Ubereats McDonalds : Tips on how to make fast food deliveries (2018)

Ubereats McDonalds : Tips on how to make fast food deliveries (2018)

Hi guys, this is Dante with the drive and thrive and tonight, we’re going to talk about McDonald’s delivery pickups and how to deal with those annoying fast-food pickups generally But first make sure to hit like and subscribe To make sure that you don’t miss out on future news tips and tricks from this channel And by the way, I know what you’re thinking yes This is a thundercats shirt So a lot of people myself included Have been very annoyed walking into a McDonald’s and having to deal with terrible Employees you know shady-looking customers around Etc okay, so this is how I get around all the negative and stressful things that go along with McDonald’s, and other fast food deliveries so the first thing I do now I’m actually excited when I get a McDonald’s order Because nine times out of the ten The restaurant has a drive-through And I just go through the drive-through I give them the pick up order coat they give me the food and then I Drive off to the customer And because here in Seattle Uber eats is not a door delivery service customer comes right out to the car. I hand them the food and off we go in fact they’re so easy, but sometimes I’ll hang around at McDonald’s just to Constantly get ping there, so I make like McDonald’s runs back and forth back and forth or just stack up money now Where does the problem come in where does the all the annoying things come? well if you go inside to the McDonald’s, then you have to wait at a McDonald’s like ubereats pickup line Sometimes you have to wait behind other drivers You know you have to yell you’re cold because they don’t do it by name, so you have to look on your phone you know try to yell the cold and Then a lot of times they’ll hand you the drink, and they’ll tell you to go fill the drink up And that can be really annoying because you know it just adds more work to our job, and it’s not our job to do Now uber eats a McDonald’s have a partnership And I know at the McDonald’s downtown one which does not have a drive-thru when I go inside They already have the Drinks prepared along with the food So they’re very professional there, but a lot of McDonald’s. They’ll just hand you the cup and in order to Have them pour the drink sometimes it takes a little t2t back back and forth so a lot of times people just go ahead and pour the drink now I Look at the situation this way us as drivers. We don’t have a food handler’s permit I don’t even I don’t even think it’s It may be against the law for us to take a cup fill it up you Know all sorts when we’re not wearing hair dad’s coming. We’ll you know anything so what I do I politely say I Don’t have a food handler’s permit I work for rubrics. This is not my food I’m not comfortable pouring the drinks, would you mind pouring the drinks and nine times out of 10? They’ll say yes? The times that they do not say yes, you know what I go ahead and pour the drink because it’s not worth arguing about but Almost every time I do a fast food delivery. There’s a drive-through There are restaurants like Taco Time some KFC restaurants that Don’t have Drive thrus And in that case I politely ask the staff to go ahead and pour the drinks for me Don’t say the names. Just give the order number that applies for a McDonald’s in a lot of fast-food places Because for some reason when they look on the code sheet what they see is said of the name, they see the order number So it just saves a lot of time and hassle By the way, I never Advise anyone to cancel orders But if you come to a situation Where it’s late at night, and you’re going you have a call to a McDonald’s and you arrive and the line is you can tell it’s not moving at all it’s gonna take about 20 minutes for you to finally get the food I Suggest some of those very rare times so go ahead and cancel the order Because I know a lot of the stress and frustration that comes with McDonald’s drivers are those rare times when it’s not even the staff rudeness or Having to pour the drink. Where is just simply the frustration of waiting in a long line And in those cases to do yourself a favor For your mental health for your sanity Just go ahead and cancel that order You know if you use cancellations properly you will be canceling Very very very infrequently I think my cancellation rate is something like 2 or 3 percent of all the orders I receive So follow that advice when you get an order for a faster restaurant go through the drive-through, if possible if they have one Second remember give the order number first not the name third Politely X the employees or staff to make the drinks for you and Fourth of course If there’s a long line go ahead and use your cancellation. It’s okay. There won’t be the end of the world so you do those things and McDonald’s orders will be a breeze and like me you may actually look forward to those McDonald’s and fast food deliveries because it saves time and Yeah, you can actually make some good money from them, so Make sure to hit like and subscribe and stay tuned for more helpful Hints and tricks on who buried story – and post mates, and I have a great day

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  2. Thanks again, Dante. Those are great McDonalds tips. I usually get three McDonalds requests back to back between 4 and 5. Easy way to earn 15.00 before rush hour madness begins. 😊

  3. Here's my obligatory Favor / postmates tip. I purposely don't do fast food places because the tips are usually low, and they almost always end up being like 15-20 minutes away for some reason. Sometimes I'll do them during the lunch rush, but we don't get too many fast food deliveries, mostly Chic-fil-a or Caines. I don't find them difficult, just not worth my time. I work in one of the biggest cities in the country, so 2-3 miles can easily take that much!

    But yeah, I just go through the drive thru. Honestly, I wouldn't pour the drinks either if I was still working fast food (maybe if things were slow), I honestly wouldn't give a two chinese effs (the manager wouldn't give 3!) I'd just ignore someone if they were insistent about it, we're just not paid enough, and we're are least of their concern. And you know that we are the last thing they give two Korean effs about during a rush hour.

    I really hate going to these places that don't take calls, and ALWAYS have a 20 person wait. I just sit in the line, because the people who order from this one place REALLY want their freakin tacos lol. After trying them….I understand now! I took a picture of the line and was like "are you sure you wanna wait that long?" she said "absolutely!" gave me a 20 dollar tip of all things. Find a solution to that one! 🙂

  4. Nah McDonald's suck all the time they take forever to get my order. I cancell all the time. Going through the drive threw is the worst.

