Top 10 Disneyland Snacks

Top 10 Disneyland Snacks

hello everyone I'm Amanda Provost and today on Provost perk paths we are bringing you the top 10 best snacks here I Disneyland let's go eat number 10 I'm Mickey Mouse pretzel where else can you get a pretzel in the shape of Mickey Mouse located at coca-cola corn that's an apple you can get it right off of Main Street at coca-cola corner Mickey Mouse pretzels come and plain jalapeno or cream cheese flavored I've never had one so is the dragon it's adorable it's almost too cute to eat I'm gonna eat it looks pretty good it's super warm and very flaky a little better eat just a little bit of salt good I like a pretzel for the win a little bit more healthy right when you come out of Star Tours you will find a produce stand these crudo produce tins have pickles pineapples and even hummus the number 9 on our list is of course a dill pickles pickles pickles I'm kind of gagging even thinking about eating this but for you guys I'm going to eat one of these Disney pickles oh they almost like shaking how do you even eat a pickle to just chop into it you have to cut it up oh my god oh it's not freaky pickle lovers this is for you and it's not for me I'm gonna have that taste in my mouth all day now Memory utter list is popcorn but it's actually number one on my list I love tough word you can get popcorn in Disneyland throughout the entire parks but my favorite spot is right off of Main Street I smell that buttery smell and I get my popcorn fix right at the beginning in my day my favorite thing about the popcorn is the butter and I like my popcorn drenched in butter but there's a pool of butter I would go swimming in it my Disneyland popcorn it's hot it's buttery it's salty it's okay get in my belly one of my favorite snacks at Disneyland is the chili lime corn on the cob I find it right in the middle of Main Street before you take the cast off delicious just a little bit healthier I mean it's a vegetable corner and kind of right I mean I'm stretching here but I'll take good steamed fresh out of the look car so good chili lime corn on the cob buttery zesty spicy one of my all-time favorite snacks here at Disneyland is to barbecue pork skewer at the van Gogh barbecue I go ride my favorite ride at Indiana Jones and then come get this party snacks I'll keep in mind with this snack it's super fatty it's super juicy super tender so you need to be hungry for it but it is delicious I've been waiting for this gear all day this is one of the snacks that I was most excited to eat the line for this can get kind of long but it goes pretty fast so if you really want a skewer I recommend it other skewers you can get at this single barbecue include vegetable skewers if you're a vegetarian they also have beef chicken and the famous asparagus rabbit bacon or the bacon-wrapped asparagus because bacon-wrapped asparagus either way oh me too come to mama first I'm going to get off all these little whatever all the vegetables I don't even need the vegetables I'm just oh my gosh get it this is so delicious it's like so tender melts in your mouth this sauce is a little bit spicy so be prepared for that it has a little bit of a kick number five on our list is chimichangas a define a chimichanga you actually have to go to Switzerland right next to the Matterhorn at idle wise snacks chimichangas IG Zealander actually one of the lesser-known hidden snacks I've never had one before so this is another new one for me I'm excited sweet I love this snack shop this is adorable welcome here just to look at it so cute alright here's my chimichanga all the way from the Matterhorn oh this area is one of my favorite places in all of Disneyland it's also kind of a lesser-known area where you can sit and eat your chimichangas from idle wise next you will watch the Ducks in the pond it's quieter there's not very many people here it's awesome okay now to eat this little guy I don't know what it is I think it's filled with beans maybe beans and maybe some meat too spicy located at the stage store cafe in Frontierland the mozzarella sticks this snack isn't always on the menu but it's delicious if you're in the mood for something crunchy and something cheesy and you happen to be in Frontierland this is your cafe is the stage Burt this stage-struck cafe is tucked back in this little corner next to the Golden Horseshoe saloon right across from the Mark Twain riverboat the cool thing about the mozzarella sticks is it's actually on the secret menu so if you go up to the seashore cafe order the mozzarella sticks even if you don't see them on the menu they'll know what you're talking about these are perfect they're warm they're gooey they're crunchy ready for your afternoon f another hidden gem for our top ten snacks