Unhygenic Indian food, Dirty Pav Bhaji on road side in mumbai

Unhygenic Indian food, Dirty Pav Bhaji on road side in mumbai

Just look at the beautiful Pav Bhaji Maker Look at the water in the Tub The oil used for making Pav bhaji was in this….. Dustbin Just besides the stall and from beneath it flows a gutter

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  1. India is full of dirty people like these, shitting on the roof and on the roads, so dirty. im glad I don't eat out when I go to this dirty country… even the people have no respect for others, all evil.

  2. Had hai jb video bana rhe ho to dhang se nhi bana skte hai haslo tumlog phle cam to pata nhi kaha kaha 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  3. Respected Rashmi Madam
    We are laughing because we also were not expecting him to be soo very dirty. Infact I was shocked to see him make Pav Bhaji Like this….so I shooted the video some of my students found it very amusing so they were laughing….But the reality it is that we should be ashamed and also afraid of such food stalls. What do you will happen to the body after consuming this kind of pav bhaji…fake butter dirty rotten Potatoes, fake colour and what all…………….and not everyone of us is rich enough to go to lavish restaurants but we also have feelings we also feel like celebrating events.Don't we deserve better food. Its bitter truth of our country and someone has to say it.

  4. all Indian people eat these kind of clean food, accompany with cow urine to clinch their thirst, after that they clean themselves and brush their teeth in the holy ganges river, they both poo and drink the ganges water that work as a natural anti biotic for their healthy Indian body. This is the secret for their extraordinary body odor and character. This is the secret behind their well manner and gentleness toward their women and toward other different culture and religious minority.

  5. Though there are many restaurants in India which are known for great food, you can't expect any better from such terrible cow-worshippers seen in a state called Maharashtra – heavily populated with these people.

  6. They don't even have toilets, they eat, sleep, shitty, pee, sleep, shower with sewer waters and drink with sewer waters and also poo and pee and wash clothing is

  7. fuck this shit i' already seen a kind of stuff like this indian are dirty ass motafucka when they go to the toilet they ain't even was their hand properly they ain't use soap to clean their fuckin hand and when they cook they hold the food with their bare hand that shit was disgusting fuck indian

  8. Stop idiots. 😒 You cannot tell them what to do. That is their culture. Psh, as if You guys wash your heads everyday. Idiots. 😒😒 you only wash your heads 1-2 times a week. So shut up. 😏😏😏

  9. All the Indians eat these 5 rupees meal and shit on streets like a fucking animals.Even Animals have sense where to shit but these people are sensless.Now this man is keeping his things over a gutter and people are eating that shit.

  10. Dirty, disgusting vermin. Why do so many people want to go to India when they are all fucking off from there? I went and the filth, smell, scams did me in, my partner the stupid woman talked to everyone that approached us, I told them to fuck off all the time, if I wasn't there she'd be scammed or raped…… The food is shit there, I was ill even after eat g Macdonalds there ffs!

  11. part of changing one's self or changing one's country is to expose the TRASH people, the EVIL people, and the nasty people who make the country and the people look bad.
    i give you respect for doing this, even though i diss your country.

    the truth is, it don't matter what people think…….. what matters is if you change your society to become better with each new generations of children born, just teach them to become a better people……….. and the whole world will stop hating, stop laughing and stop disrespecting you………….. soon, you will be respected, because YOU changed, and become a better person.

  12. Fucking dirty Indians, stinks and looks bad. They won't be world power till 2020,can't even properly clean their ass after shitting

  13. This has nothing to do with India. That's how human thinking works. We love glossy brochures of the finest goods, but we don't want anything to do with the dirt with which this beautiful world of goods has been made.
    That applies to a sandwich similar to electricity from a nuclear power plant: we love energy, we love food, but radioactive waste: yes, where do we put it?
    Hygiene is a cost factor. Why invest in something you can't sell? That is the logic of a seller and in there is no difference, wether in Europe, which sells its electrical waste to Africa, or in China, which releases its factory gases unfiltered into the atmosphere. Compared: This little bit of dirt on Indian streets…
    Buy from a cook who prepares his food hygienically. In a few weeks all the other cooks will follow.
    That is the whole secret.

  14. Why do other countries even let their citizens travel to india, hey fellow americans are you looking to get scammed in a place that smells like shit by a guy who acts like shit whilst staring at a pile of shit?? No worries we got you!

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