Look at this masterpiece of modern culinary science What is going on Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Guadalajara And every time you visit a new city There is always that one or two local dishes That everybody tells you.. You’ve got to try In New York.. it’s Pizza In London it’s fish and chips And here in Guadalajara.. it’s Torta Ahogada And basically.. it is a pork sandwich Which is absolutely drenched in spicy salsa I’ve gotten so many recommendations about where to try this food We have settled on Tortas Tono Which is a very famous chain I’m going to be trying this for the first time I’ve teased it the last couple of weeks And Adriana is going to be trying it For the 2nd time Alright Adriana.. So I just told everybody it is your second time.. Trying Tortas Ahogada And you didn’t like it so much the first time? No I didn’t But I was also to young And maybe I went to a bad spot to eat it So i’m going to give it a second chance And i’m going to let you know Life is all about second chances Let’s do this I have just ordered the most traditional With Carnitas Adriana which one did you get? The same.. Okay we’re going to do this right Let’s do it well Sweet sauce Spicy Picante..Bold letters And this is the famous bread that it comes with Extra hard because it’s dunked Drowned.. in Salsa The super spicy salsa Just a little bit on top At some Tortas Ahogadas spots They’ll just make it for you Here it’s more self service But I asked her to make it Traditional just for me.. And I guess she felt bad for me So she did the whole thing As you just saw And it smells so good here I can not wait to try this Adriana and I have found a little spot in the corner Where we’re going to be attempting this taste test Guys look at this Look at this masterpiece of modern culinary science Torta Ahogada means drowned Drowned in salsa As you just saw And I read that the origin of this dish Started in the early 1900s In Guadalajara When somebody ordered a Torta sandwich..
With Carnita.. with pork At a vendor And the vendor accidentally dropped the sandwich into the salsa And the guy said look you drowned it And from then on this vendor kept selling it I don’t know if this story is true or not Tell me in the comments.. If you’ve got a better story About how tortas ahogada’s.. came to be But enough talking Let’s try this already There’s two ways you can eat this mess We can use our hands And i’m going to try it I’m going to probably need a cleaner tomorrow Or you can use a spoon Let’s start with the hands I’m going to get at least one bite with my bare hands Oh my god.. This is insane Alright first bite ever of a Torta Ahogada I like the bread.. I really like the bread a lot I think bite number two, i need more meat for you guys I’ll let you know what I think It’s not as spicy as I thought it would be I’ve read that the mixture of the sweet salsa And the spicy stuff together Kind of balances it out And i’m feeling that here I didn’t go to crazy on the salsa I like the pork.. I’m not going to say this is my favorite sandwich ever But I am happy to be adventerous trying this. And i’m going to need a few more bites To give you my final analysis on it I love the meat I really do I love it The sauce is to sweet I think maybe I should have Put more spicy sauce It’s a little bit messy Which I don’t like that much But it’s really good I like the taste After a few bites You can see.. either i’m a messy eater Or this a messy dish You’ve got to make up your .. decision Kind of looks like a tornado has passed through here Adriana is a lot neater But you didn’t put as much sauce as I did By the way the Horchata here Excellent I am forced at this point to use a spoon I tried guys, I tried really hard But I am going to a spoon right now And now i’m getting some of the picante part That the lady prepared for me Honestly I can handle it It’s not insanely spicy.. Unless you put a ton of that sauce on I imagine I’m almost done.. But I would say my favorite part of this Experience.. is mixing the soggy Remnants of this bread. With the sauce and the pork In one scoop It’s like an interesting stew at this point You just ate your second ever Torta Ahogada How does it compare to the first time? Much better Definitely It’s not my favorite dish ever But it was better. I liked it Before I was like.. i don’t want to try it again But now I think i would eat it again And it’s a fun thing to eat Actually You should play with your friends.. And say I dare you to finish your Torta Ahogada Without a spoon Gracias Alright Members of the Barrio I have tried my first Torta Ahogada And yes I liked it Is it my favorite mexican dish ever.. No. it’s not But i’m always willing to try new foods In whatever cities I end up in, And now I want to ask you guys What other foods should I try in Guadalajara I’ve already gotten a bunch of suggestions But I am completely open to more I heard about this one place That serves the fastest food In the world According to the guinness book
Of world records That video is definitely going to be happening Before I leave Guadalajara Definitely tell me in the comments Any foods that I have to try while i’m Still here And tell me also your opinions.. On Tortas ahogadas.. Are their better places where I could try it Guys thank you so much for watching Make sure that you are subscribed for more adventures From Mexico And around the world Until next time..


