TOP 5 Cheap Tokyo Izakaya Restaurants | All you can Eat & Drink Options

TOP 5 Cheap Tokyo Izakaya Restaurants | All you can Eat & Drink Options

in this video I’m gonna show you guys my top five and cheapies acai is in Tokyo [Music] so a lot of you guys have asked me which is a Caius are my favorite and which ones are really cheap and in this video I wanted to show you guys my top 5 but before we get started you just got to know something about eASIC ayahs in Japan some of them are open for 24 hours and the cool thing is some of them have actual all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink options which we’ll cover in this video and because the places are really cheap there’s usually a younger crowd so in this video I’m gonna try to go to these acai it’s a little bit earlier so it won’t be as crowded but be prepared to have crowds and crowds of people and wait so one thing that you guys just gotta know is that they’re kind of loud so if you want to have a peaceful conversation then it might be difficult because there’s just so many people there also it could be really smoky so if you or any family members that don’t like smoke then you might want to avoid these places because smoking is allowed and if you want to get my samurai shirt check out the link below all right let’s do this number one on my favorite cheap yakiniku place the kanji in their name literally reads as cheap cheap need i say any more so what I love about this place the most is that it’s like the cheapest place to have a Yankee because at least for me and get like a lot of food for a decent value you can order one dish at a time or get one of their all-you-can-eat courses so they have courses that start at 1700 yen and go up to all the way to 3200 yen and then for an extra 1200 yen you can get all you could drink pretty cool all right and look at this beer so it’s not the biggest fear in the world but it’s like it’s actually you know gets a decent size your average size nothing like a fresh beer this is one of my favorites its honcho and it’s actually beef tongue but it’s so delicious like I just like this really nice texture this is why I love this place the funny thing is I never go here with Michael because he really doesn’t like it because he thinks the meat is really cheap which is like it’s really fair because it it doesn’t mean it’s cheap but I just love meat in general so it’s really good to me and this is cantata it’s one of my favorite is pork it’s like really really fatty but it just literally pops when you eat it coolest thing is the food is cooked right in front of you and you can see the smoke like it’s all going up into the exhaust fan but man you’re definitely gonna smell like smoke after this so you know if you are gonna go out or if you have like people to meet after this then this is probably not the place to go but if you just want to have like a nice beer hang out with some friends if you doing like barbecue up some meat like this is the spot oh and we’re getting one of my favorite pieces that is a party garlic cooked to perfection and you want to have some vegetables you should definitely try the kimchi money LSA which is like a kimchi assortment my favorite is like the pickled ones I just like can’t stop eating that kimchi and they have a tablet here too which means they have an English menu number two eso mutters Suisan if you’re looking for some seafood and this is the place to go let me show you what’s inside what I love about this place it has like this nice beach house kind of feel like you’re like in this fisherman stand over here and just like the other user kaya’s this place has a touch panel which makes ordering so easy does they also have an English menu in fact they have English Korean and Chinese here I’m a proponent of pictures on the menu as it makes ordering easy also at this place the pictures are pretty spot-on to what you actually get easy like Taco Tuesday all right look I got the beer looks like a lot of beer but it’s actually not that much I feel like I can drink this like in one gulp oh there that like three gulps and it’s almost gone this is one of the ways that they make money here just to sell these drinks but what I like about this place but is that there’s no like one drink minimum here thinking yourself water and then like not even order anything else which is super nice but unfortunately there’s no all you can drink here so you’re gonna have to order your beers and you’re a few guys one at a time look at how we got the whole table day you cook it yourself so this is a Chaya specializes in grilled shellfish Hama goodie which is like a giant clam is my go-to once the show opens about two centimeters you simply cut it with the scissors I love the clam juices feel you still get all of that clam flavor let’s peel that up that’s all good or else can you cook your own seafood at a restaurant it’s like you’re part of the entire experience this is Connie miso Cora which is a crab butter oh so delicious [Music] it’s so delicious for some reason when I’m eating the cutting meat so it just like there’s a lot of oil feels like there so it’s almost like eating something very very unhealthy like kind of junky but it’s so good this is Chima Zhu Shi Michael’s favorite it’s a local delicacy of an island in Japan called Hachi Dojima so what I love about this is that the rice is pre season as well as a fish you can see that it’s actually a mustard in here instead of a wasabi which is pretty interesting and when you take that first bite you can like heal the mustard kick it’s amazing this is hooking a type of mackerel that makes my heart sing look at that me there’s not as good as your how to say like skeezy fish but it’s still pretty tender which is nice you still feel like the moisture in the fish number three toady Hisoka toady kazoku is my favorite yakitori is a kind of chain during those times when I’m struggling to make a dollar out of 15 cents and even if I could make it rain I love this places everything on the menu is 298 yen and of course they have a touch panel in English tody Kazoku even has an all you can eat and drink course or two thousand nine hundred eighty yen for groups of eight or more my beer just came look how big it is this is a regular beer and this Gansu in beer and this is 298 yet three bucks that’s freaking great there’s so much good stuff