Undiscovered Mountain food in Northern Vietnam (Hmong people in Dong Van)

Undiscovered Mountain food in Northern Vietnam (Hmong people in Dong Van)

we are headed into the Dragon’s Den these bees are not happy at all oh my god I’ve never been so happy to have a bee suit on [Music] 400 kilometers north of Hanoi and just a few away from China lies this picturesque city hidden in the mountains and we call it dumb bunny [Music] this is the final video in our northern Vietnam series being amongst some of Viet Nam’s fibrin ethnic minorities has been nothing short of magical I’ve learned how some of the local people live and your father helped build this yeah the boy and the man in here about it you know they know how to do in the house I’ve learned how some of them babe it’s a lot like I’m in a giant cup of tea right now and most importantly for me I got to experience what they eat it could be [Music] I’m starting to understand no matter where I am in this country never doubt Vietnam today we’re in dome Vaughn for one final foodie mission hunting down a local sugary sweet delicacy this is really great because I don’t like bees at all so I can’t wait our mission will be dangerous but when there’s food on the line nothing can stop me we have traveled through hours of mountainous twists and turns to northern Vietnam just to sample some of their incredibly unique mint honey but first we’re gonna need a bun me ready yeah Vee and I are headed to the most popular and only bakery in town and let me tell you if you don’t get along with the head Baker here good luck getting a cake for your kids Bar Mitzvahs I talked to the bee man yesterday and he said the best thing to pair with honey is the bunny baguette bread correct so let’s go get some bread they only have four left should we get all four yeah fresh bunny bread Kabam more high bio as yo this yo is fort boom fun me thank you come on we’re gonna bring the bean man of birthday cake why our birthday cake it’s polite to bring someone a gift oh my god she just finished making it nothing says hello like a birthday cake with a bad be pun written in frosting have B birthday cuz it’s a B that’s B you look so cute it’s not his first thing okay v Laverne trying to make a fun video here let’s go company man I didn’t feel it so small watch the clock ticking after you’re gonna hear a lot of honking because these mountains are completely treacherous it’s a lot of really sharp turns so you have to continuously warn other drivers that you’re coming around the bend by honking otherwise you’ll just slam into each other but some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen insane mountains deep valleys green mountains you know what maybe I can just show you some drone shots and join our [Music] local honey expert is part of the mail people an ethnic group originating in China that began migrating southward in the 18th century due to political unrest these new immigrants started calling themselves Hmong which means free person these days there are about 1 million Hmong people living in light Shou Lao Cai and here in the hai yang province we have arrived at our bead destination just in time for me to realize that I am actually terrified of bees after delivering our cank and snapping a couple pics for instagram it’s time to get down to business [Music] does he ever get stung I never be me I’m coming to notice so many times so many times he’s gotta pull the big thing I’ve heard about here is that there’s mint honey can you explain mint honey or ask him what is unique about Donny here the flower here is the peppermint flower which is a cat apply wide growing on the rock island in this area bees make honey so they can eat it but I want to eat it too these bees collect nectar from the Dovan wild mint flower fly it back home then regurgitate it and pass it from one bead to another be for a period of time until storing it in a wax cell so if you’re asking wait is honey just be vomit the answer is yes delicious bee vomit that I can’t wait to try right over here we have all the bee boxes and that’s where the bees call home if you look just down here it’s maybe 40 different boxes the red is no good I don’t want to get stung I brought something I’m gonna show the the bee man let’s go can you ask him if this is gonna be good enough can I go multi yeah but I’m gonna huh whoa what oh good so good after reviewing Jollibee in a bee suit about four months ago I finally have a practical use for this thing and I can’t wait to put it to the test [Music] [Applause] [Music] whenever I travel I always bring a full bee suit from Guardian beat apparel Guardian B apparel the best place to get different types of B apparel V are you ready okay let’s go we’re getting our smoke gun ready we’re going in like a SWAT team they’re gonna be flying away and maybe they’ll be trying to sting us but it won’t be possible wait v how are you doing with your outfit there same thing I’m good V is also safe with the camouflage hat so we can’t see her so effing beautiful here I can’t get over it and go ahead V Kai do you need a hand take my hand Kai we are headed into the Dragon’s Den you know it’s getting serious my dude here is putting on his mask and look this lady over here guys so you might be wondering well why doesn’t she have a bee suit on well the bees don’t really care if you’re hanging out they do care though if you’re trying to fill their house with smoke that’s when they get a little upset we’re heading down V Avenue