Under 5$ Fast Food Challenge ft. Emi [CC]

Under 5$ Fast Food Challenge ft. Emi [CC]

Alriighty, welcome, welcome! We are going
on a fast food challenge! What that means is we’re gonna take 5 bucks and see what we
can get for 5 dollars! Today we’re starting with McDonalds! In case you missed it, McDonalds
has a dollar menu and for 5 bucks, you can get two sandwiches, two fries and a cup of
water. And that’s usually my go-to when I don’t have any money. Now I got the McDouble,
you can also get a double cheeseburger, or cheeseburger, or a hamburger, which is the
cheapest one and I think it’s like 69 cents; that’s no cheese and just a little thin slice
of “beef”. Mmm! But this doesn’t look bad! Okay! Not TERRIBLE! Not terrible..
that cheese looks like hell but… okay. Mmm! Yes! I don’t hate it! Ooh!
That’s better than I expected, I thought it was gonna be really thin. Okay, okay, good
job McDonalds! Good job! We are at Wendy’s, so let’s figure out how
much food we can get for under 5 dollars! Alright, we got french fries for Emi! Oops!
There you go! And your chicken nuggets. -How are the fries? Good?
-Yeah -Okay, got a little burger for me,
fries… Wendy’s french fries are pretty damn decent. Everyone loves McDonald’s fries– I LOVE McDonald’s fries but Wendy’s is POTATO AF, like they CUT this potato up,
they cooked it right.. -Right.
-So good! Emi got the standard nuggets which are really
good, she does them with honey mustard. I got the double stack. Let’s check it out. Okay!
Also decent! Mmmm! Beefy! Look-oh Emi wants to show you the nugget. You can show the nugget!
-Yeah -Ooh! It’s covered in honey mustard. Haha! How do you guys do it? Do you- do you
spread your sauces when you’re doing fast food? Or do you dip? Because the burgers are
so tiny in my big hands, I just- sometimes I just dip the burger into the sauce. Cuz
it fits! These are giant sauce pans! Yes, girl! Yes!! That’s good! No regrets! No regrets,
that’s good! I dig it! How do you feel about Wendy’s value menu?
-I like [their] fries and chicken nuggets! -Standard! Wendy’s? Ding ding ding ding! Good job! We are here at the Taco Bell drive thru. Check
this out! Dang! Alright, so this is the burrito. I think it’s such a- look at– okay, these
are my hands. My hands are big and look at how this burrito fits! Pretty decent. Plus
a box of nachos, for bascially two dollars. Emi’s holding up her nacho too. Decent deal!
It’s very exciting to me! -And this is burrito! And this is nacho! -Yes, and the nachos! And
they’re decent, but the nachos on their dollar menu, they’re just the chips, some cheese,
some mild sauce and beans, I’m not a giant fan of beans at all but, I’ll do it, cuz why not? Speaking of sauce, I never get sauce
but I actually asked for mild today… …they didn’t even bring it in the bag! Aww, negative one point, Taco Bell! [Pac Man Death Sound Effect] They did give me one spork, which I’m the kind of girl that likes to eat nachos with a spork because I hate getting my fingers dirty, and ONE napkin! Luckily,
I’m also the kind of girl that carries all leftover napkins in her glove compartment.
Now for the burrito… I can’t believe– I was gonna try a sauce today! Oh well. Doesn’t
usually need it. This is the Beefy Fritos Burrito so lemme try this… -And this is burritos too.
-Mmmm! It’s got some “beef” rice, cheese, and Fritos inside. It’s really good. This probably ranks… it’s up there in quantity. Quality? Like a three star, it’s not the BEST,
but it’s not something you hate putting in your mouth either! I give it a solid four
stars for dollar menu food! For sure! We’re cheating cuz we have coupons… but
we’re at Arby’s! Okay, so this trip we went a little over budget, we didn’t keep it under
5 but we had coupons and there was cool options and Arby’s TBH, I think, is usually kind of
expensive for me but whatever. We did it. So for twelve bucks I got, this medium
[SINGS] curly fryyyyy! It’s gonna be so good, and TWO chicken sandwiches so I’m gonna eat
good. Emi got for 2.99$, three dollars, a three piece chicken tender… come in! [BOTH
LAUGH] and a small curly fry! Yas! Their curly fries are great. I have no doubts about this,
it’s just gonna be delicious. They’re perfect. They don’t quit. And that’s their original
crispy chicken sandwhich. Nothing too extraordinary, but good! But good!! Today we are at KFC after learning about their
5$ Fill-Ups! Yes!! I’m so excited! Okay, what’s this? These are –this is our– I got an extra mac and cheese to share, and when I got the extra mac and cheese to share, they gave– they upgraded me to a large drink,
which was cool, that’s cool. -And we got cookies!
-Yes! And the 5$ Fill-Ups, they have a bunch of options; they like fill you up with a nice
like, lunch box of stuff. They’ll give you… Emi got three chicken tenders, cookie, mashed
potatoes, and biscuit. And I got a drum stick and a thigh, standard, with a biscuit, a cookie,
and mashed potatoes, and we’re gonna share a small portion of mac and cheese! This is amazing!
I’m so excited! I’m not gonna lie, I’m a giant fan of KFC chicken. Sorry about it, judge
me about it. KFC original recipe is something not to be messed with. It is so good. Ooh
yeah! And they got the mac and cheese in a plastic container, and it’s reusable, you
can wash it, recycle it, do whatever you want. So.. great times. [BLOWS 3x] -And this one is mashed potato!
-Yes! And their mashed potato is really good too. Yes! And this cookie!
Okay, I like this texture, I like it! I know I’m gonna like it, i like this texture, you’re
