Undefeated 9 Pound Burrito Challenge at Jose’s Mexican Food w/ “Raina is Crazy” | Freak Eating

Undefeated 9 Pound Burrito Challenge at Jose’s Mexican Food w/ “Raina is Crazy” | Freak Eating

josé’s Mexican food in Moreno Valley
serves up a massive catering burrito that’s three feet long and equal to six
of the regular sized burritos. ours came stuffed with beans chicken rice and pico
de gallo when we plopped it on the scale it
registered just under nine pounds Reina and I were invited by hungry Empire to
attempt to eat the big catering burrito as a single person food challenge would
we be able to put down the three foot nine pound monsters or would it be in no
way Jose three-two-one welcome back to freak eating no fanfare
no BS no Stalin it’s challenge time and we’re diving right in as you saw in the
intro our featured food of the day is a three-foot burrito I must warn you this
video gets a little messy and is definitely not one of the prettier
challenges that I’ve done lately Raina’s little bit out of the camera
frame but that’s a great reason to go check out her video link down below to
get her perspective of this big challenge now honestly this challenge
gets messy because we were staging it as an eating contest we were trying to see
who could finish it first mostly for fun and games there was no real prize in the
line no t-shirt no picture on the wall of fame no hat no button but it was a
free meal as long as we could get it done
I suppose that’s proper motivation to get out of paying a $40 tab a 9 pound
burrito is a bit bigger than most burrito challenges out there so you know
this isn’t the kind of thing that you see every day the restaurant also had no
record of anyone eating this thing alone so we could walk away with some serious
bragging rights that might mean something on the internet or that we
could mention during awkward family gatherings when people ask us what crazy
things have you eaten lately a three foot nine pound burrito is bigger than
most newborns that’s a horrifying visual but a powerful one nevertheless I don’t
know why people always compare burritos to babies all jokes aside I found this
burrito very difficult to eat quickly the refried beans and the rice bunched
up like cement and my throat and I found myself nearly choking several times
during our contest it was delicious food but not food that
I could necessarily eat quickly Raina’s seems to be on fire and was
rolling through the 3-footer a lot more easily than I was the chicken was
delicious and the pico de gallo offered up a lot of flavor and a little bit of
spice but the moisture they provided wasn’t enough for me to overcome the
dryness from the rice beans and tortilla a hard challenge has never stopped me
before though I buckled down and ploughed on looking over at Reyna every
so often to see the progress she was making how badly was she gonna beat me Sabine you’re definitely tough yeah you okay all right guys it looks like a messy
mess I don’t repeat the veggies good basically ten minutes and 30 seconds
delicious delicious burrito much better than the burrito in Spain I could tell
you that whoo my first real burrito ever since that one and Reina absolutely
killed it she smoked the burrito in about 10 minutes and 30 seconds
now while I beat her at the July 4th cinnamon roll championship and we had a
close finish during the 28 inch pizza challenge this was definitely a dominant
day for Reina she definitely knows her way around a burrito now you already
know the result but go check out her video and subscribe to her channel to
see some of her other amazing food feats truly remarkable
but even if Reina was done I still had some burrito left to eat so I kept
eating you ever get the meat sweats in the
middle of that challenge oh I actually do sweat that much which
is fear but when you come into the flow this morning
I don’t sweat nearly as what’d you say okay and boom goes the dynamite I got the 9
pound burrito down in about 17 minutes and 30 seconds well that’s only good
enough for a second place at this eating contest it reflects my personal best
time on a nine pound burrito challenge there’s no doubt that I eat faster when
I have someone pushing me and Reyna is definitely game for that thank you to Jose’s Mexican food and
hungry empire for making this burrito challenge possible check out Jose’s
Mexican food if you’re ever in the Inland Empire they got several locations
hit that like button if you enjoyed this video and I will see you all in the next
one till we get again stay in school don’t do drugs and eat like a freak

79 Replies to “Undefeated 9 Pound Burrito Challenge at Jose’s Mexican Food w/ “Raina is Crazy” | Freak Eating

  1. Raina sure is a sprinter, she got that down quickly, has to be a hell of a battle with both rice and beans inside that monster. guess that lettuce and tomato on the side was for more than garnish, probably was to help moisturize the burrito.

    for me i would eat that burrito, but i would want to request queso on the side and see if they would grill that baby on the flattop, for some more flavor and some handy stability so it can be picked up.

  2. Need a porta potty by the table! Dang, that is crazee dude. You guys risked choking, stomach aches, and big number 2's all for us. Thank you guys!

  3. What's with these dry ass burrito challenges restaurants put forward.. Put some queso or salsa on it and put a few less ounces of beans or meat

  4. I am Englishman and the tv is showing England v Croatia semi final World Cup. We lost ☹️. Anyway good job, Naader! I could only manage about 1/3rd of it.

  5. They compare them both together I think because they are usually both wrapped up very well. The blanket on a newborn is its soft shell ☺

  6. i seen some of rainas vids, but didnt know she was that good, good enough to beat you. she was going full schulyer there

  7. Man , you are killing it Naader! dropping a veritable smorgasbord of videos on us lately. We are getting spoiled folks. Great job you two.

  8. You are sooooo awesome!! I watch all your videos and love them but this my first time commenting. Thank you for not being a messy eater!!! You still keeping it classy on this this one!!😎❤️

  9. Ugh the Rice and Beans must of been an absolute pain in the ass to swallow lol .. Burrito looks good though! 🤘🤘

  10. You both won. Any day you get to eat a giant burrito is a great day. Also, Raina seems to have kicked Minnie Mouse’s ass and stolen her skirt. No hate, it looks good on her.

  11. Impressive Burrito there, and you both killed it … but Raina is actually becoming a bit scary by and by :O

  12. Dude I’ve been watching since when you first started! I stopped watching and I finally came
    Back and your channel blew up! Keep it up man!!!

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