Toronto Travel Guide | Toronto Pearson International Airport Best Restaurants

Toronto Travel Guide | Toronto Pearson International Airport Best Restaurants

– So we’re going to do this. – Let’s suck a balloon! (laughs) – Okay! – Okay! Wow, hi.
– Oh my goodness. – Oh my gosh! – [Gunnarolla] Hey everyone! gunnarolla here and today we’re taking you through some of the diverse restaurants in Terminal 1 at Toronto
Pearson International Airport. Our first stop is Marathi, which features an innovative
iPad ordering system for travellers on the go. – Everybody, when they
come into the airport, the first thing that they think of is, “Where’s my gate? Am I
late? Am I late, am I late?” The iPad system brings ordering faster. Marathi is East Indian food. It is absolutely different than most of the food that
you’ll find in the airport. We use all the spices straight from India. It’s made from scratch. You
can smell it as it cooks. The butter chicken is probably one of our most famous dishes, our most popular dishes that we have here. The coconut prawn curry – it’s big prawns that are in there. And that’s usually a bunch of chilies and also it uses coconut oil. – [Gunnarolla] Indian food. – I’m so excited. – I gotta say, I love this iPad thing because if I don’t feel
like talking to you, – [Elaisha] You can just, like, hide? – I can just focus on the iPad! – 100%. – [Gunnarolla] Butter chicken first? – [Elaisha] It looks delicious. – [Gunnarolla] Staple. Mmmmm. – [Elaisha] This gravy… – It’s not too spicy. Which I kind of appreciate because if this was the last
thing I was going to eat before getting on a plane… moving on! – [Elaisha] Okay. – [Gunnarolla] Let’s try the curry prawn. Do you like curries? You got to love them.
– I do. – Our people love curry. – [Elaisha] 100%. I’m,
like, I’m Caribbean, all I eat is curry. – It’s got a little bit of a kick to it. – I was going to say
it’s a little bit spicier than the butter chicken,
that’s why I like it. – [Gunnarolla] Yeah. I’m feeling that. – [Elaisha] Sneak attack spice! – Toronto has the best food. – Yup. – I think Toronto Pearson is
going to have the best food. – I agree. – [Gunnarolla] Next up is Lee Kitchen by Canadian celebrity chef Susur Lee. – Susur Lee have a fusion ideas and most of his cuisines are fusion. Dim sum is one of my popular items here and we sell a lot of dim sum. – [Gunnarolla] All right. Dim sum. – I’m ready. I haven’t
had dim sum in years. – [Gunnarolla] This is going to be, like, the top of the top, cream of the crop. – [Elaisha] Oh my gosh. – [Gunnarolla] Susur Lee dim sum. What do we want to do first? – Um, shrimp. Cheers. – Do you eat the whole thing? (laugh) – What? What’s the dim sum protocol? – Don’t do this to me! – You pop the whole thing in your mouth? – Why not? Let’s just do
– let’s just go for it. – All right, here we go. – Um, this is amazing.
I love the sweetness. – [Gunnarolla] It’s so good. – [Elaisha] I really like that. – Amazing flavours made
fresh right over there. – All coming at you. – [Gunnarolla] It’s an eating experience and a visual experience. – While you’re eating, you can watch somebody else’s
be made so you can order more. Okay, I want more. – [Gunnarolla] Now we’re
off to Chef Massimo’s airport restaurant Boccone Trattoria. Did I say that right? – Boccone Trattoria Veloce. We are specializing pasta,
pizza, panini. So the three P. We have – we do have a mercato section, which is a grab and go. But the big deal is the restaurant. To me, when I come in in the morning and I’m having my coffee and I’m looking at all the airplanes
and I’m starting to dream, I mean, I’m loving that. And I always wanted to
contribute something better to the airport standard fare, especially here in Toronto. The beauty of our city is that diversity and everyone really getting
along and being so proud and actually bringing to the table the best of their culture. Bye bye! (laughs) – And what do we say in
Italian before we eat? – Yeah, is there – – Buon appetito! – Buon appetito!
– Buon appetito! – Now, a lot of Italy
wouldn’t eat the mayonnaise. Me, I love mayonnaise. So a little bit of aioli with the calamari to me is essential. – Do you pull the bone out? – Yeah, I like to squeeze
them a little bit. – This is the technique,
this is the technique. – What? – And then you just dip. Oh, oh, I dipped them in the wrong one. Let’s dip them in the real one. – [Gunnarolla] Time for the pizzas. – They’re hot, they’re hot, just pull. – Yeah, pull. There is the
cut but you have to pull. It’s a big piece! – This is a big piece. – Oh – okay. How big is
this compared to my face? – It’s a big pizza slice! – There you go! Oh, yeah baby! – Oh my gosh. This one’s
going to be a little sandwich. – That’s it! That’s how you
do it! Yes, that’s the way! – Like New York style. – This is the pizza I
would want before a flight. – Bye bye, thank you.
– Absolutely. – And during a flight. Light, not going to make
you feel all, like, bloated. – And as well, it’s not,
like, a smelly pizza, too – – No, yeah! – like, you know when you
