Top 10 BEST McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys EVER!!!

Top 10 BEST McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys EVER!!!

McDonald’s Happy Meal toys have become a part
of Americana. They first appeared in the summer of 1979. Beloved by kids in the USA, they are also
prized in other countries. Kids know that their Happy Meals will include
exciting toys that are right on-trend, as well as the usual fast food. These little toys have always been a clear
reflection of exactly where pop culture is at. While there are loads of McDonald’s toys to
choose from, we’ve narrowed down the field to these top ten McDonald’s toys that really
caused a sensation. Mini Furby Toys Were In Demand Remember Furby toys? The full-sized toys were robotic and electronic…and
fuzzy! They were created by Tiger Electronics and
they were released in 1998. Furby toys looked a bit like owls or hamsters. They were really popular, after being launched
during the winter holidays, and sales stayed strong for two full years, before the Furby
fad started dying down a little bit. The full-sized Furby toys began talking in
a language known as Furbish. Over time, they would begin to say things
in English. It was like the toys were learning a whole
new language. McDonald’s jumped onto the bandwagon by offering
Furby toys that were compact enough to travel along with kids wherever they went. The McDonald’s Happy Meal toys didn’t make
any noise. These silent and miniature versions of Furbys
may have been appreciated by parents, because some people found the noise that full-sized
Furbys emitted to be a bit annoying. Mickey D’s began offering these toys with
Happy Meals in 1999. There were many different mini-Furby toys,
in different colors. All had the same googly eyes and funny expressions. Kids could collect a bunch of these pint-sized
toys, in hot pink, white, canary yellow and tons of other colors. The toys even had a little bit of faux-fur
on the top of their heads. Loving this blast from the past so far? If you’re new here, show us some love to by
hitting that subscribe button and ringing that bell to join our notification squad. Tamagotchi Keychains Were A Fun Novelty The Tamagotchi keychains that were included
in Happy Meals didn’t have all of the features of the Japanese digital toys, but both versions
had distinctive egg shapes. A typical Tamagotchi keychain offered in a
Happy Meal in the late 1990s included a plastic case with a special digital feature. In case you’ve forgotten, Tamagotchi toys
were digital pets, which were launched in Japan in 1996. By 2010, more than 76 million of these toys
were sold all over the world. That’s a lot of digital pets! The version offered by McDonald’s featured
an egg that measured two and a quarter inches in height. Tamagotchi digital pets were inspired by real
animals, or people, or objects. The versions sold in stores usually had three
buttons which allowed Tamagotchi owners to interact with their digital pets. Tamagotchis were definitely one of the biggest
toy fads during the 1990s. McDonald’s made a lot of kids happy by offering
them stripped-down versions of these popular toys, right along with their french fries
and other McDonald’s Happy Meal food. Kids could collect all of the Happy Meal Tamagotchis
and have fun playing with them, even though they didn’t have as many interactivity features
as the original toys. Changeables Got Kids Excited Kids were McLovin’ it when the famous American
fast food chain offered Changeables in Happy Meals. These exciting and whimsical toys started
appearing in Happy Meals in 1987. Also known as McRobots, Changeables were transformable
toys, except for certain toys which were made especially for the under three crowd. Kids loved Changeables. With a Changeable, a kid had the power to
transform a burger into a fierce robot, or something along those lines. The figures were known for being well-made,
with plenty of fun details. They were imaginative toys that kids enjoyed
playing with. Thanks to these lovable little toys, McDonald’s
food stayed on the minds of kids long after their Happy Meals were consumed. Ice cream cones, burger cartons and Big Macs
were easily transformed into ultra-cool McRobots, which could battle other McRobots or just
hang out with fellow Changeables. With this particular collection of Happy Meal
toys, McDonald’s definitely succeeded in capturing the imaginations of kids. More than a few adults remember them fondly. Some have hung onto their Changeables, while
others only wish that they had. Inspector Gadget Toys Were Unique And Trendy Some of the most adored Happy Meal toys from
