This is why Guadalajara is my FAVORITE CITY in Mexico!

This is why Guadalajara is my FAVORITE CITY in Mexico!

hi I’m Janik and a few weeks ago I discovered my favorite place in Mexico but let’s start at the beginning my girlfriend and I were driving from San Luis Potosi to Guadalajara and the first thing we noticed was that the closer we got the greener our surroundings looked another day another vlog! -OMG.. -so we are in Guadalajara in our Airbnb look how big it is it is the fanciest airbnb we’ve ever been to.. we are about to head out to see the center of the city we finally arrived to Karne Garibaldi, it’s supposed to be the fastest restaurant in the world it has the Guinness record which of course we had to test out we ordered at 3:50.. Let’s see how long it will take, we ordered Carne en su Jugo it sounds really weird but i’m curious what it is and I ordered the big plate and Joss ordered the small plate two minutes later we had received beans, onion and cilantro time’s running… time is running guys and after five minutes we had our plates in front of us so according to the internet the record is thirty point five seconds until the meal came… for us it took four minutes.. a bit longer guys! since it was our first time we had no idea how to eat it properly… cilantro? no thanks… Guacamole? yes please! I’m impressed! very nice! very delicious because I’ve never tried it and it sounded disgusting.. I thought it was like blood but it’s so good! wow! well we just got out, we barely finished it. It was super much, it was delicious but it was a lot and I’m like… but sadly we don’t have time because now we’re gonna go to the center.. Guadalajara, Guadalajara! we are at the “Templo Expiatorio del Santísimo Sacramento”, we just arrived sadly we only had three hours left until sunset but we managed to see a couple of things we made it to the square here in front of the Cathedral of Guadalajara and it’s beautiful, there’s a bunch of people I don’t know why but it feels like this Plaza is the place to take photos as a Quinceañera behind me there’s one and we’re like “should we take a photo with her?” maybe I should try my Quinceañera dress on for a video so you can get excited about seeing me too… -if it still fits.. behind me there’s Hospicio Cabañas, one of the most recommended places that you guys told us on Instagram and I’m pretty excited to be here even though it’s closed.. Guadalajara, Guadalajara! so many things were originated in this area of Jalisco for example tequila, mariachis.. tortas ahogadas there’s so much Mexican culture or what foreigners know as Mexican culture here Guadalajara has a special place in my heart How beautiful Guadalajara! at night we went to an incredible park full of lights guys we made it to Calaverandia this is the first theme park of its kind in the world and it’s all about day of the dead so we really wanted to visit it right now that is here in Guadalajara and there’s a lot of copyrighted music in the background so you’re probably gonna get some cool epidemic sound songs now It is the Llorona! since Calaverandia is all about Day of the Dead it wouldn’t have been complete without a huge altar and mariachis.. we would love for you to hear them sing but we’re scared of copyright so let’s put something else on top but to show you a little bit of the atmosphere here are some clips of us singing well.. not sure that was better than our head-banging friend but jokes aside this park was amazing now we’re going into a neon zone! the neon zone turned out to be my favorite.. you’ll see why guys there was a weird soul that was scaring me twice and Janik didn’t record it! you see, when you spend a couple of hours in a park like this you will get carried away I gotta say I totally like this place they have so many talented people they have dancers, singers, acrobats and
the food is amazing too! and sadly now it’s time to go home.. we went out we couldn’t get back in because I don’t know.. they don’t let us but I really liked it and I can totally recommend it so.. was this my favorite part of our
trip? no, that one is still coming Guadalajara, Guadalajara! Guadalajara, Guadalajara! it’s our second day in Guadalajara, the second and last day! and now before we go out we just wanted to show you a little bit this amazing place that we got on Airbnb Hi, welcome to my crib! so here you have an amazing couch with a big TV and you can make the couch a bed so people can sleep here then we have kind of a bar with a view right there.. here we have a table to eat and we have a huge kitchen with a huge stove and Joss thinks she’s a model.. let’s keep going to the other rooms we can dance, we can choreograph! our first bathroom.. sadly the toilet clogged.. -because of Janik.. -we have a bedroom we have the kids bedroom -Just in case Janik makes me angry… we have our second bathroom and a guest bathroom -Leave on the comments how much do you think we paid for this we paid… a thousand pesos a night for all of this! if you have never used Airbnb (this is not sponsored) and you want to try it, we have a discount code for you in the description down below click on it and you get a discount and at the same time we get a small kickback which helps us to make these videos it’s a win-win! if you don’t have to travel soon, you can still register with that link and when you travel in the future you’re gonna have that amount of money still available for you -and now, you’re