  1. That looks so good! I have one, but at the airport before leaving Guadalajara, wasn't great, but not the best place to try it 🙂

  2. Tell me in the comments, what's the BEST FOOD in Guadalajara that I MUST Try ?

  3. I’ve only tried Tortas Ahogadas in ‘Guanatos’ (Restaurant chain) and I liked them a lot, but I bet the original ones are really good. I just like tortas in general.

    ¡Buen provecho!

  4. Hi John and Adriana that's great she tried it again Adriana will love it so will you it's so yummy I no I'm mexican American so I get the best of both worlds so about the story how the tortas was invented it's nice to no thank you FOR that info my Pop`s lives there if you have time try toasty Locos any place that has tosty Locos get it with every thing the chips with chamoy limon and hot sauce with cueritos of big and nuts slices pepinos and wow your pallet will love this chip treat I eat it here in El Monte California because that's the best place around Cali I have to travel about 29miles just to sooth my pallet a lot of miles just to injoy that treat because no one in Cali does it like that munchies place it cost $6 dallars they have saim ingredients like Yes Guadalajara must try to see if you like it they offer with different chips I all ways get sabrositas so keep me posted your buddy the Luevano Family ps John if u do try it go easy on the hot sauce Maybe Adriana like spicy I don't no but just to let you no ok guys enjoy we are the Luevano Family I'm Vero desde California Good day guys!😀😛🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️💑👍

  5. En la plaza central de Tlaquepaque hay una carreta (puesto ambulante) que venden tostadas hace muchos años me dijeron, las tostadas de trompa me gustaron y mira que soy muy escrupuloso con lo que como, te las recomiendo!

  6. Les faltó ponerles mucho mucho limón. Yo le pongo muchísima salsa y cebolla desflemada, literalmente la ahogo, cuando el pan se humedece lo puedes comer con cuchara pues ya no está duro y no te ensucias, además así sabe mas bueno…se me hizo agua la boca.
    Pueden probar LAS CARNES EN SU JUGO donde más me gustan son en CARNES GARIBALDI y KAMILOS no sabría cual escoger en los dos sirven frijoles como botana o entrada, son diferentes en cada lugar pero son buenísimos, el lugar que es más bonito es Kamilos, los 2 negocios están uno al lado del otro en Santa Tere, cerca de donde viven.
    Los TACOS DE BARBACOA son buenísimos también hay varios negocios por la calle Plan de San Luis (cerca).
    Otra cosa que pueden probar son LOS BURRITOS , no son típicos de Guadalajara pero es una oportunidad de probar lo que son los verdaderos burritos y no esas porquerías que uno encuentra en EU. Si van a Chapala o Ajijic hay una fonda que queda por la carretera yendo hacia Chapala, se llama FONDA LOS BURRITOS (de Moyahua) o LOS MILAGROS DE DALÍLA (acabo de ir y le cambiaron el nombre, es una sucursal de los originales que son de Zacatecas) abre 24 hrs al día y siempre está abarrotada pero el servicio es rapido a mi me fascinan los de "chilorio" (típico de Sinaloa). Saludines

  7. I would like to suggest the meat in its juice but, (carne en su jugo) the restaurants have degraded the quality of the dish for greater profits, now it is a sad regional dish, if I had time, I would be proud to cook for both, saludos

  8. A Mexican French Dip Sandwich!
    And it's the exact same story of the invention of it
    Thanks for the video

  9. Since when is there a #TeamAdriana? noticed it for the first time. Is that some kind of faction? the sandwich looks pretty good. spoon….weak!!!

  10. "Masterpiece of modern culinary science" 😂😂😂 Couldnt have put it better myself 🔥
    We just vlogged some crazy TukTuk driving in Thailand!

  11. Las tortas ahogadas TOÑO… Son excelentes… Ve a los Cantaritos de Amatitan.. Cerca de Tequila Jalisco.. Es un pueblo sales por la carretera a Nogales..

  12. Bro that bread here we called birote and Is the only place you can have that bread Is beacuse the weather, altitud and etc. Have fun in GDL:3

  13. My mouth is watering! This sammi reminds me of the beef sandwiches served in Chicago. Especially at Al’s on Taylor Street. And always order it WET!!

