the smell coming off the pork
is beautiful today we’re in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
and this video’s gonna be all about street food we’ve got some real street food gems lined up for you we can’t wait to share them with you
Ho Chi Minh City throbs with a relentless energy it’s chaotic exciting
and a paradise for people who love to eat this is our first video from Saigon
and we’re eating some of the city’s tastiest food watch out for one of
Saigon’s best bowls of pho from a nondescript stall that has been slinging
bowls of Vietnam’s national dish for over 50 years
delicious traditional Vietnamese desserts plus a grilled pork noodle
salad that is hands down one of the best street foods we have ever eaten in this
Saigon series we’ll show you some of the city’s best food from iconic street food
to traditional recipes you don’t want to miss this series get ready for some
mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope
you’re hungry let’s eat we are on an eating mission today we are
going into the heart of the food culture here in Ho Chi Minh City
and we’re gonna share with you a bunch of really delicious local food we’re
just at our first stop and we are here for Vietnam’s most famous dish and that
is pho which is beef noodle soup let’s go and grab a bowl now you can get pho
all over Saigon but we’ve come to this particular stall because it is a local’s
favorite they’ve just opened and it’s already packed so let’s go and get some xin chao we ordered two bowls of pho and we ordered
it with rare beef this place is really awesome let me show you the cart so the cart
is at the front of the restaurant and they’ve got this big pot of broth going
here so with pho it’s all about the broth and it smells absolutely heavenly you’ve got so you’ve got the noodles all in there and then you can order different cuts of
beef so they’ve got meat balls they’ve got flank steak
we ordered rare beef oh the smells are awesome I’m so excited to get into this pho it’s
so neat up at that stall watching all of the action so we ordered the rare beef pho
and you can see it really is just barely cooked all she did was she
grabbed the raw beef and she just dunked it super super quick into that hot broth
now with pho it is all about the broth so it’s a beef broth a broth which is cooked with lots of beef bones and also meat together with a ton of
aromatics so let me just give this thing a taste
so just the broth I’m not going to add anything to it
okay look at that look how clean looking it is holy moly it is so intense with flavor it’s
absolutely beautiful super clean tasting but packed with beef flavor now let me
just show you what else is in this bowl so we’ve got the noodles so these
beautiful looking rice noodles we’ve got the rare beef and then we’ve got a ton
of greens so we’ve got I can see some spring onions there’s some Thai basil I think
I saw some sawtooth herb and then you can customize your pho and make it taste how
you like it so there’s lime there’s fresh chillies there’s also this little pottle
of chili sauce some chili oil and also some hoisin sauce so what I might do is
just get a little bit of this mixture dump it in there then get a few chilies as well
I like a bit of spice and then chuck a bit of lime on there and make
it a little bit zingy all right noodles beef now that beef is
gonna keep cooking in the broth so we want to get into a real quick so it
doesn’t get tough and overcooked alright steaming hot hmm I am so happy right now
I love the spice that the fresh chilies add the beef was super tender it is so
soft in the mouth has a great flavor this pho is absolutely spectacular and
I’m loving this little restaurant there’s so much going on people are pouring in it’s really really busy people are yelling orders the staff are
friendly and holy moly this full of pho this broth, we have been to Vietnam three times this is seriously the best pho I have ever eaten we’re right into the heart of Vietnamese Street food for this next food look at this street it’s crazy
so many scooters and our next food is right here under this umbrella it’s bun thit nuong my Vietnamese terrible my English a little bit better
in English that’s a grilled pork salad and you can see this lady grilling up
the pork right here on this super busy road một thôi cảm ơn how good is this for a Vietnamese
street scene so she’s grilling up a little bits of pork right here on the
charcoals sitting just in a little pen right here on this street this oh man it smells so good oh it’s the smell coming off the pork is beautiful
so the pork will have a little bit of glaze on it I can see what looks like a
bit of garlic on that pork and I love this street scene look at all these
scooters just rocking by this really neat little stall under the umbrellas
this is street food just the heart of street food this is so good she’s chucking together the bowl for us
now so as always in Vietnam so many greens in there and you can see the thin
rice noodles she’s put on we’ve got some spring roll which she’s just cut up a
little piece of pork and now she’s chucking that grilled pork on top I
love in Vietnam the the combinations of fresh ingredients and then you’ve got
that meat on top oh and look at this she’s gonna be putting on that sauce oh a bit of chili
look at that what a just a pretty picture of a bowl Wow
everything about this bowl and where we’re sitting just screams Vietnam street food for me the bowl of just beautiful fresh ingredients and look at
this environment I mean it doesn’t get much better than this the tiny little
stool right on the footpath scooters roaring past it does not get much better
and look at this rice noodle salad so thin rice noodles we’ve got lots of
fresh ingredients so there’s lettuce and all sorts but I’ll mix that through in a
minute we’ve got some spring rolls with ours so it’s that beautiful deep fried
spring roll with some pork inside those beautiful bits of grilled pork which are
coming off that grill all right there beside us so we’re getting faces filled
with that beautiful smoke from that and then we’ve got a little meatball as
well so a little pork meatball but you’ve gotta mix this all up so she’s
put some sauce all over there you can just see it down the bottom and that’s
gonna be like a fish sauce and there’ll be a bit of sweetness in that so
you’ve gotta coat everything in that sauce oh and there’s peanuts look at
these peanuts she sprinkled them over the top right at the end so you want to
really mix it in get everything combined up those peanuts you can see there’s
some chili she put on there as well ohhh all right ohhhh greens pork
noodles oh man Wow that pork is unreal
incredibly soft and juicy that chilli as well is the perfect spice
I loved in Vietnam how the flavors are very natural you don’t need a huge
amount of chilli or anything to lift them everything just works in unison so oh my
