Top 6 Best Food Courts in Singapore

Top 6 Best Food Courts in Singapore

– Yellow Productions presents the best food courts in Singapore. Now if you’re wondering why I’m starting this video going down this escalator, it’s because the first food
court we’re gonna start with is the one in basement
level four of Iron Orchard. It’s my favorite food
court, but before that, let’s talk a little bit about food courts, and why am I doing this on food courts. As most people know,
Singapore is a foodie city. It’s truly an international
food destination and some of the best food
in Singapore is served in these city’s hundred hawker centers. Hawker centers are these
outdoor open air establishments with lots of different food vendors. Unfortunately because
they’re outside and open air they’re really hot, and
for someone like me who’s not used to the heat and
humidity, I sometimes prefer to eat in an air
conditioned food court. While the food you’ll
find in these food courts is often more expensive and
maybe not quite as good at the hawker centers, you can eat
in air conditioned comfort. In this video we will
visit my top six favorite food courts in Singapore. So the first one we’re
gonna be starting with because it’s my favorite,
so we’re gonna start with that one, is called the Food Opera and this is on Orchard
Road, it is right outside the Orchard Road MRT,
you go down two levels on that escalator and there’s tons of really great stalls. My favorite stall is this one, it’s the Singapore Fried Prawn Noodle store. They specialize in prawn
noodles and carrot cake and you see them here, warming
them up nice and fresh. I have the kim fried hokkien mee, and the carrot cake, hokkien mee is $10 and the carrot cake was
$6, truly delicious. My second favorite stall here is the Barbecue Chicken Wings
stall where they’ve got chicken wings cooked over an open flame. You can also get sauteed,
they’re truly delicious. And they’re cooked the
traditional way, with a fan. That’s just cool. What I love about food courts in Singapore you can really tell what you’re eating. At this stall they specialize
in roast meats, you know you’re gonna get some duck
meat off that roast duck. There’s no hiding what
they’re doing here because all the kitchens are open kitchens, you see the chefs doing their thing. A Singapore delicacy is hainanese chicken with chicken essentially
served over a rice that’s been cooked in
the broth of the chicken, and Sergeant is a chain across Singapore that specializes in this delicacy. It seems so simple, chicken with rice with some spicy chile sauce
and soy sauce, truly delicious. In the center of the Food
Opera, like in the center of most Singaporean
food courts, they’ve got the one stall that sell drinks. This stall specializes in seafood. You can tell it’s fresh,
it’s right out there on ice. They’ve also got an outpost
of one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, Pepper Lunch, where you can get the fast food steak served on a hot cast iron skillet. This stall specializes in
authentic Indian cuisine. One of the things I find
about a lot of the Indian places in Singapore,
they prepare the food, it kind of sits out here, it’s often served at room temperature. At the handmade dim sum stall they’ve got lots of different varieties of
dim sum served all day long. I love it. I never understood why dim
sum is a lunch only thing. They’ve got steamed lings and fried lings. I mentioned all the
food in the Food Opera, which is the food court of sorts, there’s lots of independent restaurants out on Iron Orchard on the fourth floor and the second floor,
here’s one specializing in soup and salad. Another one of my favorite
food courts is this one. It’s the Food Republic at Vivo City. I like it because there’s
always plenty of seats, and it’s got this old time feel as well. It’s really convenient if
you’re going to Sentosa Island or you’re walking the
trail up to Mount Faber or Faber Peak, so what
did I get here today? And what do I like from here? Well I like the laksa,
this is a noodle soup with shrimp and it kind
of has a coconut milk base with chile pepper and really delicious. And what did I get to drink here? This is a lychee drink. Lychee flavor, it’s got some
lychees down in the bottom there, and I’ve also got my signature lime drink, which, you drink this, nice and sour, makes you pucker. You know, drinks at food
courts are really expensive, these drinks, $2.60 each,
so a little over $5, whereas my soup was
eight Singapore dollars, so interesting value there. I guess ice in a hot country
must be pretty expensive. In the bowl we’ve got some delicious shrimp that they’ve cut in half, which is nice, so it’s easy to eat. There’s tofu, this is chile pepper if you want it spicy, they’ll ask you if you want it spicy, they’ll toss a glob of that in. There’s an egg over
here, and then underneath there are these delicious,
delicious noodles along with some bean sprouts. And in case you wanna
get that tasty laksa, it’s from the Prawn Mee Laksa Shop. My other favorite stop at this food court is the Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle store. Just like I had at Iron Orchard, this one always has a pretty good line, which means, you know it’s good. And it’s fresh, see you can see him making it right there. In case you want chicken
rice and didn’t get it at any of the other food
courts, there’s another branch of the Sergeant hainanese