is the lobster roll and this is located in Harbor galley which is close to Haunted Mansion right before you head over to Splash Mountain I've never tried a lobster roll in fact I didn't even know it was a thing until we started searching all of Disneyland to bring you the best top ten snap oh that looks so good the lobster roll I have been so excited to try this all day oh it's way different than what I expected it almost tastes kind of fruity like lemony I don't know if they have a lemon zest on it but it's delicious it's really good cold lobster salad on a soft roll I don't even like lobster this is delicious you can't visit Disneyland without trying one of the famous big juicy chunky turkey legs you can buy your turkey leg in Main Street right across from Big Thunder Mountain there's also two other places you can find a turkey leg you can find it at the hub which is right up with me on the way to the castle where I got my yummy delicious corn on the cob and you can also find it at idle wife's next right by the matter word where I got my chimichanga I brought with me a couple other turkeys to try this turkey leg turkey number one but number one turkey number two I guess that makes me a turkey number three I'm gonna use a turkey the cool thing about the turkey leg is they give you this nice little convenience to go back a little snack to go when you're done with your did today but you still want a turkey leg but you're full because you ain't ten others next thank you go oh my gosh for those of you apples wondering what a turkey leg is it's a leg so good tastes a little smoky dark meat it's juicy super tender just like Thanksgiving dinner felt better I feel kind of like a caveman eating this round reporting live from New Zealand member one honorless is of course the world-famous disneyland corndogs if you want a Disneyland corndog one of the best places to find them is right off of Main Street when you walk down Main Street towards the Capitol go right and the little hand dipped corn dog cart will be waiting for you if you want to get a corn dog keep in mind that you're going to have to wait in line everyone got the memo that Disneyland corndogs are amazing with this corndog you get a choice between sliced apples or a bag of chips so looks like two snacks and one thank you toasty warm this is a lot bigger than I expected I expected some like puny little thing but I can see what people are talking about this is really good okay this is better than just like your typical everyday corn dog I expect you to just like the breading to be saying it is kind of you know just wrapped around the core dogs like a usual corn dogs but this is delicious like this has a ton of yummy deep-fried it tastes like breading I hope even got to that hot dog cart yet oh that's good come I love this no wonder it's number one the hot dog itself is like really juicy the breading is delicious crunchy soft in the middle the hot dog is hot waiting thanks everyone for watching those are our top 10 best savoury snacks here hi Lucille and if you thought of a snack that we forgot go ahead and leave it in the comments below we would love to hear from you now don't forget to hit that subscribe button and if you're looking for treats that are a little bit more sweet we have a top 10 best disney desserts that you can watch right here if you want to see more into our family let's go ahead and subscribe to this vlog just the Provos and have a great rest of your day thanks for watching guys thanks so much

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  1. EXCUSE ME what happens to the churros so sad RIP churros everyone pray for the churros 🙁 ( no offense though :D)

  2. Loved this video! Sorry you sacrificed your taste buds on that pickle. I personally like pickles, but that's my choice. Note to your husband: Your wife is entertaining, funny, and very pretty. You are, indeed, a blessed man. Both of you continue making these videos. Both funny and entertaining!!

  3. Go to Stage Door Cafe to get the corndog. Less of a line and you get fries for a side.

  4. Amanda you have to not think that the pickle is bad or else it will be bad if you learn to like them then you will learn that they are amazing on a hot summer day 😉

  5. At universal hollywood near the Jurassic Park ride the restaurant next to it they call the turkey leg the dinosaur leg or something along those lines.

  6. I'm feeling very sorry for your husband that you couldn't figure out how to eat a pickle and a corndog :'(

  7. I really want to try a Mickey Mouse pretzel! Ive only been to Disneyland three times, and I have tried a Pineapple dole whip because they are dairy free and i gotta say, they were pretty darn good!

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