Trying ALL Of The Wings At Buffalo Wild Wings

Trying ALL Of The Wings At Buffalo Wild Wings

– I’m crying in a Buffalo
Wild Wings in Times Square. Oh, don’t touch my eye. I’m gonna try all of the
wings from the least spicy to the spiciest wing ever. Whenever something says caution on it, but you’re about to put it in your mouth, you’re like this will work out well. The last time I ate as many
wings as I’m gonna eat today was during a wing-eating contest, and it’s the only food
eating contest I’ve lost. I am a little nervous, but I’m ready to just really prove myself. Here goes nothing (laughs).
(upbeat music) It’s a beautiful moment and
because I can’t have wings without alcohol, I’m really excited. I don’t know which one to start with, but I think based on how
the menu lays it out, we should go with the
sweetest to the hottest, so I don’t kill my taste
buds along the way. You can see that when it
says “Caution Hot” here. We know what’s gonna
happen when I eat that one. We know I’m going to cry
and like my stomach’s gonna be on fire, ah, it’s so hot! So I’m not gonna purposely
eat that one first. You guys don’t get to
see that first, let’s go. (upbeat music) It’s really tangy, it’s almost like candy, but a really good candy, a savory candy. Next one, Teriyaki, this
is gonna be a good one. I love it because it’s just so sticky. (upbeat music)
I think I like Sweet BBQ more than that Teriyaki, it has
more of like a soy sauce flavor to it with the teriyaki, it’s fine. I think there’s better. So we got Lemon Pepper here,
you can see the seasoning. Like they’re not playing
around, that’s really nice. The lemon is really refreshing on a wing. I really like that, we’re
doing Bourbon Honey Mustard. I’m gonna do a boneless
version of this one. There are so many things happening. This one goes from sweet to tangy. The mustard catches you
by surprise at the end. This one has levels, it has levels to it. Look (laughs). My hand is stuck to the napkin. Napkin count is beginning.
(bell dings) Napkin count two.
(bell dings) If you like salt and vinegar potato chips, they nailed it on that.
(upbeat music) Ready for the dunk? If you use ranch, you’re
not doing it right. Do not fight me on it, I
went to school in Upstate. We used blue cheese, it is
what you’re supposed to use. Ooh.
(upbeat music) You can never go wrong with buffalo wings, just traditional style,
there’s a the reason why it’s always gonna be the original.
(upbeat music) Napkin three, I think.
(bell dings) These ones look so rich and classy. I love that they have their
own sauce on them too. Decadent, I would say, for a wing. Super cheesy, super rich. You can’t eat a dozen of these, for sure. It’d be really hard, and this is the one right before it gets really
spicy, like on the levels, so this one should be just a little bit have more of a kick to it.
(muffled chattering) No tang, really, just very
sweet, I would say, one note. It’s a tame one. Very honey forward (laughs). Not like my favorite,
it’s fine, it’s okay. Buffalo Medium, let’s go! Oh my god, this one’s a honker. Look at this thing. I don’t think there’s too
much of a heat difference between this one and the Medium. So I would say they’re pretty similar. This one has more seasoning
on it, so I actually wanna go with that one.
(muffled chatter) Okay.
– Don’t touch your eyes. – That’s all I wanna do is
touch my eyes right now. (upbeat music)
(muffled chatter) Mm. It’s not too spicy, it hits
you a little bit after. Carrot break.
(upbeat music) I’m gonna do a boneless one of this because it just looks
like a good one-biter. It’s spicy. I truly think I just
took too big of a bite. (bell dings) Over heating, it’s super garlic-y, and it makes it so it’s not
just one, it’s not just spicy and hot, it’s like there’s
actually something else going on there.
(bell dings) (upbeat music) Actually, I think the Moscow
Mule’s a really good combo with the wings because
it’s kind of cutting through the spiciness. I feel like I’m already
starting to overheat, and I’m only one like level two or three. We’re just gonna move on (sighs). It’s a cutie.
(upbeat music) The heat creeps up on
you, and it’s the perfect in between of spicy and sweet. I feel that I have no
feelings about this one. Maybe it’ll change my mind once I try it. (upbeat music)
(muffled chatter) Ooh. That’s nice. Doesn’t feel like a
traditional barbecue wing, and I really like that, it’s a little bit, little unique.
(upbeat music) If it’s anything like other
Caribbean food I’ve had, it’s gonna be pretty hot. It’s really hard to
place what the spice is. It’s like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom. There’s a bunch of different flavors. Mm. I wouldn’t typically order this one, but I’m glad that I got to try it. And I think that it’s a sleeper hit. Hot BBQ.
(upbeat music) That’s really hot. This is where it’s starting to get spicy. Like you know when you just
starting putting spicy stuff in it to make it spicy? I’m not enjoying it the same (laughs). I think if you ate two or three in a row, you
would actually be like sweating. Limited time only. This one is really pretty.
(upbeat music) It’s like a jalapeno popper
without the cream cheese in it so it’s very straight forward jalapeno. It’s not sweet, it’s just spicy. Thai Curry, Thai Curry, Thai Curry. This one doesn’t look like it’s gonna be that intimidating, it doesn’t
look like it’s that spicy, but I feel like as soon as I say that, it’s gonna be like the silent killer. I just took the smallest
bite ’cause I’m so scared. Mm, no. This is good. Oh, and it builds up on you at the end. (upbeat music) The heat is in the back
of my throat on this one. It’s like every time I breathe,
I can feel the heat from it. I’m gonna start sweating.
(upbeat music) So this is the second hottest of the buffalo wings. (sighs) Sorry.
(upbeat music) I don’t think Buffalo Hot should be after the Thai Curry one. I don’t think it’s that spicy. But it’s hitting me now. But also, I’m using the
blue cheese to kind of, it’s kind of cutting through it. I would say that if you
like classic buffalo wings, but you want to give yourself
a little bit more of a kick, go with this one. I love wings so much, and
I feel like this is really putting a test to my
relationship with them. I don’t think I’m gonna
look at a wing the same way ever again, and I think that’s okay. That’s actually, that’s
a really nice spicy. If you really like really hot foods, but you don’t wanna destroy
your stomach in the meantime, go with the Desert Heat. We’re on our final three.
(air horns blare) Mango Habanero, Buffalo Wild,
my arch-nemesis, Blazin’. It hasn’t been that bad, I’ve
had a few mental breakdowns along the way, but I’ve recovered. Let’s see how bad it gets (laughs). I have to say, I’m not
as scared about this one because it has mango in it,
so I’m like there’s still the chance it’s gonna be a little sweet. Mango’s pretty sugary. I think I’m going into it
with too high of hopes. (upbeat music) Dammit (laughs). It’s actually really–
(bell dings) Ah, it’s so hot.
(upbeat music) That is so messed up
to call it a cute name like Mango Habanero
’cause you’re like mango! How sweet! How nice, and that is not nice. The curry one back of the throat hurt. Mango one is tip of your tongue. It hurts. I did not prepare myself
correctly for this at all. Also, look at all the napkins. I didn’t even think about the fact that I would have to use this many. Because it’s a buffalo
one, it gets its dipping. I think I’m gonna survive this one. Very manageable, very doable. Considering I feel like I
am a little bit of a baby about the spiciness right now. Last one.
– Yay! (upbeat music) – This is what I was
built for, I can do this. It’s fine, I’m being really
dramatic about it, it’s fine. Like this will be fine. (maniacal laughing)
(upbeat music) This is my arch-nemesis.
(maniacal laughing) Why am I so nervous, it’s a chicken wing. Okay.
(muffled chatter) Oh no. (bleep)
(muffled chatter) (bell dings) That’s not nice. That was so mean. I am like, every time I breathe, the heat is coming out and it hurts. You’re laughing at me. I think I feel a tear. Literally, the only thing
that’s making this better is taking this drink and
putting it up against my lips. I don’t know who orders Blazin’ for fun. Whoever you are, tell me who you are, and I will report you (laughs). I feel like I’m still about to cry because the heat is
still within me forever. The only way to end this
is just like a mojito and a Coronita.
(upbeat music) Buffalo Wild Wings, who
knew this would be the one that really breaks me
down to my core (laughs). If there is a place
that we haven’t gone yet that you really want me to
try that’s your favorite menu, let me know, write down
below, let us know. And as always, none of
the food goes to waste. I know that’s a big question. We always pack it, and we
bring it back to the office for everyone else, on that note. I will stay here and sleep.
(upbeat music)

