Top 10 Strange But Popular FAST FOOD ITEMS!

Top 10 Strange But Popular FAST FOOD ITEMS!

When you think about fast food, you probably
imagine burgers, fries, pizza, maybe fried chicken and tacos. How often, though, do you really get to try
something truly different, something truly innovative at a fast food place? Sure there have been items that came and went
because the public just couldn’t handle them, but then there are the strangely popular fast
food items that stuck around. Some of these items may only be available
at certain times of year, but people wait for those periods like kids getting excited
for Christmas. So let’s open the menu and look at the Top
10 Strange But Strangely Popular Fast food Items. The McRib The McRib was introduced in 1981 and is probably
what most people would consider the holy grail of strangely popular fast food items. People tend to go a little crazy when the
McRib comes around because of its limited availability. McDonald’s typically only sells the sandwich
for a short amount of time every fall. However, the popularity of this sandwich has
overshadowed how strange it actually is when you really think about it closely. It’s a pressed patty made of pork (and McRib
is also a bit of a misnomer here since the patty is made mostly of pork shoulder), shaped
to look like ribs (bones included, because why not?), and served on a long sandwich bun
with onions and pickles. It should have been a flop simply because
of what a strange idea it is, however, McDonald’s seemed to stumble onto something amazing with
this sandwich because it is one of their most endearing and popular menu items. There’s even an entire website dedicated
to telling you where you can get a McRib. Part of that may be due to its limited availability,
giving it somewhat of a legend status. But if you want the McRib year round, you
could always move to Germany, where the sandwich is a permanent menu item. Liking this video so far? Then hit that subscribe button and ring that
bell to be part of our notification squad. The Baconator The Baconator is the ultimate example of the
KISS method: KISS as in Keep it Simple, Stupid. As far as the items on this list go, the Baconator
is probably not exactly the strangest fast food item, but it is one of the most ambitious. First of all, let’s talk about the name. Calling this burger the Baconator makes it
sound like its going to literally terminate you with bacon. It was a gambit on the part of Wendy’s to
introduce a burger so callously unafraid to be what it is: beef and bacon. The sandwich consists of two beef patties,
cheese, and six, count ‘em, six strips of bacon. It is also one of the only burgers the chain
offers that doesn’t feature any vegetables, because let’s face it: if you’re ordering
something called the Baconator, you’re not exactly in the market for something healthy. It may have been the intimidating name, and
it may have been the content of the sandwich, but the Baconator has become one of Wendy’s
signature sandwiches since it was introduced in 2007. Burger King may have tried to copy the Baconator
with its own BK Stacker, but come on, when it’s stacker vs. Baconator, who do you expect
to win the fight? Stuffed Crust Pizza When you’re talking about strangely popular
fast food items, it’s absolutely impossible not to mention one of the first novelty pizzas
ever introduced at Pizza Hut. That’s right, we’re talking about the
stuffed crust pizza. You might remember the ads that said the best
way to eat this pizza was crust first because it was filled with gooey, melty, mozzarella. If ever there was a way to make people eat
their pizza crusts, this was definitely it. The stuffed crust pizza was first introduced
in 1995 and it quickly became a hot item. Pizza Hut dumped $45 million bucks into an
ad campaign for the new menu item and even hired Donald Trump to appear in the commercials. It seems like an antiquated idea now, seeing
as we live in the age of “add cheese and bacon to literally everything,” but back
in the nineties, the stuffed crust pizza blew people’s minds. As the years went on, Pizza Hut continued
to innovate this already innovative menu item by adding pepperoni, bacon, and even more
cheese on the top of the crust. Although, when it comes to stuffed crust pizza,
adding anything else to it is really just trying to improve on perfection. Dippin’ Dots “Why do you need to make ice cream differently?” That’s what people were probably thinking
when they saw Dippin’ Dots for the first time. Originally marketed as the ice cream of the
future, Dippin’ Dots were invented in 1988 by flash freezing ice cream mix in liquid
nitrogen. While no one was ever going to think that
these tiny, colorful balls were going to totally replace ice cream, they really did become
popular as a novelty item, something that you could only really get if you were at an
amusement park (which was where they really started to gain momentum with ice cream fans
in the first place). There really is something fun about eating
ice cream in a completely different form. Dippin’ Dots could almost be considered
one of the first mainstream examples of molecular gastronomy: something that everyone knows
but made differently to appeal to all of your senses. Dippin’ Dots is still going strong and was
brought back into public consciousness by an unlikely source: former US Press Secretary
Sean Spicer, who had some kind of weird feud with the company. Either way, this unlikely way to consume ice
cream seemed to appeal to people who wanted to try something different but familiar, and
really that’s the key to making strangely popular fast food items: take something everyone
knows, and tweak it just a little bit to create something new and amazing. McGriddle People love McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches
and people love pancakes, so why did it take so long for someone to come up with what is
essentially the best breakfast sandwich of all time, the McGriddle? You’ve got everything here you could ever
want: sausage or bacon, cheese, and egg sandwiched between two pancake buns with the maple syrup
baked right into them. As far as perfection goes, the McGriddle is
about as close as you’re going to get (at least in terms of fast food breakfast items). The sandwich was first introduced in 2003,
and since its release, it has become a beloved staple of the McDonald’s breakfast menu. Unfortunately, it is not included as part
of the all-day breakfast, so if you want one of these masterpieces of fast food engineering,
then you’re going to have to get up and get one before 11AM. When the McGriddle first appeared, people
were a little bit confused by it, if not a little incensed. It might have been the idea of mixing that
McDonald’s cheese with syrupy pancakes, but the combination just works somehow. And the McGriddle has since been improved
