The Worst Things about Restaurants

The Worst Things about Restaurants

if there’s one place I would never ever
want to work at again.. P-P-Peter! A Slovak guy
taking over Youtube. PPPeter! I will make your
mom laugh and you too. *RESTAURANTS* I usually enjoy eating at the restaurant
but there is one type of server we all hate. – there you go sir, enjoy thank you – is everything all right? – yes
thank you – enjoying yourself? yeah yeah thanks – would you like some
lemon with that? – no thanks i appreciate it A candle? – that is not necessary – A
guitar? let me eat my food for fuck’s sake! are you still angry sir? – but the guests
can be pretty annoying too, especially when they ask really stupid questions there are two types of questions I
really hated while working at a restaurant what about this meatball sandwich, is it
good? – what the fuck do you expect me to say? – well actually sir, it’s disgusting I ate it yesterday, had a terrible diarrhea,
a nightmare, I shat all over this place everything was covered in liquid shit. – ok I don’t.. I don’t want that. But the guest
that pissed me of the most was the one that did not fully understand the
concept of a menu I fucking hated that question. – the beef
burger which tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles and mayonnaise what’s in it? are you fucking blind and
dumb? what do you want me to say? that the menu
is a fucking lie? – well, it actually isn’t a burger, it’s more like a pasta with
cucumber and aubergine, topped with thinly sliced silver and covered in cat piss so it’s more like a soup I would say. – yeah guests can be pretty annoying,
especially when you are really busy and they start to ask a lot of questions excuse me can I get more water? hey could you bring me some bread? – yeah
I’ll be there – sir, could I change my order? Ooh, you did a little poo-poo
honey, didn’t you? one moment.. – hey is this really gluten-free?
I ordered a guitar half an hour ago would you bring me the check please? – He’s
having a heart attack! – What about my water? yeah that was horrible.. having lived in
Eastern Europe, but also in the US I spotted some minor differences between
the restaurant service in these two parts of the world. “not happy with the
drink” excuse me sir, but the wine I ordered is
way too sweet I’m so sorry, here, have this dry wine,
it is our best wine here, on the house please I deeply apologize for the inconvenience..
well thank you and now, Eastern Europe baby excuse me sir, I ordered a dry wine, but
this is way too sweet let me see.. Umm, no, it’s not so sweet
you’re wrong.. but you are sweet “I have a Yelp account” – oh and I’d like to
add that I have a Yelp and a tripadvisor account and I will not hesitate to write
a review about my experience here either good or bad most certainly sir we have a person with Yelp and
tripadvisor accounts here, make sure his stay is unforgettable treat him like a king you cook him the best meal possible. Alright,
get going guys, get going! – and now, Eastern Europe baby and I’d like to say that I have a
Yelp and a tripadvisor account and I will not hesitate to write a review
about this place either good or bad *Slovak swearing* *spit into his dumplings* “call me the manager” – excuse me the meat is undercooked, call me the
manager – of course sir I just heard that you were not
satisfied with your meal sir, let me deeply apologize for our unsatisfying
service would you like a new meal or a refund?
you know what, we will give you both, take this, take it as well sir.. we are sorry –
and now Eastern Europe baby – excuse me
this meat is overcooked call me the manager ok but you are making a big mistake
motherfucker.. – what the fuck are you saying overcooked, so what? you order, you eat, no
complaints who do you think you are, you piece
of shit “it’s almost closing time” – honey I don’t
think we should have a desert, they’re closing I would be delighted to bring you our
homemade dessert there you go ma’am, enjoy, don’t worry about
the time wow, this is what I call customer service thank you! and now, Eastern Europe baby – honey
it’s almost closing time we should leave why are you in such a hurry?
00:05:16,180 –>00:05:27,940
ok let’s leave – Thanks for coming we hope to see you again “I want the gluten-free food” I was wondering if any of these meals
that you offer are gluten-free I have a celiac disease. – well of course
our pasta is gluten-free and all the meals with a yellow dot next to them are
gluten-free as well. – thank you and now, Eastern Europe baby – I was
wondering, do you offer gluten-free food here? I have a celiac disease what?? why the fuck are you coming to a
restaurant when you are ill? you should be in a fucking quarantine! get out of here, you
sick mother fucker so next time at a restaurant either as a
guest or a server please just act normal, it helps. if you
liked my video subscribe to my channel by clicking on this cucumber and make sure
you’ll like my facebook page as well we reached 1,000 fans this week, that is
more than the population of Vatican there you have it pope! I’m christian by the way *Slovak*

