Trying Indonesian food in London | London Bars & Restaurants review | QUEST FOR THE BEST with Shady

Trying Indonesian food in London | London Bars & Restaurants review | QUEST FOR THE BEST with Shady

I love you mother was gonna say do I owe you alright ladies and gentlemen I said to you that I’m gonna go to an Indonesian restaurant here in London so I’m going all the way to the Leicester Square to sort them corrode a restaurant called Bali Bali got a try my first Indonesian food first I’m trying I thought a 10-acre vaca or the chocolate the beef rendang I’m gonna go meet up with the boys for me for me central London so yes guys catch it a bit yeah let’s do this let’s do this guy’s [Music] yes so weather looks nice lovely Saturdays to go try some food for the first time let’s see what the boys are saying but I’m always on the tube station now okie dokie guys let’s go see the train is here already let’s run for that let’s go should’ve maybe the nick of time right sure here we are let the square finally after a while [Music] yeah [Music] Shido pasta dough so yes guys here I am Leicester Square I’m now I’ve not met Ronald voice one of the boys I’m sure a few of you know I’m already busy gentlemen meet the one and only to your belly you get me play man nobody eat some food right now full time is not little fun we just gonna eat eating things you know yeah so you can follow him at geo fairly star just okey dokey I think we’re close to the place we’re supposed to be three the other guy got kidnapped [Music] so double-action free for the food is done to keep the noise level down because going on can we try this Pakistan’s future so we’re gonna so we’re gonna stop the crackers so you see that Indonesian Malaysian tight as well I’m coming back I told them somebody thank you yes so you can see that the prawn crackers that’s what I’m gonna try it I give it a gun to Diggy there’s no learning yourself you made for the fourth time so guys you met you a value already your money and that’s we could so obviously Maria knows we said already [Music] [Music] hi Kevin so ladies and gentlemen for the moment we’ve all been waiting for [Music] okay here goes how’s it nice nice nice blow up eh ah new ideas are what yes sir amazing another application I say it is fine so what do you think revenge revenge is banking yeah so I went a long time try to befriend then finally will change now guys STDs okay okay some that can tick amazingly [Music] [Music] just [Music] [Music] until you feed them still you feel I’m gonna try this now cool it’s just plain to me Harry that’s why there wasn’t really a cover just to complain very nice man I like it [Music] so let’s fill that power they say one of the best this one yeah this one and you’re not seeing is the national this is nasi goreng yeah yeah mr. McCoy I didn’t do this I did laughs yeah yeah very nice I love that little pepper so I mean that’s why yeah that’s the so guys now I’m gonna focus on his food so I love you I don’t know how to change it [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah [Music] differently please be filled [Music] yeah so when something is very nice you say you are BR yes I’m so cool so for me not so cool so cool all I need to do reneges good as well fire good definitely I’m gonna come back here again well amazing amazing well like I said next stop I’m gonna be Indonesia I’m gonna see you soon dude Coco yeah I’m gonna answer voice yeah verdict they are real the truth and their realtor later on this feeling yeah so nobody’s paying us for this what you want your honest opinion about this this is my honest opinion this foodies it’s amazing it’s very nice I never try something like this before it’s good money so I really really really really enjoyed it I gonna come back give me definitely money you might see me hit tomorrow he knows learn piece about you reach a classified so your first time as well [Music] so yeah as you can see is our first time all three of us very first step trying Indonesian food amazing you wanna try it wasn’t too spices add a bit of spice now luar biasa thank God chanting do have to meal how do you learn a speculation on the law the hi come on come on anyway guys so and is reveal pizza from me well I’m gonna catch you at time [Music] so ladies and gentlemen I came here for the first time how the food is just so amazing so so amazing and now I think I’m gonna recommend you actually come here it’s definitely worth it definitely want to trust me oh okay first time trying Denisha food I’ll just show you [Music] so let’s walk in is very welcoming as well very nice it looks like since we actually come for dates or someone also and a few friends back to me with my voice my like yugioh Valley and Richard showed [Music] we’ve got two menus lunch a menu choose starter and the main course started from Jax that’s for 850 there’s another context another dessert okay and on the other side the 950 do let me choose the starter main course and it comes it right okay and then another pound extra for the dessert yeah I’ll call in the evening huh from 5:30 to 7:30 we’ve got this prettier today it’s our baby six dishes for 1150 per person okay okay now let’s see okay you look like a done like a big bun or would mean my chain okay I feel so happy yes so guys I’ve had a few very amazing mikania thank God Enoch I’m telling you luar biasa I’m gonna go again hopefully very soon a full amount come again I give them my card they’re gonna watch my video and yeah I’m gonna share my food now I’m so full yellow belly my belly is so full me oh yeah thank you very much guys for being here with me for watching the video make sure you smash the like button subscribe let everybody know about my channel let them also watch subscribe follow me letting us get to 100k subscribers to 1 million soo Kangin and yes yes you can DeLonge and then Terry much say my cousins alright guys but Telemachus single Oh I love you mother was gonna say you I need oh you are then like the shine of my ways you are oh you like that like the shine in my way

