Things Mexicans DON’T LIKE Hearing | MEXICO CITY

Things Mexicans DON’T LIKE Hearing | MEXICO CITY

[Music] well hello to Mexico friends this is Paul an English guy showing you Mexico through my eyes today I’m going to be talking about things which in my experience living here in Mexico things are really Mexican people don’t like to hear first up is something which is easily at the top of the list people from Mexico really don’t like it when a person from the United States simply calls themselves American and says they are from America in fact many of my subscribers watching from Mexico will definitely know that when a person from the United States says that they are actually thinking hey I’m from America too you know Mexican people and in fact everyone across Latin America are very aware of the true fact that the American continent America stretches from the ice in Alaska all the way down to the ice in the south of Argentina and what Mexicans really don’t like is that the United States claims a word as their own which for Mexicans also includes themselves and as I said Mexican people are very sensitive to this but you know not all Mexicans are like that in fact I’ve had a conversation or a few conversations with Mexicans in the comments of this channel where Mexican people are saying well you know I can understand why people from the United States call themselves Americans anyway guys what do you think let me know down in the comments below if you’re watching this and you’re not from Mexico this is a very good brand of water and next up is also related to geography Mexican people really hate it if you ask them is Mexico in North America and of course they also hate it if someone dares says Mexico is in South America or Central America in my experience here in Mexico Mexicans are very proud to be part of North America and to Mexicans and for people who like looking at maps like myself it’s obvious that Mexico is in North America in fact cities like Tijuana in the north of Mexico are situated further north than US cities such as Austin and I think there is confusion by non Mexicans because you know Mexico is in North America but it’s also in Latin America so you know people just think south of the United States border it’s the south it’s Latin America and all this kind of terminology gets messed up Mexico is placed with other Latin American countries like Colombia which is in South America [Music] and next on my list is stereotypes now Mexicans of course don’t like too much talk about the typical Mexican and Mexico stereotypes now I’m not going to go too much into details of what they actually are because if you’re watching this video to be honest you probably already know and after some years in Mexico this is actually something which really gets on my nerves – now all countries suffer from stereotypes positive and negative but the fact is in my opinion is that Mexico suffers far more negative stereotypes than other countries and it really is not fair especially when you know how Mexico really is beyond those stereotypes and I think many of you watching who are Mexican you have traveled abroad you’ve probably experienced lots of these stereotypes yourself when people ask questions about Mexico and you know we can’t blame people for having these thoughts about Mexico for example thinking no corner is safe in Mexico which is absolutely ridiculous we can’t blame them because you know Media narrative is that Mexico is these negative stereotypes it comes out in the newspapers in Hollywood that is the situation and it is very frustrating and I think Mexicans although they don’t like hearing these stereotypes it’s annoying anyone would be annoyed I think Mexicans are aware that you know people around the world have been influenced by this media narrative and therefore they don’t kind of like overreact and get defensive [Music] and finally for today I will discuss a topic and to be honest it was quite difficult finding a final topic because in all honesty Mexican people are very relaxed and you can freely talk about many kinds of topics with them without them overreacting or getting very sensitive but anyway last up today are the things which Mexican people don’t like to hear it’s basically anything from the president and the DK Pena Nieto yes Pena Nieto has a very tough time here anything he says is basically laughed at or scrutinized it kind of reminds me of the situation with the second George Bush in the United States and to be honest if you’re watching this in the future after Pena Nieto’s term in office it’s the same with lots of politicians in Mexico you know when a politician talks many Mexicans are just like yeah whatever it’s very difficult to pull the wool over the eyes of Mexican people [Music] okay guys I’m going to continue with my journey and if you have an opinion about what I’ve said in today’s video please do leave a comment below I’m sure many of the people watching would enjoy to read them as well and if you enjoyed this video please do give it a thumbs up it really does help the channel spread and if this is your first time watching to Mexico please do subscribe great to have you in the true Mexico community swine Paul this is true Mexico hasta luego

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  2. North American? Mexicans also don't like an American to say "I'm from California", when Baja California is the northern half of the peninsula and Baja Sur is where La Paz & Cabo are situated at the tip of the Baja peninsula. The Baja Californians resent Americans calling themselves from "California" similarly as stating from "America".

  3. American es por que cuando vinieron los colonizadores y regresaban a Europa como de apodo les decían hay vienen los americanos eso comenzó así.regresaban en barco de norte América

  4. Hearing saying im from america they going to thing fuck you or whats a matter with this dude but is ok im an american

  5. Funny how mexicans get sensitive to Americans calling them selves Americans as if they share this title NOT.! Mexicans are not Americans. You may reside in the NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT. That does not make you an "American ".

