We Missed Mexico! DELICIOUS Local Street Food & Hidden Cenote! – Puerto Morelos

We Missed Mexico! DELICIOUS Local Street Food & Hidden Cenote! – Puerto Morelos

Good morning adventurers. Good morning! We made it to Mexico So last time you guys saw us we were in Vegas and we have to fly over to Mexico We’ve actually been here for a week. We’ve just been chilling in a small town that’s between Cancun and Playa del Carmen that’s a town called Puerto Morelos and it’s really interesting because the town is divided up into these two sections one section is on the beach and it’s a bit touristy But the place we’ve been staying is deeper inland just like by a mile or two but it’s where all the locals are it seems so there’s a bunch of local restaurants and local markets and all kinds of stuff and We’ve just been exploring the area and chillin mostly getting some work done Because we were going so crazy in Vegas the jetlag didn’t hit us until we got here Yeah, we kind of down for the count for a few days. Yeah, pretty weird We just haven’t been sleeping very well, but I think we’re feeling better We’re excited to be out today and exploring and taking you guys along with us because it’s beautiful down here – hot but beautiful There’s cenotes all over this area. We only have time to check out one So we’ve been researching the one that we want to go to the most and I think we found it So we’re gonna head to that in just a bit after we eat – we eat breakfast. Yeah, we found this really adorable little cafe, “Los- Rowbles? (Ro-bles) Robles look so cute. So we stopped here. I think they’ll have really good coffee We got a pretty local breakfast and very excited for it. Should start us off on a very good foot. All of the breakfasts come with fruit, juice, coffee and he brought out some granola too which I did not know that it comes with And a cute little thing of honey It’s pretty awesome. This is wonderful. We have this sick spot. Look how well decorated this place is super colorful and they have, they have a little donut going into the coffee cup Oh I notice it was a doughnut but I didn’t realize that this was a coffee cup. That’s awesome We got a couple of cold lattes and some chilaquiles Chilaquiles is essentially tortilla chips covered in a sauce. We went the red sauce. You could have also gotten a green sauce And then we got some over medium egg and a side of beans that has some cream and cheese on top of there It’s a pretty common dish especially in this area And I think last time Eric and I were in the Yucatan we fell in love with chilaquiles Yeah, it’s okay one of our favorites Yeah, we’ve been having it and or making it at home pretty much every day some form of it. We got a really nice spread here though. Yeah, this is great so much food in there and it was pretty affordable I’d say even for being in the bit of the tourist zone It’s pretty much perfect the tortilla chips are still up a bit Crunchy in there. And then with the cheese on there. It’s so good and the red sauce is smoky and a little spicy It’s exactly what I was hoping for Alright y’all it’s time to get this day started so we have a taxi driver that we Hopefully arranged for yesterday. So he should be there waiting for us. It’s been a challenge So we were originally gonna ride bikes out to the cenotes and then we found out it’s like an hour Ride and they wanted so much money for the bike rentals So we’re gonna rent a car we came down here trying to figure it out yesterday, and it was a disaster So we finally found a lovely taxi man. Who’s gonna Hopefully drive us out. I don’t know. Yeah, so we’re gonna go meet up with him and then head out to the cenote Okay.. alright. The guy is here, that’s a good sign. Oh, he’s over there. We’re heading out to the cenote now and there’s just this whole area nearby Puerto Morelos which has so many Cenotes we’ve seen signs for like 30 or 40 different ones so far. It seems that way, I think there’s even a whole like Adventure Park built around a bunch of cenotes out here. But we’re hopefully going to one off the beaten path bit so that we can maybe have a tour so we’ll see. We’ll see if there’s enough of them out here that maybe it’s spread out enough that you can get one year’s We’ve made it to Cenote la Noria This thing is pretty incredible you guys It’s just this epic hole in the ground with these rickety stairs that lead down into it But the water looks pretty blue down in there and we also see bats swarming like crazy inside So this is gonna be an adventure. So last time we came out to the Yucatan, Peninsula We stayed in Tulum and we went to some cenotes out near there and they were much more open You could go down into some like cave like cenotes, but this one is definitely just a big hole Yeah, this one is raw man. All right, we’re heading down into the depths of the cenote So this is the staircase you have to walk down It is a very terrifying it’s actually more solid than it looks only you’re not this railing. I don’t know This is pretty incredible it smells like a cave down here It’s crazy how the sound just becomes completely dead with like a slight echo. So this is the whole cenote You have this platform right here. It’s surrounded by blue water bats flying everywhere, there’s stalagtites all over the place giant ones Holy cow ( we can hear the bats) Wow that’s so creepy. Dude there’s a zipline in here. Look at this thing. Do I trust this? So where does it go from here to that wall over there? And then you die yeah (i don’t trust that) you get eaten by the bats There’s this really cool spot right here where the the swing hangs over the blue water and we’re hoping to get a cool photo With maybe Alison on the swing or something if i can out there and up there, that means you to get in the water (oh no) Look how clear this water is. It’s crazy (it’s beautiful) All that film you see I read was just bat poop. So you got to deal with that I will shower after right, sweetie? I should have