Walmart School Supplies Locker Decor Shopping

Walmart School Supplies Locker Decor Shopping

hey mermaid squad welcome back to my channel breakfast at tiffany's today I'm at Walmart back-to-school shopping and I noticed some new Locker decor items so they have the shelves on the bottom they have teal and pink and black and they have like these marker boards and places for pens and they have a storage cup that says you got this and they have this mirror and storage Cup and then they have this storage cup that is super cute purple or lilac and it says believe on it and then they have this poops so they also have like a purple unicorn storage cup and mirror and they have this teal color it's super pretty and some of them come with markers for their marker board and then there is this magnetic blocker cup and they have these locker key chains they have a ice cream cone a unicorn and a cupcake or 288 the prices are underneath the items and then they have these air fresheners that are like magnets super cute then they have these wound clips and magnets set for 292 they have so many super cute things for your locker so let me know what's your favorite if you have a locker at your school subscribe if you're new and thanks so much for watching

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  1. Wow! I'm going to 6th grade and we have lockers this year and I'm so happy that I can decorate mine!

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