This NYC Restaurant Is Hidden in a Freight Entrance

This NYC Restaurant Is Hidden in a Freight Entrance

(cars honking) – [Announcer] Hidden in New
York City’s garment district, on 37th Street, between 8th
and 9th Avenues, building 306, lies a one-of-a-kind freight entrance, and inside, you’ll find deliveries
and something delicious. You weren’t expecting that, were you? I told you it was hidden. (upbeat music)
Inconspicuous at first, but take a closer look
through these doors, and you’ll find a small but
mighty Latin American restaurant called Aquario cafe. Meet the owner. Thank you, enjoy. Enjoy. (knife banging) – [Announcer] The menu
is constantly changing, but customers can usually
expect pollo guisado, rabo guisado, espaguetis Dominicanos, and the most popular of them all. – Goat meat. We gotta make everyday
because they love goat meat. (speaking in foreign language) – [Announcer] But I know
what you’re thinking. Why choose to open a restaurant
in such a small place? – [Announcer] He sells
hundreds of these plates a day, and his success is all
thanks to word of mouth. (speaking in foreign language) I’m never going to move from here. (quirky music)

100 Replies to “This NYC Restaurant Is Hidden in a Freight Entrance

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  2. Honest family earning their lively hood by feeding delicious meals people with less profit! May you get thousands of customers!

  3. He a master chef with a touch of his own traditional style of food and at a very reasonable price……WOOHOO 🙌🏼💋

  4. A place like this should be hidden. All they are serving up is inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, strokes, constipation, etc. Food for the thoughtless and broke!

  5. Damn inspirational. To do this everyday with a smile and from that small place with so much happiness. I am mollycoddle with things and people like this put me to shame. It's good. I need this. Also check out the dosa guy in NYC central park.

  6. I love seeing people that are so genuine. It's a rarity to see someone so happy to go to work, and someone that actually cares about each customer they have. I hope his business continues to grow. If I'm ever in New York, I'll be sure to make a trip to his restaurant. I haven't had goat meat in a long time. And that all looks delicious!

  7. Dominicans, especially Cibaeños we always have a smile on our face, always, no matter how hard life is, we always look at the positive things in life. That man is a true Cibaeño.

  8. I don't know why everyone in the comments thinks that NY only has expensive food. That's just not true. There's a ton of places like this in Manhattan.

  9. If I were in NYC, I would go here just because of how passionate he is about his business and how he treats his customers. You don't see that in "chain" restaurants.

  10. FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKK!!! This is why the internet sucks. Now this place is going to be packed with a bunch of fcking idiots who didn't know it existed but now are going to come to be cool and shit. UGH!!! Little spots like this should be kept secret!!

  11. I love how several people in the comments think 5 bucks for a full meal is a lot. Here in Italy, the food is mostly good, but for 5 bucks you can just barely buy a sandwich.
    A Big Mac at McDonald's is 4,20 euros. That's 4,65 $. Just the burger, if you add coke and fries it's 7,20.

  12. It's so nice when you get to see someone put real passion into the food they sell, as a buyer you can see its not a corporate machine it's real love and hearty food, and tbh that's all you need for a successful restaurant

  13. you open in a small place and its Ma an Pop place, with good food. Once you go big you lose the essence of Ma and Pop and the food seems to disappear so is the taste.

  14. Is this place for real? Where can you eat real food… or even bad food for $5 a plate? Please come to LA! On the other hand, LA will probably ruin it.

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