chicken rice stall here. And finally, at the
front of the food court, is a really impressive selection
of Hong Kong roast meats. Those look pretty tasty. Once you’re done dining
at Vivo City, make sure to head right outside from the food court to Vivo City’s sky deck,
this is on the rooftop of the shopping center, it’s
got neat water features, neat art, and views of Sentosa Island. Just right next door to Iron Orchard there’s another really good food court in Wisma Atria, this food court is located on the fourth floor of Wisma Atria, it’s called Food Republic, and it’s got a connected Japan Food Town. I find the food court in Wisma
Atria to be a little less of a mob scene than Iron
Orchard, just because it’s a little further away from the MRT, a little harder to find. While the Food Republic may
look small when you first come up, there’s more stalls in the back and there’s also more seating in the back. This one specializes in oden beef noodles. This one here specializes in hot pots, so you can get all these ingredients in the hot pot of soup. There’s also an outpost of that Sergeant hainanese chicken rice
here, I’ll tell you, every food court or
hawker center’s gonna have one or more places selling
hainanese chicken rice. And in the newly opened Japan Food Town, you’ll find about 15 restaurants all featuring delicious Japanese food. And you know what, when I
walk into Japan Food Town, I do feel like I’m in
a food hall in Japan. I love the slogan of this restaurant, no ramen, no life. And just in the corner
between the Food Public and Japan Food Town, you will find an outpost of Din Tai Fung, the Taiwanese soup dumpling chain, if you’ve never had soup dumplings from Din Tai Fung, you really should check them out. They’re truly amazing. And you even see them
making one in the window. Delicious. If the wait’s too long for Din Tai Fung, you can have some more Taiwanese food at Fermosa Delights, handmade noodles and pot stickers. Next up, a little
further down Orchard Road at 313 Somerset, they have two food courts in this building, one
on basement level three, which is the one right
here, and one on level five. On the entire fifth floor of 313 Somerset is a very large Food Republic. It takes up the entire
fifth floor of the building. The Food Republic looks
out on the sky terrace, an open air terrace with views of Orchard Road down below. A couple of other interesting touches at this food court are the
inclusion of a large giraffe and elephant statues. There’s a Indian cuisine
here, and you can see him making the prata. It’s kind of like a crepe, and
they make it on this grill. Freshly made. Looks pretty good. This stall is simply called Fish Soup. I wonder what they sell. This stall is interesting, Tokyo Pasta Mario Pizza Udon,
interesting combination. The basement level three
section also has a lot of Japanese restaurants,
there’s Coco Ichibanya, which is a Japanese
chain which specializes in curry rice, and then just over here is a rotating sushi restaurant where all the sushi is $1.50 a plate. Goes around in circles on the belt. There’s a stall specializing in churros, and also Shihiin, Taiwanese street snacks. If you like soup, up on basement level two is Soup Stock Tokyo, one
of my favorite food chains. Which is right next to
Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen. Our next best food court is this one. Okay, now you’re gonna be saying, Chris, you are not standing in
front of a food court, you are standing in front of a fountain. Well, we are both correct. The food court is a
Food Republic food court and it’s actually right
behind the fountain in the basement level of the
Suntec City shopping center. Really neat if you come here for breakfast you can dine at the Toast Box, have some traditional kaya toast and coffee, and enjoy the view of the fountain. They do daily touch
sessions at the fountain that you can go into the
middle of the fountain and experience it from the center. There’s also about 10
or 15 cool stalls inside and a whole bunch of other restaurants that ring that fountain as well. Just on the other side of the fountain in the Suntec City mall is a
Giant Hyper Fresh supermarket. And this really is quite
a giant supermarket. and if you’re here in Asia,
try some of my favorite fruits, these things back
here are dragon fruits. They’re kind of like a
kiwi, except a much more cooler outside, purple and spiky. And the final best food court of Singapore is the one at the Marina Bay Sands shops. This is in basement level two, it’s called Raspura Masters, there’s
normally an ice skating rink over here, I’m not
sure what’s going on today. This isn’t the cheapest food
court, actually it’s probably gonna be one of the more expensive ones, but you don’t have a lot of other options at the Marina Bay Sands,
and this one is decorated quite well, and the
food is also quite good. They really go all out in this food court. I love the chefs wearing
their super tall white hats. My favorite stall here, guess what, it’s the one that sells Singapore noodles. And what did I get? I got the charkwitell. Charkwitell literally means
stir fried rice cakes. And this is rice noodles,
there’s a few egg noodles in there, probably a
little bit of sea food, there’s some squid,
there’s some cockerells and some spicy chile sauce on the side. Pretty delicious. I hope you enjoyed this
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