Visiting Jin’s restaurant (we waited three hours lol) – Edward Avila

Visiting Jin’s restaurant (we waited three hours lol) – Edward Avila

but for a second I thought I’d never go to home come on to a Jin’s restaurant with Friday just go with Koko yesterday but we didn’t go so I was like all right right let me treat you to Koopa whatever there’s free food for Haman’s I look out for it though all right I don’t want to go alone so kind of here uh go to world I pass by the shot but there’s a lie there’s a line of obviously so I’m gonna meet Friday it’s tough a first [Music] a lot of people will wait ever see you outside like on the other side of the restaurant and give my your name down their phone number and they’ll call you when it’s return it’s a lot of fans here waiting so you know the appearance of that restaurant I get the feeling that all the cafes around this area now or do really well because it was gonna be a line there for yourself on almost like oh my god I cannot reach inside up like one like that I got a new focus we all know my rightful place actually gave it to my friend in California Brian to my friend Brian because he’s really cute stuff like that but they don’t have to things like that in America it’s always like their shoot phone kid like you Asian folk places are like the ones from like five years ago so I gave him my Ryan please in my club socket so I got a new phone case no one oh that was calmly rabbit I know this character from BP 21 so it’s like a spiritual sort of connection at 7:20 we’ve been passed an hour and a half right could she it’s almost been an hour [Music] the thing is that these places where there be fans this is my idols where the v-log fans a lot of them like stay there I might imagine they make them eat quickly here or they you lean in right tsukkomi I feel like okay you’re done go [Music] well he’s right fighting ready came back to check I said it’s probably gonna be another hour even the people that I saw they’re waiting are still there people are like feeding it’s like talking they’re not like getting up okay it’s almost 8 o’clock now so I had to by Friday some eggs to snack on because he’s dying of starvation [Music] what okay won’t pass eight it’s dark downtown won’t get too dark out hell I’m wondering if people come out to these cafes outside of the she’s done the restaurant to wait then that keeps the cafes for be able to get customers as well because we’re still waiting here I mean luckily I mean there’s still seats available I get it but even for me when I was the one whose mother Pepe how do you stay there for like five are they expecting to show us something [Music] coming up oh yeah [Music] like literally or the molarity good see and yet we’re still here [Music] Radio check to see how much time is left [Music] in touch Monica waiting i homologous pebble in their energy bill bomb customized sometimes even they’ll put some subtitles more job when we first came or katakana baltic a taxi before I’ll cut him in a yogi okata filming in New York I do yoga whisper man who’s up when they are hold this 9:22 music panic on he had this plan like actually like starving Picabo Jean but what’s just and it’s hot Benji company [Music] Wow keep and uh hi hello oh my god and I’m Vlad you want to be my vlog okay not much just like waiting why because they ran out of food all right ah that’s what do you think over there oh you guys just came yeah right I heard you have to come like right little bit just turning we’re close to like the cutoff I think in this to be this all you saw it’s like almost six $70 lukina so that’s why it’s closed on Tuesday every every Tuesday is closed it was pretty small [Applause] Tom Udall new boy will give me agita I build detailed ah how I’ve overused and like I’m here I’m ready you got in this vegetable tray we’re literally so hungry like eating the sauce in the I’m so like right now I think the food is Japanese food but it’s like shabu shabu anorexics field needs after shy [Music] do you like the paper menu we wanted more we’re like out of it there’s no more of this so she gives more [Music] whoa tada watchdog right [Music] [Applause] because I didn’t eat that much today I had not very feeling like it makes me cool with you quickly but I’ll make hungry typically the meat plug on we’re about to finish the vegetables and guess they also have like full party rooms so it came out to fifty nine thousand can’t run the kitchen I guess for nearly five hours good Tasos she fun key third she like steamed food you have to wait brat tragic cook because they’re cooking in front of you episode Monday the food was delicious it’s actually kind of healthy hmm right cuz uh when you’re steaming all the fat melts off the meat so you know if there’s no fat there and it’s a lot of vegetables the only thing I guess just waiting yet to come early because you have to put your name down on the party list because there’s a lot of other people in front and you have to consider age there are people that will wait there I guess expecting gin to show brief or something so I don’t know if it was because I was like starving but it was really good so I don’t really mind because to me it was really really delicious for drinks uh-huh I got to go stop by hours house to record some vocals for a new song and uh it’s been really difficult because I’ve been sick for like a week the vocals are just not in their prime like they ever were and I’m like really excited for the song because it’s different from our other ones the others are more artistic II this one is just more fun liebelei your neighbor map so you want to go that restaurant you can go check it out like I said you keep in mind try to go to between five and six because if you’re anywhere fast like the twenty third party you’re probably not gonna get in yeah thanks for hanging out with me today oh

100 Replies to “Visiting Jin’s restaurant (we waited three hours lol) – Edward Avila

  1. Restaurants on my agenda
    โ€”> Jins restaurant
    โ€”> Yoongis parents restaurant
    โ€”> Jimins dadscafe

  2. Wait Jin has a resturant? Why does nobody inform me of these things? I just love them and their music and get merch when i can afford it QnQ i have failed as an ARMY

  3. He can't name the restaurant Seokjin because he CO owns it with his older brother. And I think some people forget that.

  4. I just bought ramen called "Jin Hot Ramen" and when I went back the next day I didnt ever see any more of it just "Jin Ramen" like I check everyday but no luck skskks

  5. Iโ€™m so glad I found out Jin has a restaurant because Iโ€™m going to Seoul pretty soon so Iโ€™ll definitely go there ๐Ÿ˜ Even though I could never wait for hours for food.. the things you do as an army huh

  6. I wanna know if BTS has ever come here for like a celebration party or just hanging out together lmao๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. If i had to wait up to 5hrs just to get food that jin wont even hand make him self and wont even serve me hell nah ill pass

  8. I don't eat pork nor I'm a big fan of meet. But visiting jin's restaurant is one of the main to do things in my bucket list. For all i care they could just serve me water and I'll be happy.

  9. Me:Can I order some water?!
    Waiter:Yes maโ€™am
    Waiter:hereโ€™s your bill maโ€™am
    Me:Cough cough

  10. i watched this and thought how cute his eyebrow slit was………then i gave myself one……..(internally screams) cant wait to get my ass whooped by my mom tomorrow….(didnt turn out bad lol)

  11. sadly i wont ever be able to go, not bcz im an international fan, but bcz im muslim and u know us muslims need halal meat (specail way muslims kill the animal) and this resterant (all korean resterants actually) I CANT EAT FROM and ofc NO PORK (itz forbiden) ya so sad life………(srry for spelling mistakes, im dumb)

  12. honestly, it is kinda pricey for what the food is. You can get the same thing at other places for like 40 bucks at most in korea.

  13. So,some told me about jin's restaurant and I thought they just made it up because they said it costs like $200 or something.

    Ps you're so good at makeup and I wish to be as pretty as you do one day๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  14. Haha it funny that he has a wallpaper of Wonho haha well donโ€™t blame him because I have a Taehyung wallpaper on my phone hehehehehe ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  15. I just realized……I have that exact cup Edward was using at 1:22…๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ I notice the most random shit tf….

  16. Who came here because they just saw jamjamjs video on bts making you feel poor ๐Ÿ˜‚


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