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  1. Why i must smash sub button…!!!

    Daam… I like ur channel right now bro… ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Please come to indonesia, u can try more indonesian food Like bakso, nasi goreng, sate, soto, ayam geprek, etc.

  2. Semua orang di dunia tau trik mendapatkan viewers yg banyak itu seperti INDONESIAN REACTION : FOOD , ARTIST , PLACES & many more… good luck bro

  3. Mas Shady pakai bahasa pertiwi aja , bahasa Indonesia mas Shady kan warga Indonesia ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  4. you make right choose man beef rendang no 1 food.
    why u frend just order bihun goreng totaly I'm sad, so many food u can try

  5. I recomended for Yogyakarta besides Bali, many beautiful places there & the culinary more delicious also cheaper than in Bali

  6. Mihun like spaghetti angel hair,nasi goreng is freid rice and then rendang like a steak rendang in indonesia famous food from padang city west sumatra.

  7. Em.. use your spoon on your right hand and fork on your left hand. Scoop your meal with the spoon and fix the shape with your fork before you eat.. that's Indonesian style! Hahaha.. hope you enjoy your meal and another Indonesian food.

  8. I come from a native Indonesian, you come to Indonesia and we will gently welcome you, and I will take you to the place where the most delicious food in Indonesia

  9. L๐Ÿ˜‚L…
    U so funny brotha..
    Thanks u trying indonesian food.
    That's so tasty, nice video brotha.thanks.
    Regards ;
    Rend Montemorra

  10. Cantik means beautiful, usually for appearance. You can say a girl sangat cantik, but not for food taste (but for food appearance/arrangement is okay). A beautiful sight is appliable. For food tastes you should say "enak". Enak is mean delicious/tasty in Bahasa Indonesia.

    Luar Biasa contains 2 word, Luar and Biasa. Luar means Outside, Biasa means Decent/Common/Regular.
    So Luar Biasa actually means outside something regular/common, therefore it does means Amazing/Wonderful/Irregular.

    The word Sangat means Very. It pronounced Sa-Ngat, not Sang-gat. The Sa sounds like SA in Saturday. The Ngat is quit tricky because its a NG diftong (nasal sound) at the begining. Its like the way pronouncing Nger in Singer.

  11. Never liked foods or street foods from restaurant even tho their more healthy but the taste a spices are diffrent( usualy gado gado is diffrent)

  12. Hai saya dari Indonesia
    Canell ini buat saya senang
    Karena bukan orang Indonesia aja yang suka makan nan Indonesia
    Ternyata orang luar juga suka
    Terus berkarya ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    Bay ๐Ÿ‘

  13. be grateful you for eating all rendang meat, because yesterday I got the wedding invitation to eat rendang instead of getting rendang meat instead of biting Lengkoas (one of rendang meat condiments). I want to get a big one, big don't know Lengkoas!

  14. datang lah ke indonesia, nikmati sensasi nasi rendang di restoran padang dengan segala macam pelengkapnya termasuk sambal hijaunya yang sangat nikmat

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