by using a real egg instead of the original folded, powdered scramble. Naked Chicken Chalupa Taco Bell has never been any stranger to making
some very weird food items, but because of their willingness to experiment, they have
also created some of the most endearing and strangely popular fast food items on the market
today. One of those is the naked chicken chalupa. People might have scoffed at the idea of using
a folded breaded chicken breast as a taco shell, but the naked chicken chalupa proved
to be an insanely popular menu choice for people. Like the McRib, the naked chicken chalupa
is only available for a limited time during certain parts of the year, but its elusiveness
just makes it all the more tempting. The innovative taco is filled with lettuce,
tomato, cheese, and avocado ranch, but if you’re willing to get experimental, you
can add any number of ingredients to it, including even more meat. This makes the naked chicken chalupa one of
the ideal fast food menu items for people trying to get a little more protein in their
diet (don’t get us wrong, it’s still not healthy). So if you’re in the market for getting even
more meat in your fast food by any means possible, you could do a lot worse than the naked chicken
chalupa, as long as its available in your area. Chicken Fries “Why should fries only be made of potatoes?” Asked some genius at Burger King headquarters. That may not exactly be how chicken fries
came to exist, but it’s fun to think that these crispy, meaty sticks came to exist because
some guy was tired of spuds. Burger King introduced chicken fries in 2005
as a menu item that would appeal to older, more sophisticated fast-food diners. Chicken fries were meant less as a meal and
more of a casual snack. The box was even designed to fit in the cup
holder of a car. People went crazy for this innovative item
from Burger King, and the restaurant chain even introduced an ad campaign that utilized
a band called Coq Roq in order to further market chicken fries to men aged 24 to 36. However, the restaurant chain was sued by
the band Slipknot because the commercial band was so similar to their onstage masked personas. Despite the little legal hiccup here, chicken
fries remain a popular menu item at the King. Chicken Fries also became one of the big comeback
stories in fast food. They were discontinued in 2012, but brought
back for a limited time in 2015. They proved to be so popular once again that
they now have become a permanent menu item at Burger King. Pumpkin Spice Latte It comes every single fall, and over time
it’s become a punch line of sorts, but the pumpkin spice latte, far from being basic,
is one of the most enduring and endearing strangely popular fast food items ever to
be unleashed upon the world. The PSL, as it is known in internet shorthand,
was first introduced by Starbucks in 2003. Initially, the drink was so popular that locations
couldn’t keep up with the demand. It seemed strange that something that was
supposed to taste like pumpkin pie, itself a divisive dessert amongst people who love
sweets, would become such a raging hit amongst coffee drinkers. However, the PSL, a regular latte spiced with
cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, soon became a staple of the Starbucks coffee family. Though it is only available during the fall
each year, it’s always one of the most hotly anticipated and strangely popular fast food
items at Starbucks. Surprisingly, despite the name, the original
drink never actually contained any pumpkin flavoring. In 2015, Starbucks began adding a small amount
of pumpkin puree to the drink. Some people may lament what has come to be
known as the “pumpkin spice season,” when everything is suddenly pumpkin spiced flavor,
but the PSL did it first, and some would say, still does it best. Doritos Locos Taco Come on, you knew we couldn’t make a list
about strangely popular fast food items without mentioning this monster. It seemed like something out of a stoner’s
fever dream: what if there was a taco, but the shell was made of Dorito? Dude, it’s totally real. The Doritos Locos Taco was first introduced
by Taco Bell in 2012, and it immediately became a huge hit with consumers. While it was as much a punchline as a popular
fast food item, it didn’t change the fact that Taco Bell had clearly hit the sweet spot
between silly and delicious that every fast food giant is looking for. While the original Doritos Locos Taco utilized
the chip’s famous nacho cheese flavor, it was only a matter of time before Taco Bell
introduced the Cool Ranch variant of its Frankenstein monster of a taco. The Doritos Locos Taco continues to be one
of Taco Bell’s greatest hits, even producing its own limited time only Doritos flavor. Yes, that’s right. Doritos made a flavor that was based on a
taco that utilized Doritos flavor. If your mind is totally blown by that fact,
then you must not be thinking about how insane that actually is. The Double Down It’s the absolute king of all the strangely
popular fast food items. The KFC Double Down has proven that it is
not going anywhere and that it clearly has a lasting appeal with people. When it was first introduced in 2010, it was
widely mocked as an indicator of fast food decadence gone completely off the rails. “So wait a minute, you’re just eliminating
the bun and adding more fried chicken? What is this, a heart attack in a box?” And yet, the Double Down has become so insanely
popular that there have been many different variations on it, including the newest, the
chicken and waffle Double Down. Like the naked chicken chalupa, the double
Down is packed with protein (at the cost of saturated fat and calories, of course), however,
if you wanted something slightly more healthy you could get the sandwich with grilled chicken
instead. The Double Down is a fantastic option if you
want a lot of meat with absolutely no bun to get in the way of your enjoyment. Did we mention that this thing also includes
cheese and bacon? What more could you want from a sandwich? Things may change and the world will keep
turning, but the KFC Double Down will endure because that is what we all want out of life,
even if we’re too ashamed to admit it. No one probably would have expected any of
these fast food items to become as popular as they did, if only because of how strange
some of them seemed at first. However, all of these strangely popular fast
food items now have their place in history. If there’s any lesson that we can all learn
from this, it’s that we shouldn’t turn our nose up at ideas that seem a little bit
crazy at first. After all, if we did that all the time, we
may not have ended up with the light bulb, the computer, or the pumpkin spice latte. Grab a bite with us and stick around by clicking
on one of our other videos.

