Top 10 Pizza Chain Restaurants

Top 10 Pizza Chain Restaurants

No matter where you get it from, pizza has a way of making everything better. Welcome to, and today
we’ll be counting down our picks, for the “Top 10 Pizza Chain Restaurants”. For this list, we’re taking a look at American restaurant
franchises that are best known for their pizza, we’re ranking entries
not only based on popularity, but also the quality and taste of the pizza in question. For the longest time you couldn’t walk
through a shopping mall food court, and airport terminal, or the streets of NewYork without
encountering this familiar pizzeria. Having filed for bankruptcy twice, Sbarro isn’t quite as widespread as it once was. When people do come across this chain though, they’re certain to suddenly
develop a craving for Italian food. Whether you’re in the mood for a
traditional New York slice, stuffed pizza or stromboli, Sbarro remains the
perfect place for a quick bite. This hip, laid-back restaurant initially
gained popularity on college campuses, over the years however, locations have
expanded to urban areas for everyone to enjoy. In that sense, Mellow Mushroom is kind of
like the Facebook of pizza places. In addition to having a refreshingly groovy decor, the chain also offers a distinctive
selection of sandwiches, calzones, and of course, pizzas. The thick savory crust brings every
Mellow Mushroom pizza full circle, complete with mouth-watering cheese and sauce. Is there a funkier mascot out
there than “Mel O. Mushroom”? Sometimes people have a
hard time deciding what toppings to put on a pizza, if you’re in the mood for a little bit of everything, this buffet restaurant is bound to leave you satisfied. CiCi’s allows their customers to try a
wide range of different pizzas, in addition to having traditional taste, their menu also includes adventurous
items like “Mac & Cheese Pizza”. If you’re more
into deep dish or flat bread, CiCi’s has you covered in those
departments as well, depending on the extent of your appetite, you’ll want to grab a slice of every
pizza CiCi’s has on display. With its festive Renaissance faire atmosphere, Round Table Pizza is the ideal restaurant for families. It’s also a hot spot for birthday
parties and other celebrations, as for the pizza, it’s a feast fit for a king. From “Montague’s All Meat Marvel”
to “Guinevere’s Garden Delight”, to “King Arthur’s Supreme”, the menu has no shortage of legendary combinations, some locations even include a buffet
with plenty of cuisine to go around. If there isn’t a Round Table Pizza in your kingdom? Embark on a
delicious quest and seek out this enchanting eatery. Papa Murphy’s combines the quality of
takeout pizza with the convenience of frozen pizza. In a highly
innovative set up, the pizza is prepared at the establishment, but the customer
must bake it at home. While that might sound like extra work, this “Take N’ Bake” system allows people to
get their pizza hot and fresh out of the oven, Papa Murphy’s also lets patrons
customize their pie, whether you’re in the mood for thin
crust, stuff crust, or pan, don’t forget to pick up a delectable
“S’Mores Pizza” for dessert. California doesn’t get as much credit
for their pizza as New York or Chicago. However you can always rely on CPK to
deliver a flavorful personal pie, be crispy thin crust or hand-tossed, naturally specializing in California style pizza, this restaurant change serves up a
variety of unique inventive dishes. While we’re not sure, if their original
BBQ chicken pizza is actually… the “original BBQ chicken pizza”? It is scrumptious as everything else on
their lengthy menu, as far as casual dining experiences go, California Pizza Kitchen is as classy as it gets. Julius Caesar once famously said, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” A competitive eater
would likely say the same thing, if they downed a bacon-wrapped
deep dish pizza from Little Caesars. Known for their hot and ready products, this successful pizza franchise offers speedy
service and cheap prices, on top of that, it was one of the first pizza
chains to include a drive-through window, and to be featured in stadium. Most importantly, their pizza and Crazy
Bread are simply irresistible. What else can be said except, “Pizza! Pizza!” How can you go wrong with a pizza
endorsed by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Domino’s has been an iconic piece of
chain for decades, but it’s undergone some major
changes in the past few years, approaching its 50th anniversary, the company decided to reinvent their
pizza recipe to appease customers. If you ask most pizza munchers, Domino’s has changed for the better with zestier sauce, richer crust, and more flavorful cheese, even if you’re nostalgic for the old recipe, Domino’s pizza is sure to tickle your tastebuds. That is, unless the Noid ruins it. “Better ingredients, better pizza.” Papa John’s has always lived by that motto, delivering one of the most explosively
delicious pizzas in the fast food industry. Complete with succulent cheese and
heavenly crust, every slice of Papa John’s pizza tastes
like a Super Bowl party in your mouth. Speaking of football, the company has
notably become the official pizza of the the NFL, even picking up Peyton Manning as a spokesperson. Despite starting off in the broom
closet of his father’s tavern, John Schnatter is creation has truly
grown into a pizza phenomenon. Before we chow
down on our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions. It’s hard to beat a pie from Pizza Hut, sure, it might not seem glamorous or fancy, but pizza lovers can’t help but
get excited every time they see that red roof. Aside from its juicy cheese and savory sauce, Pizza Hut primarily stands out thanks to its crust, their stuffed crust in particular may
even have you eating your pizza backwards. The very definition of comfort food, it’s not at all surprising, that Pizza Hut
is still the top pizza retailer in the world. By the way, are we the only ones that
really miss those “Pizza Head” commercials? Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite pizza chain? For more entertaining “Top 10’s published everyday, be sure to subscribe to!

