50 Replies to “Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting – Vegan Cream Cheese Buttercream – Cake Frosting

  1. I love your videos, you are the sweetest vegan 😉
    Since Earth Balance is no longer considered vegan for ethical vegan (because of the palm oil-orangutans issue ), do you think coconut oil would work as a substitute since it is solid at room temp? I usually use it to sub for margarine but not sure about frosting.

  2. Honestly, how much of a difference is there between cream cheese and vegan cream cheese? Wanting to make these for a friend who is lactose intolerant but I'm unsure about the taste.

  3. hey sweetest vegan,
    I LOVE your channel!
    i've tried this recipe (although with agave nectar instead of powdered sugar),
    it came out pretty soft and unfrosty…
    is the powdered sugar what makes it thick?
    and while we're at it, can you mention what would generally be thickening ingredients, say, if I use nut butters to make frostings (for example cashew butter)?

  4. I'm not even vegan… or vegetarian… but for some reason I can't stop watching your videos! You are just so charismatic and lively!

  5. Thank you for this video! An interesting note – I like that you showed us how you cut the piping bag incorrectly the first time (so we could see how you redid it and fixed it). Thank you!

  6. I make normal cream cheese with ur recipe..
    It taste sooo good!!!
    Better than any cream cheese frosting i have ever had!
    Thankkksss alot babe!

  7. Oh, all of your recipes are vegan. I think I love you!

    I'm so saving your page and will very frequently come back. Maybe I'll send some photos of my attempts.

  8. you are very pretty, but why dont you wear makeup? you would look so pretty in some non vegan makeup .

    i like this recipe

  9. I am on keto reased 8 pounds month one so yay for me BuTT i usually avoid dairy but the keto allows me dairy for the fat love the taste but the feeling in my ears the tickle in the back.of my throat and sometimes not feeling well makes me know dairy is not my friend so i made a carrot cake with the traditional frosting …so i got a vegan cream cheese and this seems like the perfect recipe to try but i like honey for cream cheese frosting going to use real butter and some raw goats milk because that is all i have

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