  6. north america is a continent and south america is a continent. America is named after colombus… So by this logic can people living in the US capital call themselves Colombians? I dont think so…

  7. Si lo mexicanos conocieran el verdadero origen del término "North America" no estarían tan orgullosos de "pertenecer" a norte América, peleando como locos con cualquiera que dija lo contrario

  8. A lot people in here need to go back to school and take geography and history again and again and again until y'all know the difference between a country and continent

  9. Hi there Paul. Again, nice video, great topic. Someone below pointed "5 de mayo"; True! No one here in MX makes festivity out of it. One very thing that some mexicans like me really value from foreigners, is getting to know culture but specifically, language. Make the effort in talking Spanish. Don't mean just learning the bad words and cursing which is fun, in a friend gathering. I mean about simple interaction, such as having dinner and request stuff in Spanish, etc. To me that's one of the things I value the most from foreign people that I knew. I know people that have been in Mexico for about 20 years, but still can't have a fluid conversation with locals. I get it that, we Mexicans are willing to talk in English, more often than foreigners in speaking Spanish. But always nice to find people that make the jump.

    Not sure if you have already come to Queretaro; roughly 2.5 hr drive from CDMX. Awesome place for you to know and make videos. Won't regret it. Downtown is great and lots of places to go as well.

    Keep up the good work sir.

  10. FIRST IN TIME IS FIRST IN RIGHT. – Christopher Comumbus Obtained to come to America with spanish back up, spanish money, spanish crew, spanish ships in1492… Yet 15th Cemtury… So latin americans have a degree of americanity beyond Anglos and french people, who came and settle the US and Canada, that showed up at the beginning of the 17th century, 1620…. So, US, anglos are lying when they say they are the anericans… It works the other way around…even disrespect canadians… It Shouldn't be…

  11. This world is a very sad place to see how ignorant people are, they speak without knowing any real history or even the true names of each country they speak of. Complete idiots
    Our worlds schools are making complete idiots

  12. Es muy tonto que el servicio de migracion de EE.UU pregunte. Heres ciudadano Americano claro que todos somos ciudadano americanos porque vivimos en el continente Americano o que piensas y a mi si me molesta que digan que Mexico es de sudamerica

  13. People from the U.S. shouldn't call themselves "American" in a language that has a better word, like "estadounidense." But one of the flaws of English is that we really don't have a good word for "United States Citizen," so I think, at least in conversations in English, it's not as bad to say "I'm American" as it is to say "Soy un americano," or especially "soy de America"

  14. I’ve always liked your channel and I respect everyone (I’m mexican) buuut US citizens who call them self “‘Americans” and are not open to dialogue of why they are not the American people can go and fuck them and their families cuz they are the descendants of British and Europeans theifs, they were the scum and shit of society

  15. I avoid calling myself American because I know it’s offensive to people; however, the word America is part of the name of the country I am from. Therefore, I consider myself American by way of Nationality. Just as someone from The United States of Mexico is Mexican. Geographically, yes, everyone from Canada to Argentina is American but by Nationality, I am still American.
    But, I do want to add, because I know a huge number of people don’t see it that way, I am sensitive to that and since I don’t want to go into this long explanation, I simply avoid calling myself an American unless I’m referring to the broader more inclusive geographic term.

  16. ( Estados Unidos de América ) esa es la razón se le llama América,
    ( Estados Unidos Mexicanos )es la razón por la cual se le llama México

  17. Another one is: All Mexicans are trying to leave Mexico for the USA , after all the USA is building a wall right?
    People other countries despised the USA and one thing they despise is the ignorance of people in the USA and the arrogance over their ignorance

  18. When anyone says their American we all know what that means 🤣
    I’m an American with Mexican heritage 🤷🏽‍♂️

  19. Lol.
    Well FYI America means the United States.
    The greater regions are called North America, Central America, and South America. And collectively they are called The Americas, not America.

  20. yup i sure do hate when fake ass so call american think their real american when their NOT. but this guy sure is explaining it right. as for the mexicans who dont know their real american their brain washed to think their something else their not, MEXICANS are NATIVE AMERICAN, every one else is a EUROPEAN AMERICAN, or ASIAN AMERICAN.

  21. seeing this , It would be advisable for an American to find what the Spanish translation of united States is if they want to say to the Mexican natives where they're from rather than the use the word America.

  22. yeah people are really stupid because they tell you things like "oh but you are so white, oh but you are so tall, oh you are so pretty , are you sure you are mexican?? " or they say things to you like: "oh salma hayek is lebanese not mexican" people are really stupid, seriously..

  23. Vivo en Irlanda, cada vez que me preguntan por el 5 de mayo y chilli con carne, me da una embolia cerebral.😕😕

  24. this is very funny I would like to hear you say that Texas is South America, and Pennsylvania is in the northeast of America

  25. 5 de Mayo isn’t a big deal in Mexico but being honest I would’ve loved France would won that war, girls from Puebla could’ve been so pretty!!!

  26. Texan first, U.S. citizen second, of Mexican heritage 3rd. As my literature professor used to say: "I am from the planet earth, who cares what part of the planet?"

  27. It is annoying for the historical context, of how Columbus was financed by the Spanish crown, not the English crown and it was Spain who named the entire continent, also because it shows what Gringos really are about, their racism, they only think of people as themselves, and not everyone else, at least self-centered, with that mentality of “we are the best in the world” and their Destiny Manifest porto-NAZI nonsense.

