Trump’s Health Insurance Requirement for Immigrants

Trump’s Health Insurance Requirement for Immigrants

Good afternoon my name is Alena Shautsova, I’m an immigration attorney from Brooklyn New York. In today’s video I
would like to tell you about new health insurance plan for immigrant visa
applicants just announced by President Trump. Starting from November 3rd 2019
almost every applicant for an immigrant visa will have to demonstrate to the
the satisfaction of the interviewing officer that he or she the applicant
will have qualified insurance coverage within 30 days of entry into the United
States what is it what is it coverage well according to the proclamation the
president announcement by the president the coverage can be: a qualified
employment provided health plan, a plan by a family member
basically an applicant will had to show that his family member or her family
member will be adding him or her to the plan that they currently hold it can be
Medicaid but only if the applicant is under 18 years old it can be also
catastrophic coverage it can be visitors visitors health insurance plan that a
person is purchasing actually in their home country from what I understand
or it can be money that person can show that they will be able to cover the
medical expenses with once they’re in the United States of course many will
face difficulties in with regard to this requirement just because for example one
cannot purchase health insurance from the United health insurance that is
provided by United States companies before he or she gets social security
number and often a person who do not have social security number until they
enter the United States all right so that domains
the menu sure that I see with this proposal for example but what’s
happening otherwise who are these people actually who will be required to show
because there are some people who will be exempt from this requirement the way
the proclamation is written from what I understood from it it mostly going to
effect spouses adult sons and daughters of US citizens and permanent residents children of lawful permanent residents
and for example DB weaned Davila three winners and those who are sponsored by
their process and sisters all right so those going to be the main categories of
people who are going to be affected by this new Proclamation why because in the
United States most employers are obligated to provide health insurance to
their workers that’s it means that for those people
who are subject to employment-based immigration who file in phone immigrant
visa because they were sponsored by an employer they should not have difficulty
showing that they will have health coverage right unless those people are
self sponsored individuals well let’s say a person was extraordinary abilities
in this case the person is filing for him or herself and it will not have most
likely an employer so they they will have to think about how they will show
health insurance coverage children of the United States citizens who are
immigrating as immediate relatives will be exempt from this requirement also
returning residents a person who is a green card holder but state will say in
their home country for a long period of time unexpectedly can file for green
card again because what happens is that if a person over States
stays outside of the United States for too long let’s say for longer than a
year and the green card holder they automatically we can say losing their
status and in many many situations even that’s not the case because only the
judge can take the status but simply speaking the consulate if you have an
expired green card the car the consulate is not going to issue to you travel
document toward the plane so you will need to apply for the returning resident
visa so if that’s you you will not have to show health insurance coverage all
right our special immigrants will not have to
show me and refugees I say lease also our applicants our based applicants also
are exempt from demonstrating that they will have health insurance in the United
States so we’re going to see how exactly this requirement is going to be
implemented because as I said it’s challenging to get health insurance from
the United States if you if you don’t have social security and if your
relative does not have a social security who is sponsoring you I’m sorry it does
not have health insurance the person who’s sponsoring your that person is
using Medicaid they will not be able to add you tune to the to their plan
because Medicaid plans will in most cases are not going to qualify you for
this requirement all right one more thing in the United States nowadays to
buy insurance a person usually unless it’s provided to them by the employer
will have to go on a special website called exchange health exchange and give
them shorts and very often the person will be able to get that insurance at a
discounted rate subsidized so-called insurance so this proclamation that
president just made specifically states that
a subsidized plan is not going to be allowed as acceptable medical coverage
in this particular situation it means that the person will have to show that
they can pay the full amount for the health insurance and in the United
States it can be very pricey depending on the age of the person health history
they can be price it can be more than thousand dollars per month for health
insurance policy and you can read more about the proclamation in this new
requirement on our website thank you

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  1. My brorher is now a detention center.Asylum officer didn't believe His primary interview. What should we do now? His next intrerview nexr week. pls can u give a suggestion? I will be appricated, Thanks. con:[email protected]
    N:B-He is now Eden Detention center, TX

  2. Does apply to applicants anywhere the process or new applications submitted after the effective date? Also, I question the validity because my husband did not get a social security number within the first 30 days. It took about 6 weeks. I am not 100% sure you can get private insurance without one. I understand this may have been struck down, but could be a reformed version approved in the future.

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  4. I am from India f4 brother sister. Interview is on 2nd week November. Do we need health insurance from India and what's the duration of insurance?
    Any help would be appreciated

  5. Hello mam is it possible that my husband cover me to his heath insurance and add my name on it? Is it not too late to put my name on his health insurance even though he submit his renewal health insurance last oct.1? Coz we have no idea whats goin on on new policy? Hope for your reply and Godbless

  6. I would love to help in offering possible insurance benefits options not related to the exchange at affordable pricing. Please contact me at [email protected] let chat!! Thank you for taking the time to help interpret this proclamation.

  7. Its not even worth getting a spouse over to this country anymore……its just turned into a big US government money grab at the expense of the American citizen…… this country is so fucked up.

  8. ….what if the sponsor is retired and on medicare…….to many stupid damn rules to get someone here legally……. ….what a fuckin joke.

  9. This is not that serious I’m American my husband is from India I just purchased insurance for him because he is my husband insurance company will allow you to purchase a policy for him. He has medical, dental, vision etc I do have to pay a monthly premium and of only $247 a month with a $500 deductible this is a great policy so it’s not that difficult

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