  14. Hola , muy padre los comentarios la neta me.caen a toda Madreeeee.
    No se pueden ir de Guadalajara sin visitar los Restourantes del centro comercial hubicados en la zona alta de ciudad bugambilias cuenta con una vista panoramica padrisima encontraran dos lugares de comida Mexicana , una birria fantastica y adema cortrs y un buen mezcal oh tambien si prefieren un rico caffe admirando de ka ciudad y la.naturaleza de preferencia que sea entre las 18 :horas en adelante para q puedan tener hermosa de la.noche.
    Este lugar esta al sur de la cuidad.

  15. Desconozco si te gusta beber cerveza. Pero Guadalajara es una ciudad de mucho ambiente. Deberías visitar un antro de la ciudad o ir a tequila Jalisco. O de plano ir a los " cántaros los güeros" pero ojo es una locura de lugar ay que medir la cantidad que se tomen.

  16. I really want to see a video of you guys talking about how did you guys meet each other all the history of your love jaja saludos desde Atlanta Georgia

  17. Good video.
    Es recomendable comer tacos “al pastor” y el “tejuino” (bebida típica)
    Además pueden ir a visitar el zoológico ya que cuenta con vista a la barranca de “huentitan “ y al acuario “michin” ya que se exhiben especies nativas de México.

  18. The fastest restaurant in the world according to Guiness was Karne Garibaldi which only serves carne en su jugo and it is absolutely delicious! It's a must. I like the original location the most which is the location in Santa Tere.

  19. Thanks! I was so looking forward to this one. That looked better than I had imagined. I like the idea that it is a fun food to eat, as Adriana put it, and your bit about spooning the latter half when it gets sort of stew like. . .yeah, I like that: you start with a sandwich and end up with a stew. An experience dish!

  20. Te felicito carnal, para ser tu primera vez te chingaste la torta como cualquier mexicano tpmandola con la mano y haciendo buenos gestos al sabor…..great video my friend!! La neta parecias como cualquier chavo de la zona, ahora tienes q ir a Carnes Garibaldi q tiene las carnes en su jugo, q junto con la birria y el pozole son platillos insignia de GDL.

  21. at the south of Jalisco you'll find the best carnitas ever and some tacos called adobada, you could go around mazamitla área which is beautiful and it's 1 and a half hours from GDL, you won't believe the things you could ever do in mazamitla, I grew up around there, it's Xtreme and fun riding four wheelers around is the best things ever also, have a good coffee over there is magical and also you should try the rompope 😉 and all the traditional things over there.

  22. Yes tortas Toño they are very delicious 😋 😋🤗😘 you have to taste “carnes asadas pipiolo “ yummy 😋

  23. The secret is NOT drown the whole Torta in sauce. Place the sauce in the dish, and drown only the part you will bite. With this you keep the Torta firm and dry, and get the whole sauces flavor only in the part you will bite. Regards.

    El secreto es NO mojar toda la torta con la salsa. Pongan la salsa en el plato y solo mojen la parte que van a morder. Con esto mantendrán la torta firme y seca, y tendrán todo el sabor de las salsas solo en la parte que van a morder. Saludos.

  24. Tacos de barbacoa and the taquiquesos from chapultepec!!!! oh and papa cabaña also in chapultepec xD i just revealed my favorite food ever after tacos of course.

  25. Carne en su jugo en el restaurante Karnes Garibaldi.. tienen un récord Guinness por ser los más rápidos del mundo en servir.. te recomiendo ir a la sucursal de Santa Tere..! 🤓

  26. Guadalajara, i think, has 3 traditional dishes, torta ahogada which you jus tasted, carne en su jugo that was the dish you referred at end of the video or mean the place, carnes garibaldi (on my experience, thats the dish that people that are not from gdl likes the most) and the last one is la birria, you shoul go to el chololo or to any place on las 9 esquinas located in the downtown

