well vision hello hey what's up you're watching 12:12 vision so television channel still twelve vision video this is photo vision Channel so this is American Eagle right here on the Broadway right here Houston right there and if you come on the corner a Broadway in house then you can see these sneakers are inside the American Eagle store American Eagle so Bo so my name is JC a lot of people know me by my Instagram handle which is to J's cakes basically what we are is a consignment shop but it's focusing more on the experience right or consignment rate is 10% it's the lowest in the country and as you can see you can scan to see the items it's a little bit more of an interactive experience if you come in you can print your shirts you can tag the wall at some point you're gonna be able to get your hair cut here attached to the artisan here you'll be able to wear we got consigners that are going to win cars this year so there's a lot of crazy stuff that we're working on to try to get back to the community and show you know the benefited numbers right from we you when you came from who Potter I heard you I'm overage we from Jersey I grew up in Perth Amboy are when it's cool Addison you know I lived in Red Hook looking a story or a bit but I've been on the west coast for a little and I got homesick and I got a great opportunity with the folks here at American Eagle to provide the you an experience I'm guys like this now we again man big shout out to you and everything that you do and I appreciate this opportunity to in America it will walk through it end up in the back of merica Yahoo I see this urban assesses play hardball look at this machine that no but this is supreme pinball machine why thank you so Olaf Allah Allah will be clear again okay your camera zoom in any barcode why why our urban accessories make it so easy for you to shop with them so exclusive technology taking over urban assess it is the first one to do it Nick now know what the same exclusive then applause Marty McFly's lace automatically two pair one here and another pair make just a table every yeah right before the summer a sprin top he too got some heavy hitting pieces too we should boy 12 12 of vision dental fraud and I'm herba necessity the grand opening on my campus you just gave you how to run down I was the person that owned the house back spot opportunity and show us again how's that if world what if I mistake but that's what they located at half town Soho area think I can take a fire Sesame break it right here you take a picture of the arm to school the scam right there which is right here see this right there yeah you see that when I perfume for right there take a picture of it you scan that you press the link and it's going to give you the price of the shoe the gate of one hi well the gate of 110 2020 rate is 24 this one please these two 30 20 they don't matter just $100,000 go right here everything else more add up 200 no fools the skin of a necessity now [Applause] [Applause] breakfast credits so that so it was a problem when fo rats damn she does all the consignment right nice to me graffiti all over the wall Wow one-side 12:12 vision of did just takes like a senator oh look at it there's a jacket wow it really is dope though did you see the pants again nice thank you by by shoots to get a free play for the keymaster [Applause] well all versions Louise Supreme Louie have you in the box mobile Iori it looked like you real busy right now are you shopping oh I know you about the boss I will show my views about the cop no I've been I got you show us again how the exclusive part use the skiing issue and see the price let me see your phone William camera the barcode put your camera that's the link right there is big on it nine and a half brand new battery hello hey what's up you're watching 12:12 vision total vision channel still vision based yo this is photo vision Channel


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