100 Replies to “Ultimate Taiwan Street Food Tour | BuzzFeed

  1. Ahhh I love this! I miss da chang bao xiao chang! Last time I went to Ningxia Night Market, they didn't have it D:

  2. I am in Taiwan right now. Tried most of the street food that you guys had. The foods are quite ordinary only lightly flavoured not so tasty like many other foods I have had through out Asia. Also no great attraction that is of wowww.

  3. Skyler is so cute HAHAHAHA anyway these mukbang caught my attention. Hope to be a soon subscriber of your channel.

  4. I loved Raohe street and all the night markets in Taiwan! the food is so good!! thanks for the throwback to my Taiwan holiday 😀

  5. Loved this <3 you look and sound a little like Ellen page! Don’t know why ahaha. Love your videos !

  6. I live in Boston and I’ve been looking for Dragons Beard Candy in nearby Chinatowns for literal years now and the closest place I’ve found that sells it was in Montreal. I’m deprived of my favorite dessert and I’m dying.

  7. OMG 😱😍😍😍 Can't wait to visit Taiwan next year and try their street foods 😍 Will definitely save up for this

  8. How come the foods in my county looks pale in comparison with those extremely delicious looking street foods?

    Makes me want to go to

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