UNDERWATER Box Fort RESTAURANT CHALLENGE! 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge Day 5

UNDERWATER Box Fort RESTAURANT CHALLENGE! 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge Day 5

nice log starting to sink to underwater
box for restaurant it’s up floating it’s floating but the box work is usually in
the water and it is time to set up this restaurant what’s going on everyone it’s
Poppa Jake and we are back with a brand new video it is a new day in box fort
city we have been survival day loaded spring water we have been surviving out
in box for a city for 29 days right no no not 29 it feels like 29 days but if
you guys don’t know water box for city is the series where we are surviving
outside in our very own city completely made of box sports we’ve got my house
over here we’ve got Logan’s house all the way over here and we have the
general store which is the first thing I wanted to mention we’ve had a lot of
rain and box port city has taken a massive beating I mean it’s almost
completely disintegrated Logan Jake’s Jake’s Ford is gone the general start is
gone hi I’m here to buy my stuff oh no what happened oh it’s got yeah the
general store collapsed there was like a hurricane the only way to survive in box
fort city is to tarp your entire fort that’s why my fort kind of looks like a
circus we are actually going to be waterproofing our forts this time very
well so that they do not break in the rain and we can continue box for city
because guys every time one of these videos gets thousand likes we survive
another night out here in box fort city what are we doing today Jake well Logan
as you know our last video the Titanic did not go as planned it was a great
endeavor it was the biggest box fort to ever set sails not a good idea Jake it
might have sunk a little bit just a little tiniest bit of sinking this he
also lost all our money on that Jake lose all of our money on that which
brings us to today Papa Jake has had a plan all along you see the Titanic was a
great idea but the problem it can sting so I had the idea to build
the very first the very biggest box fort restaurant becae logan you might be
taking wool cheek if we build a restaurant what if it sinks like the
Titanic already thought that through Logan I know that the restaurant could
sink so what if it’s already sunken boom can’t sink what’s already sank Logan you
want to build a restaurant underwater that’s right the world’s first
underwater box fort restaurant you’ll come in
that’s a terrible swim up to the counter you’ll order your food your food will
come it’ll be like space you’ll be floating around you go hump oh no one
likes to eat underwater the hashtag most genius idea of all time guys I know all
of you in the common sea proper Jake you are probably the smartest man in this
generation we precinct it Logan it’s the best idea ever okay but Jake that
doesn’t make any sense if we build a cardboard for it under water it’ll break
in two seconds Logan what’d I tell you I’m the smartest
guy in history I already thought this through see while you were sleeping
today in your little circus I went out to the real city and I bought us a
little surprise so that we could make a true lasting underwater box for
restaurants and before I show it I have some information to tell you Logan see I
almost forgot at the end of every video we give a massive shout-out to one of
our amazing squad members and if you guys want a shout-out and to join the
squad it’s super simple there’s three steps
you smack the subscribe button smack the bell button and comment hashtag squad all right back I’m okay but guys make
sure to go do that and we’ll be picking an awesome viewer at the end of the
video to give a shout out too but without further ado Logan we need to
build the world’s biggest awesomest underwater restaurant and in a little
while we’ll be eating escargot underwater with a nice side of cold ice
wat water cuz it’s all water but come on Logan I want to show you what I bought
oh and Logan before we go I do want to say one thing what I’m about to show you
was extremely crazy and probably the most insane thing we have ever done
which is why I need to remind everyone under no circumstances should you ever
try this at home I went into the real big city and I got us something for our
underwater restaurant what did you do I may have got a little crazy with this
one Logan but I thought if we’re gonna have the world’s biggest the world’s
best underwater restaurant that we can chill in we need something more legit
than just cardboard we need an actual building what do you mean you got an
actual building a big box is not just a box Logan it might look like just a box
of cardboard but inside this is a building there is an actual seven foot
tall by seven feet long shed that we will be using as our underwater box for
restaurant this thing looks very expensive how much did you spend on this
thing I spent all of your money on it all right now we’re gonna build an
underwater box for restaurant guys this is the basement actually there’s a pest
there’s a little photo here that’s what’s gonna look like it’s gonna have
windows it’s gonna have a roof it’s actually gonna have shingles on it and
front doors that we can go in now all we need to do is get this massive thing
into the backyard and Logan needs to build it 200 pounds all right well I’m
gonna go chill inside my house Logan why don’t you get this thing in the backyard
and build it nope I didn’t put it in the truck it actually took six guys to get
it in the truck if I use my math wrong there’s two of us
so we’re missing four people I want all of you in the comments tough push push
with your comments this is another one of papa Jake’s adventures where I really
didn’t think ahead I think it was a really cool idea when I saw it and we
looked really awesome in the store but I didn’t think of the logistics of getting
this into the backyard now one really important thing to
remember is under no circumstances should you ever try this at home I mean
you can you can buy a shed if your parents let you but do not try to get it
out of the car on your own we’re also about to do a very dangerous stunt we
came up with an idea a solution where I am going to drive the car forward
therefore this will should just pop out the back right Logan the math checks out
the science works let’s get into the driver’s seat of this spaceship captain
papa Jake is in the cockpit Logan starting our engines here I don’t know
what that said that’s that’s scary okay we’re good the hazard light has gone off
whatever that means I don’t know now if I push this thing forward
it should just plop out the back really simple we’re gonna need to move the box
for acibi the front on I know to the backyard somehow I think it might be