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  2. Im from Germany and i was wondered "there is a Website? but he is permanent available? Than the Bomb drops "just in Germany". Sry World but just because of that i got casual to the next McD and order one 😉

  3. I actually used to have chicken fries as part of my school lunch back in the 90's, and I actually thought they tasted better in my school cafeteria than at BK.

  4. Fun fact, Taco Bell's employee training includes specifically forbidding the employees what the 4th DLT flavor is should we receive it early. The shells used during the training to represent the 4th DLT flavor are bright green so we don't start guessing.

  5. 1) Want to know when the McRib is available? Look at pork prices. The McRib is only around as long as pork prices are down.
    2) Why do people love bacon so much? It always tasted burnt to me.
    3) I get my stuffed crust pizza with marinara sauce for dipping.
    4) Dippin' Dots are easy to make. A) melt ice cream. B) drip into liquid nitrogen. C) fish out and enjoy!
    5) I wish McDonald's did all day lunch too so I could get McNuggets in the morning. They're the easiest food to eat and drive with!
    6) I never heard about that one until this year.
    7) Turkey fries are better.
    8) One woman claimed that men not liking the Pumpkin Spice Latte was sexism.
    9) Gamers love this one.
    10) I surprise it took KFC so long to do Chicken and Waffles. What was wrong with the higher ups?

  6. Actually in New Jersey USA you can have a MCRIB when you want one, just go to your local grocery store a company called "fast fixin's sells that GROSS FAKE MEAT. AND YUP IT'S CHEAP! You just need to buy BBQ sauce toppings and bun!
    I totally DON'T understand why anyone would want to eat that NASTY MEAT…but if you like it and my comment made your day or night you're welcome.

  7. i can kinda remember from when I was a kid I went to a mall with my mom and I asked her if I could get this ice creme and she said yes and they were the dippin dotz

  8. Really? The mcgriddle is not part of the allday breakfast? Weird because at my local McDs, it is part of the allday breakfast menu.

  9. The double down in the uk has bbq sauce but too much to the point wher you cant tased the ckiken plus it has no vegitables only cheese resulting in an eplotion of sauce

  10. McDonald’s eggs are like hockey pucks. I’ve never had a breakfast from McDonald’s but I’ve seen someone drop one of their eggs and it fucking bounced

  11. Chicken fries are the only menu item that tastes like how The Original CHICKEN TENDERS!! Are suppose too taste !!!!
    They just won’t bring THEM Back !? not that fuckin bs McDonald’s chicken nuggets ripoff

  12. Why are two of the grossest things mentioned in this list are from McDonalds?
    The McGriddle and McNuggets are DISGUSTING!

  13. McRib finally came to Australia – if they take it away, I’ll cry.

    Dippin Dots are sooo yum

    I so want to try a McGriddle 😥

    I went to HJ’s (our BK) the other day and Chicken Fries are gone! 😭 they were one of the only good things there!

  14. Taco bell knows exactly what they are doing. They know it's a go to place for stoners. Why wouldn't adding doritos be a success?

  15. I have had KFC meals for a long time and never have I heard of a DOUBLE DOWN, on the menu… explain?!! (Dalek voice)”explain!!, explain!!, explain!!”

  16. I've had a quadrenator … I tried asking for a bakenator and said quadrenator n he asked me double the meats. I accidently modded because I didnt hear him at 1st 🤣. I did finish it …

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  18. like if the picture of fast food items 80 percent of the time is not what it looks like when you get it

  19. ill cut u guys some slack on the whole mcgriddle isnt served all day thing- maybe not all day breakfast (adb run/rollout one and two) but run three they introduced it cuz it was crazy high in demand

  20. I agree that McRib is probably the most iconic recurring fast food item, but if you tried it, i think it's hard to argue that the Crispy Chicken Parm sandwich at Burger King isn't fucking amazing. I think it's the best sandwich Burger King has ever had on their menu. Haven't tried it Spicy though

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