ready to go outside? -Let’s go! welcome to Tlaquepaque!.. we’re here, we’re gonna have breakfast now and we’re gonna eat tortas something.. I forgot the name but let’s go! guys we are in Tlaquepaque and I find this place so much prettier than Guadalajara… don’t hate on me! but it looks so beautiful it’s like a magical town and with that we get to my new favorite place in Mexico our plan was to go have breakfast, but now we saw this amazing beautiful little place here and I can already understand why so many people told us to come here because it looks amazing! guys we are here with our breakfast! Tortas ahogadas! Joss is gonna explain how to eat it because I have no idea I have no idea either I’ve never tried them! can you believe that? I really need to get more out of my house I asked the guy and he told me they give you the torta and you have to shower it with the sauce that they give you and then you can put onions on top and a little bit of chili and then you just eat it and enjoy your life what we created the next 10 minutes didn’t look great… Hopefully this is how you do it.. that’s how we prepared it with tomato juice or whatever it is.. onion and lemon juice eating it was difficult but the taste… I like the tomato sauce very… I like the tomato sauce! it is super nice! it is one of those things that I always said I didn’t like but I never really tried it so I never gave it a chance but it’s very
good I don’t know what is better tacos or this… -What?! and while we were eating I came to a conclusion.. if I would live in Mexico maybe I would live in Tlaquepaque.. or Tulum of course – I mean it is at the beach I mean look at this right in front of us there’s a security car… but it just looks nice, don’t you think? -yes. after we finished we kept walking around
this beautiful town we drank Jalisco’s famous Tejuino for the first time we got distracted by some of our lovely subscribers wow, super different than what I expected interesting! It is not bad! I kind of liked it! it’s refreshing, it’s fruity.. -which one do you like better? -probably this one with ice cream oh my god! The ice cream one is amazing! -and with every step I was falling more in love with Tlaquepaque.. this is probe my favorite place in entire Mexico what? -I don’t know dude! behind us there are people walking in the streets, there is music playing, they’re Birds washing themselves in the fountain and there are palm trees and whenever there are palm trees for Germans that means “beach, paradise” I’m so happy it makes me want to cry that you like it so much! -don’t cry cuz it has been a long time like trying to find something that you truly love and I see Janik’s face when he’s here he’s like.. it’s magical, he’s so in love with it! now I want to travel more through Mexico! my fascination didn’t stop there It is imcredible guys every Street, every place we go to in this city! I’m impressed! It looks so beautiful! and I think that the secret recipe is just put stuff up between those houses… it looks nice guys! I don’t want to leave Tlaquepaque yet.. -you are so in love! -I totally like it I was walking in the streets looking through gates of houses and inside they had big trees! beautiful gardens everywhere! man! it’s amazing dude and somehow there were a lot of our subscribers here.. yeah we met our subscribers yeah and now we’re going back to Guadalajara because later we want to have a meet and great with y’all Guadalajara, Guadalajara! now there was one last thing on our list.. we’re here in front of Bosque los Colomos sadly Joss talked in the meeting for so long it wasn’t me, it was you and I have proof! but now the Sun is pretty much gone, it’s gonna get dark and there are a lot of mosquitoes here we have a lot of things we didn’t see, we definitely have to come back for sure yeah you guys on the meet and great told us so many things that we missed we already know.. you don’t have to tell us in the comments yeah.. but we’re gonna come back for sure because Janik fell in love with this place see you next time and that sums up our trip to Guadalajara, we’re almost back in SLP we left Guadalajara, sadly because I really wished we would have stayed a little bit longer We wanted to stay but it did not work out.. this is the end of the video guys we hope you liked it if you did give us a thumbs up subscribe to our channel if you’re not already we’ll see you next week adios muchachos Tschüss!