yesteryear now fetch a pretty penny at auction and Inspector Gadget toys are definitely prized
by collectors. If you’re lucky enough to own all eight of
the Happy Meal toys that form an entire Inspector Gadget figure, you may want to sell it, even
though you might find it hard to part with your treasure. Collectors are paying big bucks for completed
Inspector Gadget figures. This “go go Gadget” figure dates back to 1995
and people are paying as much as three hundred and fifty  bucks for completed figures nowadays. The figure looks just like actor, Matthew
Broderick, who played Inspector Gadget in the movies. This was a cute and fun McDonald’s promotion. The fact that you’d get a fairly sizeable
figure when you had all of the parts made it especially unique and intriguing. It was kitschy, fun and silly. That’s everything that a Happy Meal toy collection
should be. Sky Dancers Sparked Children’s Imaginations Kids who were fans of Sky Dancers loved it
when McDonald’s added Sky Dancer toys to Happy Meals. These toys started making their way into Happy
Meal boxes in 1996. Sky Dancers were flying princesses, with romantic
names, such as Swan Shimmer, Rosemerry and Princess Pegasus. Sure, these particular toys may have been
a bit more popular with girls, but the Sky Dancers enjoyed sensational popularity – even
boys loved them, too. Toys should be for any children who enjoy
them. After McDonald’s starting adding small Sky
Dancers to Happy Meals, they became even more popular. The Happy Meal promotion may have set the
stage for a TV spin-off, which happened the very same year that the toys were given out
to children in their Happy Meals. In the spin-off, characters got new names
and then went to a dance academy. Sky Dancer toys could be launched into the
air once they were propelled from their plastic bases. A string needed to be pulled to make the toys
fly. Once they were airborne, their wings would
spin like mini-propellers. Children appreciated these flying princess
toys. They were special because they could do something
that most toys couldn’t. They could move through the air, at least,
for a little while. This gave these toys a magical quality. Muppet Treasure Island Toys Were For Bath
Time The Muppet Treasure Island bath toys offered
in Happy Meals were so cute. Most of us have a soft spot for the Muppets. Maybe we even have favorite Muppets. With these toys, kids – and possibly some
adults – had the opportunity to soak in the tub as they played with one or more toys from
the four-toy collection. When kids ordered Happy Meal toys during this
promotion, which started in 1996, they might receive Kermit playing the role of Captain
Smollet. Kermit sat in a little pirate ship and the
ship’s cannon squirted water out of its front. Another possibility was receiving a toy of
Miss Piggy as Benjamina Gunn. She relaxed on a pool lounger and the color
of her skirt would change when it came into contact with warm water. Gonzo was also a part of this collection. He was in a boat that featured a paddle wheel
on its underside. When kids pushed down on bundles of gold situated
at the backs of the boats, the paddle wheels would spin. The last toy from the Muppet Treasure Island
collection was Fozzie Bear. He played the role of Squire Trelawney and
he floated in a barrel. Kids could push his head up or down. McDonald’s also offered “under three” toys
for little ones, which were designed to be very safe. One example was a four-page book that could
be read in the bathtub. Kids under three couldn’t play with the other
“over three” toys because they had pieces which were a choking hazard. Pokéballs Were A Hot Craze Pokemon Go was a recent craze that an enormous
amount of people tried. People of all ages were wandering around their
neighborhoods, trying to catch ’em all. While Pokemon Go is awesome and unique, and
possibly a bit too distracting to be a totally safe activity, it certainly wasn’t the first
Pokemon craze. Pokemon has been going strong for ages and
McDonald’s once offered Pokeball keychains in Happy Meals, which were really popular
with kids. These Pokeballs were crafted from plastic,
like most Happy Meal toys, and they contained teensy Pokemon figures. Every ball would open up to reveal a miniature
Pokemon. Kids wanted to get all of the characters that
they loved best. Pikachu was often on the top of their lists
but trying to catch them all was part of the fun! Hello Kitty Toys Were Beloved Hello Kitty is a perennial fave with kids
and adults alike, so it’s not surprising that McDonald’s has offered lots of cute and fun
little kitty toys in Happy Meals over the years. Some were plush and adorable. They wore little McDonald’s outfits, such