100 Replies to “Trying ALL Of The Wings At Buffalo Wild Wings

  1. This girl says everything she eats is always wonderful. Everyone knows those place are not great, some things are awful, not an honest review if anything, and how l8bg is she going mention her fucking mother like she 14 yrs old!!!!!!!!!!!!!+

  2. i work at bww and i LUV the teriyaki flavor (everyone makes fun of me for it lol) and the buffalo dry rub! i love spicy things but hot bbq gave me the hiccups and my eyes watered a little bit lmao idk why i can handle all the way up to mango no problem but hot bbq killed me

  3. So there are a bunch of wings with a single bite take out of them that you took back to the office? Not to mention the noodle dishes you often slurp and drop noodle bits back into? I love your videos and I'm not trying to be negative here, but how much of it actually gets eaten back at the office?

  4. no offense but y'all asked a white girl to report the spiciness of wings? you couldn't have gotten anyone else who comes from a culture of eating food with spice in it to guest with her or something? as if i'm supposed to trust her analysis that they're spicy enough to cry over lmaoooo

  5. BWW sucks. You specialize in chicken wings and your so lazy you just dump sauce on the wings for different flavor WTF? Hand bread the flavor in the batter? You could put all yoyr different sauces on cardboard to eat and call it chicken wings and i still woulfnt know the difference.

  6. I feel like….. I feel like…… I feel like I feel like I feel like.. Jesus sweetheart do you have any thoughts, or are they all just raw feelings?

  7. So I realize that she brings up she has competed in food competitions but yet she always says she's getting full or is full right away. 🤨🤨🤔🤔 Ummm yea I don't buy it because food competitors won't complain about it. Anyways love the video.

  8. Pls dont waste napkins.. use it to the maximum n then discard it.. Napkin count.. it aint a game.. pls b more conservative ppl..

  9. amen to the blue cheese vs. ranch debate. that being said, i fucking hate buffalo sauce lol. the blue cheese barely makes it edible for me

  10. i ordered 3 blazing and 6 wild, for fun, and i'm 13, and they didn't faze me. fun fact: blazing wings are my favorite food lol.

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