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  1. I love this video!! And more the Neón zone! Yanik you’re awesome with camera!! The photography was stunning!! And obviously all Guadalajara is beautiful!! I want to be there right now 😊

  2. Si les gustó Tlaquepaque, amaran San Cristóbal de las Casas, está en Chiapas y es bellísimo. Vengan y conozcan Chiapas <3

  3. Mi hermosa ciudad natal Guadalajara y por supuesto en Tlaquepaque íbamos los Domingos a comernos un elote y una nieve raspada.
    Tonalá es la otra ciudad para las artesanías.

  4. I'm learning english, i few months ago i discovered this channel, and i love it❤ i don't use subtitles because i understeand perfectly ❤, i understeand your accent, it's perfect. Keep doing videos, i love watching you:3

  5. Hola bonito dia, les fallo comer la torta ahogada, se come como si fuera un bolis, espero puedan venir otra vez les faltan muchos bellos lugares que conocer, besos

  6. JAJAJAAJA mencantan las expresiones de Janik! Que bueno que les gusto mi preciosa ciudad. Y la carne en su jugo es lo mejor del mundo 😍 hay mucho arte y mucha historia que ver en esta ciudad y todos sus alrededores, ojalá puedan volver pronto 😌👌

  7. Aww!! You guys came to my city!! Hopefully next time you come I can meet you two! And this time show you how we really eat tortas ahogadas here🙊

  8. You didn't have chance to visit Tequila and take a tour!?? Highly recommended!! Also you guys need to visit Chihuahua! La sierra es fantastica… parece que estas en otro lugar paradise!!! Sobre todo si van en invierno!!🥰

  9. Janik podrías decirme como rentar una casa así en Guadalajara por algunos días esta mejor que un hotel te lo agradecería

  10. Why do foreigners always describe food as "nice"? I've spoken English for close to 40 years now and still have no idea what the hell they're trying to say. I judge my food by the taste and appearance, not the "niceness" (whatever that even means – I believe it is an undefined concept since nice applies to shit like cars and computers)..

  11. Estoy tan feliz de ver que les gusto la ciudad, me hubiera encantado haber ido al M&G, espero vuelvan pronto chicos, I LOVED THE VIDEO!!♥

  12. Guys I’m from Guadalajara and is so nice to hear that you love it 😍!!
    Next time go visit Tapalpa and Mazamitla

  13. That's not how you're supposed to eat tortas ahogadas hahaha you would need a lot more sauce to eat it properly, guys ❤️

  14. Por fin algo le gusto a Janik jaja pero me gusta que sean muy sinceros y no finjan cuando algo no les gusta, espero conozcan más lugares
    Deberían ir a la sótano de las golondrinas en San Luis Potosí, no se si ya han ido pero sería genial verla en su canal porque su edición es genial
    O la cascada de Tamul

  15. Te falto Tonalá, Cuando regresen visiten Chapala, Tequila, Mazamitla, Barra de Navidad , pero creo que Janik quedará enamorado de Chápala

  16. Awesome video guys! I can not believe how beautiful it is there. Thank you for showing us the beauty of Tlaquepaque! I will definitely be visiting. Much love from California ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Guys, you did the torta ahogada all wrong. Torta Ahogada means drowned sandwich, so you were complaining about it being really hard to eat, it was because you forgot to drown it first. You must first cover all the sandwich in the tomato sauce to make it drowned…then it will become soft and delicious. And later you can add salsa picante if you choose to. It is really a wonderful type of sandwich from Jalisco but it must be covered in tomato sauce to be considered a drowned sandwich or torta ahogada.

  18. I love you so much because you not only make me want to discover other parts of the world but also my own country too.
    Viva México 🇲🇽❤️

  19. Made me want to cry! My parents are from a small town near lake Chapala which is about 1 hr away from Guadalajara and I have never been to GDL besides the airport 😂 hopefully this January saludos a los dos!! vuelvan y hagan un viaje por los pueblos MAgicos de Jalisco y el lago de Chapala

  20. Vuelvan por favor!!!!!! 😭😭😭 vengan a Tlaquepaque!!! Yo vivo en Tlaquepaque y no pude verlos!! 😭😭😭😭

  21. I love cilantro! I am going to Guadalajara next year in March! Anyone wants to give me a tour? Ire a Guadalajara el proximo año. Alguien que quiera darme un tour?

  22. Woooow , hasta a mi me dieron ganas de llorar que a janik le haya gustado y no soy de ahí hahahah que emoción! Ojalá conozcan más y se enamore mas. Mérida, yucatan es hermosoooo y hay muchísimo por ver

  23. ¡¡¡ Woooow !!! me ha encantado el video, las tomas, ver tantos colores de mi México hermoso, son increíbles ustedes dos y hacen un trabajo excelente con la edición y pfffff todoooo

  24. I have now traveled to many beautiful cities in Mexico. So many gems. Guadalajara is the far the dirtiest city I have ever been to. I wish it were not so.

  25. watching this as a proud tapatía makes my heart full of happiness, to know that my home is exactly as beautiful as I see it to other people is just amazing!! thank you so much!

  26. Es BELLÍSIMO! Y me imagino que en estas épocas más. Yo también tuve que regresar una 2da vez porque quedé fascinada con cada rincón ❤️

  27. Que hermoso es México, cada estado tiene su alma , comida y costumbres, vengan a Oaxaca, aquí los esperamos. Buen video.

  28. Me parece increíble que Janik esté muy contento conociendo México. ¿Ya conoció tu estado? La huasteca potosina es muy bonita. Abrazos 🤗

  29. I hope you come back soon
    Don’t forget to visit Tequila, Jalisco next time. I was crying watching all this, is so beautiful.

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