This Giant Seafood Feast is Korean Barbecue Like You’ve Never Seen Before — K-Town

This Giant Seafood Feast is Korean Barbecue Like You’ve Never Seen Before — K-Town

Hey, what’s up everyone? We are headed to Western Avenue, in the Korea town
neighborhood of Los Angeles. We’re going to Jae Bu
Do, which is a restaurant that specializes in grilling shellfish. Hey dude, what’re you
doing on my show, man? First of all, it’s Jae Bu Do. Secondly, are you really hungry right now? Because I’m gonna feed
you so much shellfish. It’s Korean barbecue, but no meat. It’s all seafood, it’s every
critter under the ocean. I cannot wait to eat this
food, it sounds delicious. What is Jae Bu Do mean? – [Matthew] “Do” is actually island. Okay, how do I order? Okay, so you point to
this one, and you say “eguh hana juseyo.” Eguh hana juseyo. Sea kumbu hana juseyo. Sea kumbu. Hana juseyo. Now what is this? See, we need this in
order to have our oysters straight from the pan. (upbeat music) So actually, this is not
everything we’re gonna get. You gotta be kidding. – [Matthew] I want you to
go from dining on a dime to dining in K-town. Don’t rub it in my face. You get to spend so much more
money than Dining On a Dime. I literally get ten cents. The interesting thing about
the way that Koreans approach shellfish and this kind of seafood is that we’re celebrating how
beautiful it is on its own, but we’re not afraid to
like totally coat it with this super spicy
over-the-top sauce, you know. I think sometimes,
let’s say like Japanese, seafood is all about how
fresh it is, how pure. But I think Koreans are like, “eh that’s fine but let’s have some fun.” Manila clams. So you use this one to handle
it, you pluck these out, Oh my God, you just got me in the face Did I? Sorry about that. This is Cho-Gochujang, so
it’s sort of like a lucid Gochujang, it’s a spicy
Korean chili paste. And this is just like a
house chili sauce they make, it’s a little spicier. That’s it. Delicious. Utterly simple. You have a tasty, spicy sauce,
and you have pristine seafood There’s no F-ing around
with this, you know. That is still super hot,
even with these gloves on. I know this is unconventional,
but I’m going two-gloves. Steaming clam. (upbeat 80’s music) – [Matthew] You ordered the white clam? – [Lucas] Let’s go, white clams. I’m gonna dig into this guy here. You really see the necessity
of the Michael Jackson glove, though. Who knew, that all this time,
Michael Jackson was grilling shellfish in Korean restaurants? And that’s why he wore the glove. That’s why he did it. Holy crap, that is like eating the ocean. The broth that comes out
of here is so briney. It’s like hot sea water. Wow. Oh man, they keep coming. The clams just keep getting bigger. Wow, you can hear those threads
snapping as that clam opens. (upbeat electronic music) Caught this creaminess
in the middle right? Oh yeah. That’s decadent. It’s like a happy medium
between the previous two clams we ate, I feel like that second
one, the medium sized one, was like incredibly briney. Yeah, that was a little more intense. Even though it was bigger. The product is so fresh, it’s
you know, it’s so pristine that, you really can taste the
subtleties between each clam. I gotta pitch a show where
I eat really expensive food. (laughter) And in here we have conch
with a whole giant clam that’s been chopped up. Amazing. And sitting in this broth. That is so good, that broth. – [Matthew] Oh yeah. That is like buttery,
and it’s just like… This is like what I would
want in like clam chowder, like what I would want
the soup base to be. All the different cuts of conch
and scallop and giant clam every little bite you get,
slightly different texture. These are just like scallops
that have been covered in the Cho-Gochujang basically. Tender, buttery. Definitely not pencil erasers. Pink scallops. – [Lucas] Pink scallops. – [Matthew] Yeah. – [Lucas] Okay. It’s definitely different
than the bay scallops, much more tender, like richer, butterier. I feel like we’re just
ramping up the awesomeness, with every stage. (upbeat music) It’s more tender, just
the base, but the edges are a little chewier. Like a chewy in the nice creamy inside, like a good grilled oyster should be. What is this? – [Matthew] Live abalone. I mean you gotta, I mean look at that, it’s like writhing right now. Abalone, a delicious type of sea snail. I mean it’s almost like eating a mushroom. I guess a mushroom is
not a bad way to put it, almost like shiitake mushroom. It even has the texture of
a cooked shiitake mushroom. Thick-ass shiitake, yeah. Sweet shrimp. First class service. It’s all table-side, too, you know. Ultimate shrimp cocktail. It’s interesting that you say cocktail because this spicy sauce is
sort of like a cocktail sauce. What an incredible meal this is. Oh God. Can we also draw attention
to what a slob Matt Kang is. He now has seafood juice and
Gochujang all over himself. – [Matthew] My wife is gonna kill me. Just get that stain stick, shout it out! Know what I’m saying? (upbeat electronic music) I think the claw’s
actually my favorite part. You like the claw? – [Matthew] Yeah, I’m a claw guy. I like a nice piece of tail meat. – [Matthew] You’re a tail guy? Okay. The hagfish start out with kind
of this really pinkish color but actually you know
they cook when they turn kind of a whitish color. – [Lucas] Oh, okay. Kind of looks like an eel
or something like that. Yeah, it’s eel-like. I mean it’s these like
long, look at these guys. – [Lucas] They are bottom
feeders, they have four hearts. It’s the only creature that
has a skull but no spine. A cartilage-y crunch. I don’t think it’s like
firmer than like the abalone. No but it would be like, if you like took a bite out of my ear. I always wanted to do that. Oh, we gotta have a little octopi. Mmm, oh yeah. I didn’t think that you could ever have just have too much seafood but
this may be too much seafood. Hey, thank you so much for joining me on this amazing seafood odyssey. Thank you for having me. Man, I love you, dude. Thank you so much. If you guys wanna see more
of K-Town, click right here.

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  1. i'm sorry but, even though i'm korean i gotta say lucas peterson is the best host on eater for sure. his knowledge of food & cuisine and articulation is definitely far greater than most all other hosts out there. gj guys!

  2. The best hosts join forces! It's like the avengers but with Asian guys and instead of Ultron, they take down KBBQ.

  3. I had some of this stuff in Korea, and I know this looks super simple. But the taste and flavor is so amazing, it's really an experience

  4. Holy god. This place is 16 minutes from my house (I just google mapped it). I have to go here before the day is over.

  5. Listen to that Korean dude spew his racial hatred of Japanese cuisine, these Koreans just can't stop it. LOL!! I've been to JBD, it actually in (North) KoreaTown, somewhat ghetto. I'd rather just go to the island in which the resto is named after…

  6. You can have a lot of fun with the Japanese especially with food. What you don't seem to understand the seafood is so good in Japan you don't need to cover it with a bunch of extra shit.

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