worn some shoes or something. I’m scared of touching the bottom. But you just got to keep swimming, it’s pretty deep. It’s pretty cold? (It’s cold ) Let’s kind of work it up Got to get up on the swing Yeah maybe i will pull that one It’s really hard It’s a little slippery Nice job Oh yeah The water is incredible It’s so refreshing, it’s crystal clear One of the clearest water I’ve ever seen, there’s kinda film on the top but when you get below it It becomes even clearer than you looking from the top It’s crazy, and maybe it’s one of the coolest places to bat watch if you’re not terrified of bats they’re still cute they’re hanging up there and cleaning each other and fighting and sleeping alright different entrance, Seen then there’s this one back here for there what you have seen, then there’s this one back here, which we have not seen yet but That’s pretty cool huh? It’s just like this little cave hole entrance You guys we have pretty much conquered this cenote But there’s one last thing we have to do before we leave and that is the big jump Well guys we conquered this cenote I did it like a boss I only stood up there for like 20 or 30 minutes. Just kidding. It was like three minutes. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. (I was impressed.) I thought you were gonna be up there a lot longer. That was awesome. Except my bum hurts real bad now We kept hearing a peacock screaming off in the distance and I found him hey buddy wow You are incredible How are you doing? Alison just said this is like wearing a ball gown permanently. I think that’s pretty accurate Well y’all that was tons of fun, we really don’t want to leave but we’ve got to and you know You just do that I thought you hammocks were supposed to have your back You got to have your back We’re just chilling on this hammock then trying to make it look real natural for you guys What I was gonna say was that we got here at about 10 a.m And we were afraid there would be a bunch other people but we were the only ones here as you guys saw But since we’ve been here It’s been a couple hours and a good few more people have shown up like maybe ten other people I probably wouldn’t come later than 10 a.m. Well, also it is a Sunday too. So it’s a weekend So imagine on a weekday if you came really early in the morning. I think they’d open at 8:00 a.m You probably have a completely for yourselves. I am really loving this. At first, I was kind of scared to get down in there there were so many birds and the water was a little like there was that film on top and I thought it’s gonna be scary and dark and gross, but after we been there for a while, oh it’s so much fun. Also on site you can get cold beers, which we did They have showers. They have bathrooms with soap, toilet paper, completely covered. They have a peacock roaming around That they do. So there are a ton of cenotes in this area So if you’re wanting a more epic picture picturesque one You can find that but there’s probably gonna be a lot more people at those But if you’re wanting more of kind of a raw cenote This is the one to go to and that’s a bit more our style But alright, our taxi driver is napping back there in a hammock. We’re gonna go wake him up and then head back to town We came to a place that’s the called La Costenita, I think it’s how you pronounce it But it’s a really cool spot It’s just down the road from where we’re staying and there’s just a guy cooking up a storm back there on the grill It’s so awesome. We’re a little early. So we’re the only ones here We’re taking the place over but typically you walk by and it’s just full of local people. So that’s usually a good sign That’s gonna be pretty good food. We have some absolutely beautiful tacos placed in front of us we got three al pastor tacos each He’s cooking these on a spinning thing. That’s kind of like doner kebab, which is apparently how this came about I guess Lebanese immigrants came to Mexico and then they kind of made it their own dish So this is pork and it’s on a spit very similar doner, but it’s tasty I’d say pretty different and pretty unique It’s really savory and they put the pineapple on there, which is just perfect they’ll give you all these amazing sauces and toppings We missed Mexican food You guys we always say when everyone people ask us what’s your favorite kind of food? We usually say Mexican food or it’s one of three things that we’ll say yeah, i think thai food and mexican food are our like, our favorite definitely the perfect way to end today. It has been just such a good day we loved being back in Mexico, it’s been amazing but enough chatting have a chow down. That is so good, the tortillas taste fresh and homemade all the Vegetables are super fresh. Maybe with some lime juice on them. There’s a lot of onions and cilantro The salsa is a little spicy, but the meat is super like rich and savory Oh, it all goes together so perfectly. I love it Yeah, and a little pineapple on there adds a little burst of sweetness it’s so good What an amazing day that was – cenotes, delicious Mexican food, chilling by the beach lots of cerveza.. awesome! Enjoying the warm weather and the whole vibe of Mexico.. I love it Yeah, that’s great. But I hope you guys enjoyed as usual coming along with us on this adventure Our time here is not over So we’re leaving Puerto Morelos tomorrow But we are going to Cancun We’ll be staying on the beach Which we haven’t done in Cancun before we’re gonna be staying in a proper hotel. So it’s gonna be a completely different vibe It’s gonna be very cool. We’re very excited about it. But I think that’s gonna be all for today. We’re stuffed. We’re gonna go we got some milk and cookies back home. So that’s what we’re gonna do That’s how we’re ending, we’re gonna pack, we’ll ground our sorrows in milk and cookies so.. Probably watch a horrible movie. Yeah. Oh for sure. Goodnight adventurers. We’ll see you on the road!

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