  27. Chicos acabo de recordar cuales eran mis tacos favoritos en Guadalajara, son LOS TACOS DE CORTES DE CARNE están buenísimos es diferente deberían probarlos, yo iba muchísimo a unos que se llaman TA' CORTE son unos puestos que están en la calle Reforma que es paralela a Av México esquina con Av Américas está super cerca de Chapultepec, son un poquito caros pero están super bien servidos. A espaldas de ahí sobre Av México el dueño tiene un local que lo abrían después de acabar en los puestos, lo abrían en la madrugada, no se ahora como sea xq ya no vivo en GDL , es q ya se que los tacos se comen de pie, pero yo no puedo con eso por eso a veces íbamos de madrugada al local.
    Sobre Av Américas esquina Morelos (a una cuadra de Vallarta) hay un puesto de tamales se pone por la tarde en frente hay una farmacia Guadalajara. Tal ves ya han comido tamales, pero en ese lugar tienen una buena variedad de tamales y atoles y debo decir que están muy buenos. A mi no me gustan los tamales comprados porque suelen ser muy pichicatos y no muy buenos , no hay como los que se hacen en casa, pero ese es el único lugar donde me han gustado.
    A los dos lugares pueden ir caminando es cerca de la zona donde viven, a los dos lugares llegan caminando sobre Vallarta y luego dan vuelta a la derecha sobre Américas 😉

  28. Carne es su jugo and the Birria also a Guadalajara food

    Might sound strange but eating a torta ahogada inside of a bag they will serve it to you if you ask for it
    It’s very good and it has somewhat of a diferente good flavor
    I think only people from Guadalajara like me would understand what I’m taking about

  29. That's it! You found the reason we all like them, eat all the mess at the end.. the reason that it is a self service place it's so you can get more salsa if you like

  30. Birria, tacos de barbacoa, carne en su jugo, pozole rojo, las cazuelas de tlaquepaque (en el parian), y toda la comida callejera.

  31. I tried it once on my way to Manzanillo, it was totally soaked down in the most picante sauce you can ever imagine; I ate it to the last bite. It was tasty but in the end I wanted to die, and three days later I had to go to the Doctor because I could'n get over it.
    Moral: balance sweet and spicy sauce.

  32. The place you are talking about that serves the fast food is Garibaldi thats where they sell another traitional dish from Guadalajara Carnes en su jugo. But i'd would rather recommend the place next door "Kamilos" I ve been to Garibaldis but Im not a big of been the fastest on earth I feel they might miss something. Again Kamilos is next door to Garibaldi, but try going to Kamlos even the atmostphere is much better.

  33. Prueba antes de irte:
    Torta ahogada 100% a h o g a d a
    Carne en su jugo
    Birria de chivo
    Jericalla, es un flan
    Tejuino, bebida de maiz
    Tepache, bebida de piña
    Y elote con crema y queso 🙂

  34. No mamen!!! That’s NOT the way a torta is served,,,they suppose to spread frijoles on the bread then fill it with pork then add Chile to finally dunk the whole thing into the salsa,,,therefore they called tortas AHOGADAS!!! Fake ass tortas!!! 👎🏼

  35. Fonda Amaditas at the Mercado Santa Tere (really cool neighborhood as well, next to colonia americana)for the BEST huevos rancheros in the entire city

  36. Perdón, pero no es un sándwich …es una tORTA. Debe hacerse con bolillo salado y solo en Guadalajara se hace ese bolillo. Es de lo mejor, pero no puedo con el picante, es demasiado para mi. Yo las como solamente con la salsa de tomate y CON CUCHARA, no puedo con las manos! Se desbarata,! 😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Bien por su interes por probar las tortas ahogadas; solo que te recomiendo NO ir al domicilio que alguien te indica, NO porque esten malas, es solo que no se apegan a la receta tradicional, ya que la salsa "dulce" de jitomate (tomate rojo) no esta cocido, es decir, la licuan con jitomates crudos, por lo tanto, es un poco acida e insipida. Y no creo que sea bueno que tengan esa imagen de las tortas en Guadalajara. Quizá mas delante quieran y puedan ir. Y según las crónicas, el local que presume iniciar la tradición de las tortas ahogadas se encuentra en la calle de Madero, una cuadra arriba de la Calzada Independencia ( hacia la avenida 16 de septiembre ) es exactamente cruzando la siguiente calle justo en la esquina, no hay otras tortas al rededor. Saludos y buen provecho !

  38. I remember eating one when I was younger at my friend's house she called it a drown Burger and I tried to look for one in a restaurant before and they just look at me like I'm crazy.. but I don't remember it being spicy the sauce is more of a brown color anyone know what I'm talking about???

  39. It could be a strange coincidence, but you just described how the french dip sandwich was invented. Who knows people are clumsy and dropping sandwiches all over the world.

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