100 Replies to “The Worst Things about Restaurants

  1. LMAO, actually I worked as a server for a while (I actually did like my job), costumers used to ask me if the burgers were good, my answer was the following:
    "I mean people order burgers all the time and they love them, I am actually a pescetarian and I have always found burgers very unpleasant. Ergo I have never had a burger in this restaurant but people loves them"

    Many costumer will appreciate the honesty and order the burgers XD

  2. When I see waiters carrying a lot of stuff, I usually postpone my question until he/she is free-handed. I wouldn't want to have to think about a billion things that really could wait with the help of a little timing on behalf of the customer while balancing a heavy load to the tables. I know the video is an (hilarious) exaggeration, but a bit of consideration goes a long way.

  3. Yes. I hate the way make waitress and servers act. The supervisor used to tell us the customer is right and you gotta keep asking. 😂😂😂🙄🙄

  4. There is a mistake on sec. 8 in the Hebrew name of Peter, Hebrew is written right to left so it should be either:
    Which is more a biblical form
    In modern form Peter should be spelled

  5. Worst possible ecounters :

    Americans soilders when the tree start speaking vietnamese

    Russians soilders when the snow start speaking finnish

    Slovakian waiters when the guest start speakin hungarian

  6. boze toto je top! 😀 a hlavne to porovnanie k east europe je mega a hlavne bohuzial pravdive 😀 btw vo videu o Slovensku si spominal, ze neznasame, ked nas oznacuju ako east europe, lebo sme central europe 😀

  7. I actually like overly friendly waiters – at least more than overly unfriendly ones 😂😂😂

    The only thing that always drives me crazy are waiters who – with an anticipating look on their face – ask you if everything were alright; what always pops to my mind is:
    "Is there a reason for you to assume it were not?"

  8. Yes the guy wiping floor while the customers are still in the restoran is spot on 😂😂😂😂 Also in stores same situation 5 minutes before closing time 😂😂😂😂

  9. Wait.. Slovakia is in central europe and you are saying "eastern Europr baby" aren't you getting mad on it

  10. I was at a local Italian place an i over heard a conversation between a waiter and a customer and she said "hOw LArGe iS A 12" pIZzA?". And she said the whole thing unironically.

  11. Musim povedat ze ba tvojich videach sa vzdy dobre bavim ale preco takto zhovadovat Slovensko?Nemyslim si ze sme na tom s customer servisom az tak zle ako to vykreslujes.Dovolim si povedat ze dokonca v inich krajinach a hlavne v UK som sa stretla s ovela horsim pristupom a inteligenciou ludi na bode mrazu..

  12. Ha, ha…SUPER "abstract" of the Eastern Europe Restaurants! Even I am not from Slovakia, the behavior and atmosphere are the same…Bravo, EXCELLENT video (fakt jako vzdycky, je mi lito ze nemohu dat vic lajku!!!). Greetings from Romania, an other Eastern country|!

  13. I am also working in restaurants so I don't like orders when restaurants is closing time…..5:10 Haha Haha 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  14. Here's a restaurant joke from Serbia: A Western patron walks into a Serbian restaurant for locals. Patron: Excuse me, sir! Would you be so kind and tell me what sorts of wine you have here? Waiter (coldly): Both.

  15. for me worst thing about restaurant is when is birthday wedding whatever and weither put food on table 5 meters away from me like this
    me food

  16. One of the funniest videos I have ever seen… But I hope that most people understand what a parody is… It.s NOT really like that in Eastern Europe… only sometimes…if you go to the worst places…

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