oh oh so it’s so good oh my god I’ve never been so happy to have a bee suit on so he puts on the smoke and these bees are not happy at all oh I got it thousands of bees right now on this piece of wood they’ve got their little honeycomb in there he’s pointing to the queen bee it’s a little bit bigger it’s about twice the length and a little bit darker a big dark tail or it or should I say don’t wax so V there’s one queen per house yeah one Queen per house okay there you go he’s kind of shaking it like an etch-a-sketch and that’s I guess that’s how you get the beasts off you just shake him off easily okay yeah give it to me thousands and thousands of bees just in this one house there must be millions of bees just in this whole area it’s crazy oh these poor guys they’re trying to run back to their little holes their little honey combs is that it so I’m really surprised we used very minimal smoke he mostly just shook them off like the way he handles the bees it’s very kind of gentle almost we’re gonna go back and harvest this honey let’s do it when the bees fill a cell with honey they capped the top to seal it for safe storage then the beekeeper slices the lid off allowing the honey to flow freely we have our three honey racks right here they’ve told us we’ve got to move really quickly there’s still some bees in here these poor guys they’re like what is going on from there they’re gonna put the honey right or bee rack into this machine is essentially a centrifuge for honey right that’s the kind of science I like he’s putting in another one here to balance the weight out a little bit I guess so right now we have these three honey racks in here he’s just spinning it around and then oh my god all the honey is flying off and it’s sticking to the wall that’s so cool all the honey is coming off of the rack it’s slamming onto the wall of this cylinder right here and falling and kind of oozing down to the bottom and just like that that’s it yeah here’s how you know honey is good at my friend is if when you buy it it’s in an old water bottle okay we’re not looking for some like bear cartoon picture of a bear on a bottle of honey o our bottle is shaped like a bears and that cute no this is the real stuff it’s in a water bottle and that’s how you know it’s good fresh honey it’s ready to eat yeah yeah okay let’s eat right here we have the honeycomb they were slicing off of the rack can we eat this directly yep let’s do it mo hi bye oh wow does he swallow this no so you know what it tastes like soft waxy texture on the honey and the honey is just amazing it’s not overly sweet they haven’t added a bunch of high fructose corn syrup or anything like that is just straight-up honey it is super sweet and there is still a beat inside okay mmm Wow it is basically like a honey sponge so as you bite into it the honey is being released out and then as you chew it it gets harder and harder and then when it’s too hard then you just spit it up what I love about almost everything I’ve done so far in the north is that it usually devolves into drinking at some point so I heard they have alcohol made out of honey – is that true yeah it’s true we’ve got oh my god exactly thin container a honeycomb and they’ve mixed it with corn wine most of Vietnam all over the place you can find rice wine here it’s all about the corn wine and they’ve mixed it with this giant plastic container of honey and honeycomb mo haibach yo ah it’s good it’s good it’s good we got bread here we got back to Jason a lot of corn flavor not a ton of honey flavor but a little bit and but look this looks really cool so I don’t care thank you my friend come on em believe it or not I don’t have a lot of use for a giant bee suit like this I was given this awesome bee suit by Guardian B apparel and so now I’m gonna pass it on to this man here and hopefully he can make some use of it let’s go give it to him now my dude I don’t need a bee suit and you have bees so I just want to give you this bee suit but I want that I’m Gaia no does he think he’ll actually use it yeah all right awesome uh thank you again so much this was awesome I hope you can make use of this bee suit if not you can just make short films where you pretend like you’re an astronaut and that can be fun too if you’ve missed any videos from our northern Vietnam series click the playlist link in the description box to play them all if you’re looking for an amazing way to experience the real Vietnam well let me tell you about a company called one trip one trip is a company putting on tours all over Vietnam currently in Saigon Danang and Hoi An from four tours to adventure tours one trip has you covered for more information about one trip click the links in the description down below I will see you next week a peace beautiful stars MasterCard nothing can break me no no nothing can break me Oh

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  1. We are heading back to Hanoi Saturday to shoot five more fun food videos! These will be even better than the last series. Food-lovers paradise! Coming soon thanks to Onetrip!

    Learn more about ONETRIP Tours → https://www.christinas.vn/onetrip/

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    Who tf that always bring full bee suit everywhere?

  6. In java, we eat the honeycomb along with the larvae mixing them with vegetables and beans, and cook them as a soup or wrap them in banana leaves to be steamed (botok).

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