100 Replies to “Top 10 Pizza Chain Restaurants

  1. One Time my Uncle got a pizza from Round Table
    Never heard of that place at the time but when i tasted that slice of
    Pepperoni Suasage & Bacon Mushroom Onion & Olive Pizza for The First Time ..

    I thought to myself..


  2. Biggest pro of the list:
    Mellow Mushroom is on the list

    Biggest con of the list:
    They f*cking put Cici’s over it…

  3. This video is horrible – completely disagree with their rankings. Obviously this is a commercial review not done by anyone who remotely knows good pizza. This review is part of the corporate machine and to be passed by. VERY few chains even come close to good pizza – Domino's, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns…..seriously these are horrible pizzas – bland taste – a greasy salty mishmash of indistinguishable flavors regardless of toppings – go ahead – get your next Domino's order and see if that description doesn't describe it. Whoever made this needs to stop – cease and desist from offering any opinions on things of taste and flavor. For the money/value – IF YOU CAN FIND a Little Caesars franchise that does it correctly (many do not which gives the whole chain a bad rep) they are hard to beat. Little Caesars Deep Dish pizzas and bread sticks are fantastic when made right – and it is very cheap. Jets Pizza has potential but they are extremely expensive for what you get – the deep dish BBQ chicken pizza from Jets is awesome and their cheese-sticks are great IF MADE CORRECTLY. CPK is not everyone's cup of tea – it is a gimmicky pizza (taste Ok but forgettable). Mello Mushroom is Ok – not terrible – not great (priced high for what you get). Most of these pizzas on this list do not heat up well the next day – a good pizza will heat up well and taste delicious again the next day….most of the pizzas they reviewed are terrible the next day. CiCi's is horrible. I have not had Round Table Pizza – but I would argue that Costco Pizza is better than most of these. Marco's Pizza is an up and comer…

  4. If my girl👧😍 and my beyblades💯🔥 are both drowning🌊😦 and I could only save one😄☝️you can catch me letting it rip😤 at my girls funeral😅👻💀 cause it's bey blade or catch a fade my nigga🙏👊😠💯😭

  5. Jets Pizza > Little Caesar’s
    As someone who has worked extensively at both, Jet’s is better quality product and is more focused on making good pizza than making pizza quick. Spend the extra money on Jet’s if you have one near you

  6. Ci cis is terrible. Blanned flavorless pizza. The best thing there is the mac n cheese pizza. But there other pizza is just bad.

  7. Who put this stupid list.. Domino's is the best ever..
    Pizza hut is kids flavor and so fat..
    Papa johns.. Stupid name and thick dough and no professional work..

  8. #4 Little Ceasers???? I live in NY. Where most of these chains can't compete. Little Caesars is only in Walmart. And O Boy is it depressing.

  9. MOD is my new fav, i like most everything and they can pile it on and still have the crust hold it (it's the brick oven, conveyer oven would f it up)

  10. Papa Johns is garbage pizza..puke!!!! Barros Chicago style pizza in Arizona is the best…sweet sauce, lots of mozzerella cheese and pepperonis up the gazoo…yum yum…

  11. papa murphys is the only chain that hasnt gotten worse over the years because they cheap out. Ill fly with the Barron before ill order from dominos or pizza hut, for that matter basicaly anywhere.

  12. Hungry Howie's is in honorable mention? Everybody involved in making this video and this list are about the stupidest people I've ever heard Hungry Howie's is in the top five pizza companies in the world.

  13. Pizza hut in CINCINNATI,Ohio is a horrible joke so is mellow mushroom thebest pizza is rockafellas in sharonville and most larosa pizza locations!!

  14. I've only heard about 2 of these companies. Dominoes, and Pizza Hut. Where's "Pizza Company", and Peppes Pizza ? Oh, and BTW, I don't like it when the bread are thick.
    I'm from Norway, but I have traveled to Asia a lot.
    Sorry, Peppes might be a 100% Norwegian pizza place.

  15. cici's belongs on the top ten worst pizzas at number 1. This list is a joke, papa johns, and pizza hut are both trash too.

  16. pizza hut is really inconsistent.  papa murphy's stuffed crust Chicago pizzas are the bomb.  marco's is solid.  otherwise, go with the mom and pop joints.

  17. No, I don't agree with your list. How did Cici's Pizza make it but not Marco's or Russo's? Domino's is better than Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut tastes like cardboard with sauce and cheese.

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