as Ronald McDonald-style suits or Hamburglar striped ensembles. It’s safe to say that many kids were thrilled
to open their Happy Meal boxes and find Hello Kitty toys inside. McDonald’s has actually offered some amazing
toys over the years and these ones are definitely standouts. Happy Meal watches and body stickers were
also offered, to name just a couple of other examples. In 2016, another round of exciting Hello Kitty
by Sanrio toys were offered, including a Chocolat Furniture Store, a Hello Kitty Fashion Boutique
and a Hello Kitty House. Kids could customize the little plastic buildings
with stickers that also came with their Mickey D’s kid’s meals. Collectors can find an extensive range of
Hello Kitty Happy Meal Toys on eBay and other online platforms. There are tons of older Happy Meal toys for
sale online. Disney Masterpiece Collection Toys Were Special If you’re into the Disneyverse, with its black-and-white
morality, gentle princesses, and evil queens, you’ll probably enjoy learning about Disney
Masterpiece Collection Happy Meal toys. These toys came in mini-VHS-style boxes. The boxes contained plastic figurines, including
Scat Cat from The Aristocats, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Merlin from The Sword in the
Stone, Aladdin from Return to Jafar and of course a few classic Disney princesses. Snow White and Cinderella were in the collection
and Robin Hood was, too. These figures measured four inches in height
and they were crafted from resin. They had awesome video cases that made them
even more special. These keepsakes honored the superb animation
classics that helped to build the Disney empire. Today, kids are still digging Disney. If you want every figure in this collection,
you should know that complete sets are available online. The whole set does look pretty cool when all
of the cases and figures are displayed together. There are actually tons of Happy Meal toys
for sale online. People are making money selling them, because
collectors want them. While some of the toys are worth next to nothing,
others have impressive retail prices. Teenie Beanie Babies Were A Sensation Ty Beanie Babies were a mega-craze and McDonald’s
took advantage of the popularity of these plush toys by offering a collection of Teenie
Beanie Babies in Happy Meals. One notable example was a Grimace Beanie Baby,
who had all of the charm of the large, purple McDonald’s mascot, albeit on a slightly smaller
scale. McDonald’s mascots like Grimace are really
pretty hilarious and they do have retro charm. There is a Texas McDonald’s which features
these characters on the outside of the restaurant. The fast food joint is shaped like a giant
Happy Meal. While you won’t get a Teenie Beanie Baby at
this Dallas McDonald’s these days, it’s safe to say that a lot of kids loved getting Grimace
Beanie Babies from Mickey D’s back in the day. This particular Happy Meal toy collection
was launched in 1997. One hundred million of these plush toys were
given away in just fourteen days. McDonald’s knew that kids would want these
toys, but were still surprised by the demand. Some toy crazes, like Beanie Babies and Cabbage
Patch Kids, really motivated kids and parents. People would fight over the original toys
at stores. Today, unlike some Happy Meal toys, Teenie
Beanie Babies are not rare and valuable. They were in fierce demand, but so many of
them made it into the hands of kids and adults. They don’t have any real value nowadays, unlike
completed Inspector Gadget figures. Now that you have the inside scoop on the
top 10 Happy Meal toys, be sure to let us know if you agree with our picks. And be sure to stick around – we’ve got way
more videos for you to check out. All you have to do is point and click. Looking to become an official Babbletopper? Click on the join link in the description
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  2. 2016 my sister was sick so my uncle went out to get her a happy meal and she got a blue fishing house with a grumpy looking cat inside I think that's what made her get better the next day!

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  12. I don’t if this is in the US too, but in 2008, British McDonald’s put out these music players. They were kind of shaped like an MP3 player with something you could pull up at the top, then it showed a picture of a singer or band and play a part of a song by them. Honestly they were, in my opinion, the best toys at British McDonald’s. I think they had Sugababes, girls aloud, McFly and a few others.

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