  28. Bravo !!!
    Much love señor paul
    Massive balls on your behalf.
    It’s the United States
    OF America.
    Not America of the United States

  29. Mexico is in Central America, not North America. Learn geography. Parts of the USA (Arizona, New Mexico, California) should be returned to Mexico. 😉

  30. Mexicans are Americans as well, but since they don't even have a proper name for their country, they can't call themselves anything else. To us, they're just "gringos".

  31. When American people say I'm America. It seems they want to own the all American continent . That's why they sound so selfish

  32. We’re called Americans because the word “America” is part of our country’s name: United States Of America 🇺🇸

  33. I don't give a damn how Mexicans feel about us Americans and I'm married to one. There is no freakin translation for their word 'estadounidense'! You do the math you stupid hipster. BUILD THE WALL!

  34. Mexico is not latin america, is America and Iberoamerica or Hispanamerica. We speak spanish. Not latin

  35. I asked an immigration official at a Mexican airport what I should put for my nationality since I am from the United States, she told me I should write “American”. It’s just a custom, not a geographic exclusion.

  36. As a Mexican, I think that those who get offended over Americans saying they're American, are total ignorant cunts.
    Americans have all the right in the world to call themselves that way, since that's the official name of their country, just as we call ourselves Mexicans, since the official name of our Country is "United Mexican States", or "United States of Mexico".
    "United Mexican States"= Mexican
    "United States of America"= American.
    Its a no brainer, and it isn't offensive at all.

  37. About the stereotypes, what you said at the end is totally accurate xD we've even come to "like" it.
    People can think that Apu from the simpsons is offensive, but when Mario got a Zarape and Sombrero outfit in Odyssey, we were like "OH look!!!! A Mexican Mario!!! That's great!!"

  38. United States of America – They have all the right of calling themselves like that, its not like they would be saying "UnitedStatetician" or something like that.

    (Still on Spanish we call them "Estadounidenses", which is technically what I wrote above, and we are not the only countries that do that, depends more on language grammar).

    Mexico is in fact – United Mexican States- , but we are called Mexico.

    America is OUR dear continent , NOT A COUNTRY!

  39. Los Mexicanos nos enojamos por que se llaman Americanos por PURO PLEITO NOMAS!!! Somos Mexicanos porque el nombre de nuestro Pais es Estados Unidos Mexicanos! Y somos Mexicanos. EUA es Estados Unidos Americanos. Ellos son Americanos. Republica democrática de Chile y son Chilenos. Ahora si!!!??



  41. Este chico pone muchas cosas en perspectiva que viéndolo desde sus ojos todos estos caprichos que tenemos suenan ridículos 😂

  42. I understand why people from the Stated would call themselves "americans". Still, it reminds me of the Doctrine Monroe.

  43. I've been told I look like I'm from Spain not Mexico so they don't believe me. O.o

    Edit:Would people from the U.S say "I'm USAn!"

  44. I was born in the United States and don't think it's right to use "American." I say I am from the States.

    But what can be used in place of "I'm American" or "that company or product is American"?


  46. As a Mexican it REALLY bothers me when people from the US call themselves Americans cause like IM AMERICAN TOO! Also the safety stereotypes are annoying but the one that bothers me most of all is cinco de mayo🙄

  47. I guess they came up with the name "Americas", it was too awkward for them to call the continent by it's proper name "America"

  48. Hola neighbour 2 doors down. Como estas, guey. I am Canadian. I live in North America. I am NOT Amerikan.

  49. Well, that’s why Mexicans refer to Americans as “norteamericanos” even though that can be a misnomer too since Mexicans are in North America as well.

  50. Im mexican and i refer to USA as America
    Everyone except latinamericans, spanish and french are taught the 7 continent map and america=country
    I don't know what happened 300 years ago bit indeed america is both a continent and country

  51. I like Mexico and Canada better than The States. Yanks are rude. I am the British Tiger that moved back to British Burma. However, with that August 25, 2017 disaster, I think the Burmese are as dumb as Yanks!

  52. I dont know why but i kinda didnt like when he said "mexican people" i just got triggered. But i guess thats the only way to say that. When i mean that i dont like it i mean of how he said it. Im mexican

  53. The most annoying thing in my opinion is when people think Cinco de mayo is Mexican independent day

  54. I hate when I go to a new school and they suddenly start talking about their skin color and who is the lightest of our class and darkest. And yes my class is all hispanic but I hate when they say "Friday has the darkest skin color " and to me that kind of makes me feel like I dont be long even though I'm from the fucking same race as them I'm just different in skin color. But now I know that I shouldn't feel bad but happy for what I look like.

  55. I hate when people from USA call themselves Americans. The should call themselves USONIANS or UNITISH. If BRITISH call themselves like that why not people from USA?

  56. Sadiq Khan is just as stupid as Peña Nieto, saying that "Terror attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city" and dismissing knife and acid attacks.

  57. I HATE that the Americans say that all the inmigrants that go to the USA are Mexican
    s and that we are all drug traffickers

  58. Well the problem with those guys its that their spurious country doesn´t have a true name, it just describes the government system. So let's try to understand them.

  59. When someone calls you weda just because you have light skin.
    My Response: Um, excuse me? I'm mexican, get that right.

    And when people think Cinco De Mayo is like 4th Of July but in Mexico.

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