [Hillary] Yeah. – And also, like you said,
just bringing it more creative, so it’s not just like chores or tasks, like how to make Goally a system
where a child is motivated and is happy to grab it
and be a little buddy. – Help retrain their brain to
be able to just figure out, oh, like I wanna go do this the right way so I can go play Nintendo. Or maybe I don’t need to have mom yelling at me all the time. So it’s great, and choosing
their own rewards and sounds. But yeah, so my son and daughter use these and they’re very different. My daughter keeps putting
hers on silent and vibrate, so I don’t know if she’s doing
it, but she is. (chuckles) Um, but yeah, I love it. We use it for silly things,
even for like school classes. We’ll teach them how to put
a place setting together. So it can be a have-to
routine or just hey, let’s have fun and learn new skills. Make a sandwich. – So yeah, that’s
awesome. (group laughing) – [Hillary] That’s us! – And I will leave Goally’s
information down below, in the description. For us, it’s been amazing. Braylee has excelled with the Goally, especially with her bedtime
and morning routines. Even just like one-step routines
like going to the bathroom or one-step tasks, like going to the bathroom
or even washing her hands. Once we start it up, she
grabs the Goally and goes and does whatever we have on there. So it’s really cool.
– Yeah. – We love it. Bray loves it too. – Right, she can hear it from another room and it’s like a trigger
for her. (group laughs) – She’s like, it’s time!
– She’s like, looking around for it, yeah.
– It’s time! – Yeah, if she hears it–
– She’ll run upstairs. – Yeah, you hear her
feet (group chuckling) coming up those stairs.
– It’s like, pitter-patter. – [Hillary] Bye-bye! – You want to say goodbye Goally? – [David] Say bye. – [Group] Bye! – [Stacey] Good job. – [Hillary] See you tomorrow. – All right Colorado, what are you doing? It’s raining, but the sky is clear. An airplane must have flew over. It’s been a long day. – [Stacey] You have done so well today. I’m so proud of you. – [David] Really, this whole
trip she’s been great, huh B? – [Stacey] We did a lot
of transitions today. Nope, you’re gonna walk okay? – [David] It’s a little dark,
but it is late at night. Well not that late, it’s like 10. – Well, it’s a lot past her bed time cause we gained an hour, right? – Yeah.
– So it would be an hour later at home. And she’s still awake, she’s not fussing. – [David] She’s been
happy about seeing family. – [Stacey] There was a
lot of transitioning today and she did great. Braylee, look, bed time? – [David] Bed time? – Hey, bed time? – [David] Time to go to our meet up. – [Stacey] Hey look, press down. – [David] It’s nice over there. – Well, it’s hot over here.
– B, are you ready for this? (upbeat music) – Whatever (speaker
drowned out by laughing). – [David] You’ve attended
every Wee Fam meet up so far. That’s so cool. – Yes.
– That’s so awesome. (group chuckling) – That’s just so funny that
it worked out that way. – Yeah, I’m like that’s really crazy. (upbeat music) – I know. (speaker drowned out by music) – Yeah, between vlog. I’m petting your microphone, too. – Look. (patrons chatting) – Hi. – He’s so pretty. – [Man] Yeah, he’s a good boy. You’re welcome to pet him if you want to.
– Yeah! It’s okay, it’s okay.
– It’s okay. – Look. – [Man] We just wanna say hi. – [Woman] You are such a big puppy. – [Man] Yeah he is. – [David] So excited, he gets so excited. What’s going on? – [Man] People, he loves the people. – [David] He was just laying
on the floor like he was– – [Woman] He’s so much better than Carlos. (group laughing) – He hangs out too often and
then tip-toes, have get him up, and then this is when he wants to play. A bit like a puppy. – [Woman] Uh-huh (laughing) How old is he? – Four. – Four? – [Man] Come Palo, come, over here bud, put you in the kid’s
room. (group laughing) Good boy, sit, good boy, there you go. I know, you’re getting
hot, you need water. He’s a good boy. – [Woman] He’s twelve pounds. – Oh wow.
– Come here, Palo. (bright music)

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  1. I can only imagine how much this assistive technology will help so many young children communicate and attain their goals.

  2. Freaking LOVE the it’s fall y’all sign! I’m kicking myself for not checking out Pizzability while I was there, I’m just going to have to make another trip before nice weathers over.

  3. So great to have been there that day. I love the Fall sign too. Lol.. Hey did the dry erase come in handy for the trip I hope..have a great weekend.

  4. My YouTube debut haha! It was so awesome meeting you guys!! I am glad I was able to be a part of your first Colorado meetup! And thanks for choosing such an awesome place to eat and support!

  5. how awesome is that company plus there super sweet lv her dress it’s nice to have a device that opens her world to so many things that restaurant so cool your blessed by such a beautiful little girl another great video

  6. 4:59 It looked like she mimicked "Are you ready for this?" After you said it 😯🤩 Am I wrong? I get so excited seeing Braylee say things 🐝 🥳 👨‍👩‍👧 💕 My 12 year old cousin also has autism and it always makes me happy when he repeats new words or phrases.

  7. ♥️💚♥️ yeah YouTube finally let me watch it..
    1st, David the music is on point w the video and 2nd but most importantl YA VLOGED IN FRONT OF A LOTTA PPL..🌟
    #FATHERINGAUTISM will be so.. proud 🌟🌟🌟💚
    Good job B #TeamB.. hi stacey

  8. Another cool video with interesting people, places and things!! No doubt everyone had fun! As always Miss B was adorable! 🐱

  9. She was so well behaved the whole trip (well that we saw) so much could have caused her to be upset and she was so precious to watch. She is even precious when she has a hard time. Like my son she has one of those how can you get mad or stay frustrated faces.

  10. Aw you guys had a meetup in Colorado and I missed it😥. I live in Littleton, i wish i could've been there. I have been busy with my new job in all. Hopefully there will be more colorado meetups

  11. Awe what a nice vlog. Braylee did very well. The meet up was nice. Wasn't to big and looks like it wasn't to over whelming for Braylee 😊😊 what a beautiful dog. I have one just like that but mine is a black lab. So gentle and so loyal. I enjoy all your video's 💕💕

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