here but I’m gonna show you my free of sources that you should definitely try this is my go-to numb Kosuke dog a bright cartilage and it’s so good I love the way it crunches what I usually actually like doing I just a love rubbing the chili powder around it just like that gives it a little like extra spice it’s amazing mmm popcorn cartilage what is kick this is Momo kazoku yucky spices what I love about it is they have thigh meat and then it’s sandwiched in between these Mirena legi which is onion then they sprinkle some extra spice on it and it has a little bit of a kick but like not too much not that spicy three bucks you can beat this and what’s nice is you get two skewers out of each order I mean I have to be honest just not the best yakitori I’ve had in Japan but still the value is just unbeatable here so this is to Ceti is a neck part of the chicken mm-hmm that’s hits a spot for me I like I loved a little like texture to it it’s not just like a chicken because it had a little bit like cartilage kind of texture to it but it still has like a very juicy thigh kind of meat to it can’t forget about the free cabbage refills it’s just a regular cabbage about three refills all night so you can just like keep on downing this the entire time is pretty awesome so one tip I have for you guys this is such a cheap and inexpensive place to eat that everyone goes here especially the younger kids so it gets super busy so like anytime after like 6:30 there’s gonna be a super long line so you want to get here as early as possible but man it’s still such a great value and what I love about this place is that there’s no a service charge or a table charge you get what you pay for number four kushikatsu Tanaka kushikatsu Tanaka is one of my favorite izakayas because they have really cheap because you got to and they have really cheap beers let’s go inside and check it out man this place it’s like the middle of day on a Saturday and it’s still so super loud one of the things I love is just how like energetic the staff are and they just like welcome you with us like awesome greeting everyone it says welcome to the place so cuz you got to our fried skewers of different pieces of meat and fish and vegetables this place is actually originally from Osaka in Osaka is famous for kushikatsu what’s another cool thing a performer’s is in as all-you-can-drink in which is 1308 en they have some set torches here and even they have all you can eat takoyaki might be worth looking into if you will have a family so the takoyaki is a really fun for kids to try it’s so cool that you can actually make your own takoyaki here if you guys really want they actually have this dice rolling game for free drinks but the dice rolling game is only for whiskey and soda if you win then you get a free drink you got to roll a certain number i don’t drink whiskey so unfortunately i don’t actually ever play the game but actually play the dice game to get free drinks oh man let’s go smooth I’m just a so excited look this is one of my favorites it’s a GU cut – it’s a fried meat what else could be going wrong fried freaking meat the one thing is you got to dip it in the sauce you’re not supposed to double dip though look at that a suckling morsel of meat and private goodness is so loud that is so delicious I’m gonna have to have more of these so inexpensive that you can just order tons and tons of these kushikatsu sticks honestly who doesn’t love fried food it’s a nice texture because you have the gooeyness with like the firm chuckle this is shiitake mushroom look at all of that loveliness right there even though that’s like is a really cheap izakaya they do really well with a frog like it’s a really thin coat so it’s like not overcooked it’s not undercooked just like pretty perfect they have the frying down to a science here and as a dessert you can get cookies and cream Wow it is exactly like an Oreo cookie say this fried up freaking cookie is amazing and number five what Tommy what Tommy is an all around izakaya like kina CUDA and wadda wadda you can sometimes find individual rooms too so we’re here in what Tommy it’s one of my favorite izakayas because it has an awesome selection of food there’s actually other izakayas that are very similar to this by similar like it seems the same but this is like kind of like that happy medium and displaces this not to specialize in like one particular food and a sashimi and a salad yakitori gyoza and it even has horse meat not that I’m condoning it and look how big these beers are so this is like the regular-sized beer but this is a large beer blow the more expensive but look how much bigger it is it’s pretty awesome so right there that’s autoshi meaning that when they come here and they bring this to you you’re gonna have to pay a table charge and what’s nice is they have an all-you-can-drink course here which is 1,800 yen for two hours oh and check it out they also have an English menu with everything so this is one of my favorite that’s called a kid a Amiens it’s like like a ray it’s actually their fin not really that crunchy like it has like this part of chewy texture it’s almost like beef jerky it’s but it’s like fish beef jerky hmm I would say is like my favorite fish jerky ever and this is a mess order it’s gonna chicken balls and have these like chunky cartilage but what’s really nice it comes with a raw egg yolk that is still dripping I always order this [Music] it was like eating the best chicken nugget with like a super yogi saucy flavor this is she’s um oh this is like the perfect and drinking side dish which in Japanese it’s called Oh – mommy like monster princess sometimes the actual shisha mo has eggs in the belly and she’s gonna dip it and eat the head right up – check it out this one actually it has eggs you see that it’s like nice and bitter and I’ve had like this nice egg texture look at this veal was driving it gripping it Rob that’s some good Gaza but it’s not the best kids I’ve ever had but still it’s really good and in fact it’s a really garlicky so if you love garlic then this is your meal ticket all right so that concludes my top 5 cheap izakayas if you like this video help me out and hit that like button and if you want to see more of my majors in Tokyo or Japan hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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