  5. Hmm, I don't see why this is a big deal picking up from McDonald's! I've never had an issue, so you have to wait maybe 5 minutes to pick up the food! no big deal. I've never gone through the drive-thru. I just walk right in Show my phone UE, usually the food is ready or maybe there's a five minute wait. I don't get this McDonald's issues. Maybe it's my area! I don't know!!

  6. Also from my experience at McDonald's I have never had anyone ask me to make a drink if they did, like you said I politely say I'm only here to pick up the food and go. I don't make drinks per ubereats guidelines!! case closed keep it moving.

  7. Some McDonald's get upset when you go through the drive thru when doing UberEats, they have their little bitch fits!

  8. Ok so your saying if it's like 20 minutes to get food to cancel the order, ok what if you take a order and it's about say 10-15 minutes to pick up so you take that 10-15 minutes and get there and the food is not ready or they forgot to make the order. And now you have have to wait about 10 minutes so that sets you back at least 25-30 minutes. At what point is the an ok wait time total wise to say you know what I am cancelling this it taking too long. I see that happen a lot and it happens to me now and again. I am grateful to McDonald's but at some point you just have to stop the bullshit!

  9. There is 1 McDonalds in my town that I hate. Took 30 minutes in drive thru one time and there was only 3 cars. The employees and management there suck. Other Mcdonalds they have the food ready before I get there and it is a simple in and out. It don't matter if you go inside or drive-thru they are on it. At the other they are incredibly slow, lazy and stupid. The one with worse service always looks busy because of the location being on a busy main road and they get backed up due to lack of any real management of the workers. You can drive by 15 minutes later and see the same cars with a longer line. If I walk inside I get to witness the stupidity in action. They do not have the order ready or even started when I get there. You have at least 3 people who are always just standing around. The person in drive-thru since the line is not moving plus a friend who stands with them doing nothing while drive-thru customers are angry asking to speak with a manager. The manager is helping the one person assigned to the kitchen (who is so slow they prepare one thing at a time). The one expediter is either the manager or assistant manager and you have one tub of shit who mans the front register and then wanders out to clean the dinning room rather than help expedite the orders. It blows my mind every time I witness it. I can go into greater detail but it is easier to just call it what it is, a shit show. The assistant manager or manager who was doing the expediting is not that good at it but was doing most the work. She made the fries she made the drinks she expedited all the orders for the drive-thru and the front at the same time. She did not organize anyone and she did nothing to speed up the idiot in the kitchen who took 10 minutes on one burger. They all had no sense of urgency and they all talked and laughed the whole time like they are there to socialize rather than feed the line that is waiting impatiently for their food. Sorry about the rant but I dread when I see McDonalds pop up after accepting an order… BTW why can't they tell me before where the order is from and where it is going? Why can't they tell us how far it will be and how much we will make? It seems the most I have ever made no matter how far or how long the order takes is 4 bucks.

  10. I guess I'm pretty lucky. I've never was asked to prepare anything. Hey, give the employees a break who work at the fast food restaurants. Even on their worst day. Why? Because technology is creating a lot more work for them. The McDonald's MOBILE ORDER pick up parking spot, the drive-through and now UberEats. I worked in the food service for years. I now have empathy and sympathy. Times continue to evolve into almost everything faster and faster, please. But no extra pay. I've been paying very close attention. I see it at my job too. Orders come in from online home orders. It is getting out of hand.

  11. From my experience McDonalds orders were pretty quick. I did not make the drinks the employees have a drink machine in the back. The only time I waited on ubereats McDonalds was when the restaurant was packed and a baseball team ordered 30 meals. Otherwise no issues and it keeps me busy all day.

  12. I called the County Health Dept. about drivers pouring the drinks and she came back on the line and said it was alright by them.

  13. I had a driver who told me that they don't do McDonald's because the trips are usually only minutes away. He said he had to drive 10 minutes to get to the restaurant, wait 10 minutes for the meal to be made and the delivery was basically around the CORNER!!! So he lost money on that trip. Do too many of them and he's paying Uber! On the Uber forum, you hear drivers saying that they often get trips from people who basically live across the street from some restaurants. smh

  14. This is why I primarily start with Doordash then if nothing I will open up my uber eats. Most lunches I get in 2 or 3 Doordash, then at 1 I will drive to a walnut grill for uber eats and will most likely get a call there at least 1 time for office customers who wait till after lunch timed to eat. I get at least 50 dollars per lunch that way, then I do another 3 or 4 uber eats to finish the quest some days.

  15. I’m not doin McDonald’s anymore, it’s nothing fast about this place and furthermore they should remove themselves from Uber eats period!! Drive thru, walk-in it doesn’t matter it really sucks here in cleve!

  16. There’s just a few McDonalds in my city where I know it’s going to be a terrible experience every time. Others are great, it’s really just dependent upon the management of the restaurants.

  17. I love how McDonald's bags the food and drinks in a sealed bag so the customer knows it hasn't been tampered with ! Not my fault if your missing a FRY!

  18. My very first McDonald’s order I tried the drive thru, thinking sweet this should be quicker they have to get me moving along. Wrong. They just tell me to pull up in a waiting bay, while car after car got their orders after me. And my order wasn’t even that big, maybe like 2 items. Finally they bring it out. I thumb them down for excessive wait and deliver to customer, who may have also thumbed me down for a long wait but not certain. Nowadays I would text the customer beforehand “sorry for the wait, I’m on my way now” if it was a wait, but when I started I wasn’t as with it. Nonetheless, now I just always go inside to front counter, let them know and wait there. Don’t usually have to wait long, they see me waiting I guess unlike out of sight in a waiting bay.

  19. Hi this is David Marney and I am a regional manager at McDonald's in NC. I see what your problem is and we will be quick to get these problems resolved. Thank you for your feedback!

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