easier to move the pool to the front yard somehow actually know your your
idea makes a lot more sense okay let’s start disassembling it bringing in the
back and build in our underwater restaurants we’ve got all the pieces for
our underwater restaurant now we need to do is put this entire thing together it
is gonna be absolutely massive it is 7 feet tall by 7 feet wide this is just
the base of it but it’s gonna be like yay tall with an actual roof with doors
that we can go in and then we got to slide it into the pool this is gonna be
crazy yeah it’s gonna be a little difficult to build but I think once it’s
all put together it’s gonna be the ultimate underwater house so guys let’s
start building guys check it out our box for restaurant
is looking pretty sweet awesome I mean wrote me like halfway done and there’s
still no room but look at how much room there is for activities and this thing
is not only gonna be waterproof but it’s also gonna be sweet for underwater okay so my goal with this rebuild is to
not only rebuild before it so that it’s looking really nice but I also want to
make it extremely waterproof this lamp so I’m actually gonna be using a new
really cool feature that I think if activated whenever it starts Randy I
should be able to activate it and make sure that my fork gets absolutely no
water on it and it lasts pretty much forever okay guys so we have officially
finished the underwater box fort restaurant check this thing it is apps
okay but before even go in this thing is absolutely massive it takes up like half
of this entire place so this is gonna be the perfect base for our box for
restaurant I actually don’t even know Logan how is this thing gonna sing
what’s this restaurant called no restaurant
aquatic cuz it’s underwater check out inside guys though there isn’t really
anything inside we have to do all the interior work once we actually get in
the pool and we left the roof off here so that it’s able to actually sing
otherwise it’s just gonna be one massive bubble it also lets a good amount of
light in which is actually great because we want to make this restaurant super
sweet and we got front doors which are awesome they closed like this
so I can think wait like imagine there being water in here I swim up through
the top roof maybe I come back down here grab some nice food and you don’t chill
at the the dining area which will be in here we’re not gonna put in now because
actually we’re gonna have to try and get this in the water which is probably
gonna be the hardest challenge of this entire video I mean building this thing
was hard enough but now we got to get it in the pool and the sink and all while
the fact that I did not expect this thing to be this big this this might go
really wrong remember guys under no circumstances do not try this at home
leave this to us it’s really heavy look I’m gonna need you all your help to get
this oh it’s so bad actually don’t know how we’re gonna get this in the pool
flip it into the pool it’s a tank it’s a head’s a mini home
from this side guys look starting to sink the underwater box for a restaurant
it’s a bit chilly floating it’s floating oh it’s starting to sink starting to
think we want to try this Jake also may be in the shower you know our box work in the water I
mean not gonna say this is the brightest idea of course it’s Jake’s idea but the
Box word is officially in the water and it is time to set up this restaurant we
also had some pretty bad Damon when this restaurant went in the water it just
started to break like this door came off the main problem was that it actually
started it being completely once it went in the water it just tipped over and
almost fell on its ID to the deep end be able to get it straightened out other
than that it almost completely fell apart but I mean guys we have a serious
problem our boss the restaurant is breaking right now it’s completely falling apart
guys this is not good like a cool quarterly on the roof we are the roof
and she’s thinking that I wanted it too it’s not gonna be very luxurious day so
before we could even deck out this restaurant we ran into a big problem it
completely suck it suck get that on its side of that everything started breaking
but it did settle it away that house we kind of worked at the restaurant so a
bit open concept but it’s got to come on down show you it’s a restaurant now we’ve got a little bit of a
restaurant it’s kinda on its side stuff yeah that happens it’s broken off but
that’s okay because check this out I just added our dining table and our two now that the restaurants all set up I
guess time for us to go down all right let’s go down at order up to alright guys so that was a ton of fun
doing our very first underwater box fort restaurant I mean it didn’t really you
know say together or at all but it was still a lot of fun I had a ton of fun
trying to eat things underwater it was super cool and even though it didn’t
work as our next job I’m actually excited because I think tomorrow I’m
gonna try and be a police officer again but one thing I was able to do which is
pretty sweet is fully restructure eyes my fort
dude oh yes you got the umbrella for rain proof yeah yeah so this is actually
part of my rain proofing system so I have a window here which is still the
same window but it has a flap here because one of the things I noticed the
last time is when it starts to rain really hard all the water comes in the
window and then become inside I’ve still got some interior work to do but I redid
my sliding door system so you can open up the door go into my bedroom I even
have on the other side my shower which I completely rebuilt but one of the
coolest things is you come up here through this little portable like so and
let’s say there supposed to be a storm and a bunch of rain well crank this bad
boy up or down and it raises my umbrellas which means I don’t have to
worry about my fort break-in again in the rain and guys don’t forget every
time we get 50,000 likes on these videos we stay another night and keep expanding
boxboard City so hopefully we’ll be back again with an even better and even a
bigger build in the next video also Logan before I forget we need to give a
massive shout out to someone in the something called the a hashtag school
guys massive showed up to my boy Liam Stewart thank you so very much for being
an amazing member of the squad if you see him down below in the comments be
sure to give a big thumbs up leave them a nice comment and of course if you want
to get a shout out and join the squad all you gotta do is hit the subscribe
button as well as the Bell button and leave a little tiny tiny comment saying
hashtag school but of course guys this has been Papa
Jake and Logan and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

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