god that is good let’s get some spring roll this is unbelievably good
unbelievably good we traveled across the city for this this is a very common dish
here you’ll find it all over the show but we traveled across the city for
this particular lady’s stand it is absolutely nuts how good this is and I
love it because people are just cruising in you can see the scooters right here
beside us it’s basically like a drive-through so you cruise in park your
scooter jump off order your bowl smash your bowl of noodles and then back on the road
unbelievable this is so good the flavours this is truly unbelievably good
sometimes we order one bowl of food because we’re not about food waste we
want to make sure we eat everything we have I’m ordering a second bowl of this
because there is no way I’m sharing this with Sheena can we come have mot one more for yea haha cảm ơn cảm ơn oh wow this is good Thomas and I love to explore cities by foot so
we’ve just walked 45 minutes from our last spot to our next street food and Ho
Chi Minh City is crazy to walk around it’s loud it’s frenetic it’s smelly it’s
busy it’s hot it’s sweaty it’s amazing now yesterday we were
researching what to put in these videos so we were eating our way all around the
city and we ate at this really great dessert shop here so some traditional
Vietnamese desserts and they were so delicious we can’t wait to share them
with you xin chao this little street stall is right by a really really busy road so
it’s really chaotic and loud and she serves a number of different
traditional Vietnamese desserts so one is chè bưởi which is a traditional
Vietnamese mung bean pomelo and coconut dessert so look she’s making up the chè bưởi right now so you’ve got this coconut sauce coconut milk sauce and then
she’s popping in some mung bean and then also banh flan which is a legacy from
the French being here it’s actually a creme caramel this little stall which is in this
laneway is so cool so I’ve got dessert with a view I’m sitting facing the road
there’s so much traffic going past I’ve got a tombstone shop next to me
you just can’t help but feel a real part of this city because it’s sweaty it’s loud
it’s smelly it’s awesome so this is what I’ve got
I’ve got banh flan which is creme caramel so you’ve got the custard there
and then it’s topped with crushed ice and then also a little bit of a coffee syrup
and then this here is chè bưởi which is a coconut milk sauce with mung bean and
also pomelo skin so I’m gonna get into this creme caramel first because it’s rapidly melting that ice so let’s just get into it look at this wow
it is so silky all right it’s beautiful I love how creme caramels ave stuck around since the French were here so it’s got its own
unique Vietnamese take though so you’ve got that creme caramel and it’s been covered
with this crushed ice and then the coffee syrup and the coffee syrup is a
little bit bitter quite sweet just works perfectly with that custard it’s
beautiful all right let’s get into this chè bưởi so chè bưởi is a traditional
Vietnamese dessert and it’s fast becoming one of my favorite Vietnamese desserts it’s
made up of this coconut cream sauce and then also ponelo skin as well as mung
bean so let me just find some of this pomelo and mung bean to show you so
see those bits of pomelo skin so it’s pomelo skin and pomelo pith and
what they do is they boil the skin until it loses all its bitterness and then they
cook it with sugar and it almost becomes like a jelly texture so I’m just gonna
mix it up it’s got some crushed ice in there as well okay I’ve got it all over my face it’s really good
so the coconut cream sauce isn’t overly sweet it’s just got a beautiful creamy
texture and then the pomelo skin is a little bit sweet it’s got a real texture to it it’s sort of a little bit crunchy and jelly like the mung bean is really earthy it’s a
little bit gluggy as well because it’s got tapioca starch in it it’s a great texture and super refreshing it is fantastic
walking the hectic streets of Saigon there’s so much to look at you’ve got to
be dodging rubbish and puddles of water all the time but that often means you
need something to cool down so there’s a lot of great drinks to be had here
but I think arguably the most famous drink you’ll find here is a Vietnamese
style coffee they do it really neat way and we’ve found a place doing it a super
traditional style to show you this is a staple of life here in Saigon
sitting on the street having a coffee and so you see coffee shops everywhere
little shops little stalls but we find these ones these little stalls that
are right on the road super traditional the classic the tiny little stools to
sit on on the footpath all the traffic roaring past and they make the coffee
out of these little filters so they just pour through filters so that it drips through
makes a very thick black coffee which is then turned into a milk coffee with
condensed milk so you’ve got an incredibly sweetened coffee so a lovely
big dollop of that black coffee big drop of condensed milk and then ice and it
was really neat how she was cracking the ice here actually she had some big
chunks that she was bringing out and just had a sort of a rectangle of hard metal
just whacking that ice and breaking it up so you end up with with ice that’s
broken into some lovely chunks so you can see it’s holds together quite well
because it’s broken up manually so you’ve got this beautiful texture of ice oh very strong in coffee and very sweet
so pretty common way to have coffee here in Asia actually with with condensed
milk but I find in Vietnam it’s there’s something about it it really is special here the
coffee is amazing it’s beautifully strong so it’s not too sweet that’s what
I find I think that’s what I find special the condensed milk coffee in
Asia sometimes can be too far on the sweet
scale this is very sweet don’t get me wrong however it’s also bitter so it’s
got a perfect balance between that bitterness of the coffee and the
sweetness and look at the environment you get to sit in and you just sit here
it’s incredibly hot all the sounds of all the scooters going past you we’re in
the middle of a whole lot of car repair shops so there’s a guy spray-painting a roof
here there’s guys just up there fixing car lights there is so much going on I
absolutely love the street food here in Saigon it’s unreal cảm ơn ahhh cảm ơn this is another
lovely touch here in Vietnam so you often get will always get a little
bit of tea to go with your with your coffee and the tea is gonna be much more
bitter oh yeah much more bitter that’s actually a very bitter one compared
to normal so you’ve got the sweetness of the coffee and then you balance it out with a
light fresh bitterness of the tea I love this place really good drink


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