not gonna mess this cookie up. We found out that Checkers has 4 for 3$ deal.
So exciting, they got their fabulous french fries, check that out, that’s for you! Plus an apple pie! Yes! Plus a burger, plus a soft drink. It’s down here. -Ow! My wrists hurt today! Sorry I can’t.
–Look! -Yes!! Lemme see that burger! How is it? Quality! Quality!
Good! It has bacon in it too? -Yeah.
-Right on. You also have the option of spicy chicken
or crispy fish and we got honey mustard here too. I’m excited! I’m down for this! Ooh!
Their honey mustard is brownish though! I think my favorite honey mustard is Wendy’s
honey mustard, cuz they’re like nice and yellow. Lemme try this honey mustard… Their honey
mustard is okay, kind of tastes like apple sauce. And this burger.. I mean.. it looks
just like something I would have at a 4th of July BBQ. It looks fine. Solid. Solid.
It reminds me… like the sauce and the lettuce remind me a bit of.. you’re gonna hate me
for it. Five Guys. It tastes a bit like Five Guys with the sauce and the lettuce. It’s
pretty good! -Yeah.
-I like it! Alright. Onto the next one. Alrighty, we are at our last stop and we decided
on Popeyes. These are just water, we ordered the 5$ box meal and I actually– we– this
is actually exciting because we rarely eat at Popeyes so this is gonna be a decent surprise.
So go ahead and take out the boxes, Emi. So 5$ boxes come with your choice of two pieces
or three tenders, um, and two sides. On the online menu we saw they had mac and cheese
but apparently they don’t have mac and cheese. [STRAW HITS CUP MULTIPLE TIMES] -I can’t stab it through!
-Okay, what happened? I’ll help you! -My spoonie hands.
-It’s stuck. I’ll help. -Okay. Thanks, Emi. Wow. Okay. This is the two piece, and you got the tenders,
so I got, I’m gonna try their jambalaya… they lied to me! It’s just cajun rice! Liars! -I have three chicken nuggets. -And three– ooh! That looks good! Look at that! Oof! That looks good! I’m jealous! That looks really good. -And their mashed potato!
-And mashed potatoes? Mashed potatoes looks decent, looks really good, and the– and this cajun rice. This is not jambalaya! This is cajun rice. Tsk! -And this is fries.
-Yall are haters. [GASP] You got french fries? Let me see! Oh. They’re skimpy! It looks like a good fry but
it’s not a lot. Can I have silverware please? -Okay.
-We also get a biscuit. -Here.
-So we’ll see if this is any good. I’ll try it first. Ooh.
-Biscuit. Look! -Mmmmm!!! Oh man!!
That’s not a lie! That biscuit is really good! Damn!! Wow! Okay, I’m gonna try their chicken.
Looks good. It looks like Publix chicken if you’re Floridian, you probably
know what Publix is. Let’s see. [CRUNCH] It’s hot! Um, we both went for the mild chicken instead
of spicy. I’m living a little bit in regret, the mild is a little bland. But it has a nice crunch on
the skin, it’s good. Spicy might’ve been better. -How is the french fry?
-It’s good! -Yeah? Okay, I’m gonna try their cajun rice.
I’ve never tried this before. Is it spicy? I don’t
know. [GROANS] That’s not my favorite thing. I really wish they would’ve given me the jambalaya
like I asked but, ugh, that’s just not my favorite thing. It just isn’t. I’m sorry.
Try the mashed potatoes. -That’s good!
– Yeah, that’s good. Can I try your french fry? -Yeah.
-The biscuit is what’s impressed me the most so far. Let me try it. Mmmm! Yes. Solid french
fries. I wish they had macaroni! And I wish I would’ve gotten the jambalaya like I ordered
but my back is in too much pain to try and mess with that again. Spoonie problems. I
can’t. No. Haha! It’s good for five dollars, absolutely! Absolutely! I’m so glad we went
on this journey! A lot of these under five dollar meals are actually for a limited time only
but, haha, what do we have better to do? -Oh well. I had a good time, did you?
-Yeah. -Good. I’m glad that you had a good time. And I’m glad that we could do this together, this
is always our bonding time. Anyway, we had a good time, I hope you had a great time watching
us as well. I will see you eventually. Bye! -Bye! [OUTRO MUSIC]

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  1. This looks like a lovely activity to do with a friend, actually. I often dislike the spaces that fast food restaurants offer, but hitting up drive throughs together and then going somewhere more quiet would be great.
    Do you two do Chipotle? I'm not American, but some of my friends tell me they are pretty good?

  2. I should try to do this with my sister and fast food drive thru restaurants in Australia.
    We don't have as many doing $5 deals but McD, Hungry Jacks (Burger King) and KFC do…

  3. I guess people like you only care about compassion for the oppressed when it pertains to humans.

  4. I am a fast food junky! I want to make a video like this just as an excuse to eat a bunch of fast food lol

  5. Wow your Popeye's seems to be a little sub par. Ours does have mac n cheese, and personally I think its Amazing! Better than KFC by far. I do think as far as actual chicken,always go with spicy. My choice is what Emmy got their chicken strips are yummy. My son is high functioning knowing the autism spectrum. (Whatsoever how he perfers to identify) I really enjoyed watching you and Emmy testing the value menus. Food has always been a big part of my son Dakotas life. That's also something we bond over when we have one on one time. He also helps me with my spoonie issues 😃. Glad you had fun. My #1 under $5 meal is Wendy's, especially now with the 4 for $4.

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