open your food on a plane, they’re kind of like… – I hate that. Across from Boccone you’ll find Twist by Canadian celebrity chef Roger Mooking. – We serve North American
comfort food with a global twist. Today you’re going to
try some roasted fish, you’re going to try some fried chicken, some french fries, and you’re going to try
some halloumi toast, which is, like, basically
think a grilled cheese, but just beautiful. – [Elaisha] This is some bougie grilled cheese. – [Gunnarolla] Okay, we
smooshed our tomatoes – – [Roger] You smoosh it. – [Gunnarolla] And a nice big bite, right? – Okay. Cheers. – Don’t be shy, man, get it in there. It’s gonna be messy, though. Oh, yeah, that’s what’s up! And it’s a salad so it’s
healthy, it’s salad. Okay, so the fries are here, we dress them with seasoning and stuff, but that’s just, really, like, a side-show for the fried chicken. We take fried chicken, we soak it in buttermilk for 24 hours, we deep-fry it, it comes out, we put some Japanese spices on it, we put some fried basil, so you kind of crack the
basil and put it on top. Oh, snapito. – That’s amazing. – I love how flaky this is. – [Roger] It’s mad juicy, right? – With the french fry too – oh! – Oh! – Oh snap! And this is roasted fish. So we get Canadian
Arctic Char, we sear it, cook it in the oven,
simple, this is a soy glaze. It’s sweet and salty and
then the fish is salty – – Everything! The fish, too,
is like crispy but soft inside. I love that. – Yo, man, you’re making me want a bite. See it’s dripping? See that it’s dripping? (laugh) – I’m going to book a cheap flight just so I can get in the airport. – Yes! Absolutely. – I don’t even need to go anywhere. – [Gunnarolla] Our next stop
is Bar 120: Cuisine Transformed by renowned modernist chef John Placko. – At Bar 120: Cuisine Transformed we take familiar menu items and we give them a bit of a twist so one of the signature
items is going to be the edible helium balloon. So we’re going to make a coconut and ginger ice
cream with a Paco Jet, then top that with freeze-dried raspberry, some popping candies, and then using a pipette
with some piña colada we’re going to attach that to a helium balloon that you can eat. – We’re going to do this. – Let’s suck a balloon. – Okay. Cheers! – Cheers. – Okay. Okay. – Okay. Wow. Hi. – Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh. I haven’t sucked in helium in so long. – This is – oh my god. I sound
like a cartoon character. – It’s all over my face. Well, as well, what’s really great is that
it comes with piña colada too. – Right. – So after all of this with the sugar… – And don’t forget this. Our ice cream. There’s just so much going on right now! – There really is! – [Gunnarolla] I pass
by here a bunch of times and I never knew they had all this stuff. – [Elaisha] I don’t even come
to this area of the airport. – Yeah. Amazing. We got one stop left. – Okay. Let’s go. – Thank you!
– Thank you! – See you later! Bye. – [Gunnarolla] Our last stop of the day is Mill Street Brewery, a Canadian pub featuring
numerous craft beers on tap and an awesome Montreal
smoked meat poutine. Okay. What an incredible
culinary journey we’ve had today. We traveled the world without
having to leave the airport. – Um, yeah! We started in Asia,
made our way over to Italy, and then we popped on over back to Canada. – So much to explore at Pearson
so next time you’re here, make sure to check out the restaurants, the shops, there’s so much
to see, so much to eat. – Drink! – Thanks for watching. See you next time. Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to follow
gunnarolla on YouTube and Facebook for more
food and travel videos. I’ll see you next time! A la prochaine.

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  1. "where's my gate, am I late, am I late, am I late" ok dr. Seuss…

    You all have all these restaurants at the Toronto Airport!? Gosh, at JFK all we have is a bunch of boring bars and Burger King.

    Oh…. The Bocccone man didn't come to play on today…

    That lemon had a LOT of pepper on it.

    the way he said "roasted fiiiiish" lol… sidenote I don't trust this "American comfort food" place. Don't trust it AT ALL.

    Why didn't he feed you?? Hmph.

    In conclusion: I guess when I visit Toronto I'll visit all of these places (minus 120, that wasn't fun at all!)

    great vid!

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  4. Doin' the Lord's work by eating at all the good places and sharing you finding with us one restaurant at a time. Bless you, gunnarolla. πŸ™

  5. I was all ready to make a "sure, but I don't need that added expense before going on vacation" type comment but I was really pleasantly surprised by the prices of the dishes featured. I work at a hotel in Mississauga so I'll be passing on these recommendations to my guests! If I ever have enough time, Twist's halloumi sandwich had my name on it!

  6. I haven't been to Pearson since the late 90's ( #brokelife I guess) and I don't remember much but I know it was definitely nothing like that! Wow!

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