The Vietnamese Restaurant That Brought A Community Together After Katrina — SFA

The Vietnamese Restaurant That Brought A Community Together After Katrina — SFA

(people talking) (saxophone playing) I come from a family with 11 of us. I always have to help
my mom in the kitchen. My mom doesn’t talk a lot, I just look at her. So I end up trying a lot of stuff myself. After the Vietnam war,
we come to United States. I’m young and everything is new to me and the first thing I see is the po’ boy and that reminded me of Vietnam, like me. That’s why I don’t feel
that I miss home a lot. Since 1990, me and my
family travel to Vietnam, we go from north to south. I think it’s like
America, even on the food. I can see they’re
different because the north the food is not as spicy as the south. Same thing in Vietnam; people
in the north is probably more simple. In central, the food is
more seasoned, more tasting. In the south, it combines
all, people north, central, and south. The food is more richer, more ingredients mixed in already. The name Ba Mien
represents the three regions of Vietnam. On the menu, we have different dishes from different regions. One is from the north, is pho. Central is the nem nuong khanh huo,
that you roll yourself. The south is the steam roll. So Katrina came, we lost everything. I lost the restaurant
because of the flood. I have family, brothers, sisters, they all come help me clean up. We rip everything out and start over and start back the restaurant. At that time, there was no
restaurant that come back and open, we were the
first one that opened back. We want the community to come back. We’re still here, this is our home. They call me Chi Mai, it’s
just like a big sister. Chi is a big sister and Mai is my name. (laughing) I feel very honored,
people that trust in me. That really makes it close, like a family. You in the family. (saxophone playing) I started serving tea
not because I liked tea, a lot of people think
that, ‘oh you must have been really into tea to want
to start a free tea bus’.

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  1. Like my grandfather and father (as Chinese) America has "always" welcomed new arrivals.America has taken care of us and we have done the same. Yes our Family ran Chinese Restaurants and Take Outs. Wishing Ms.Nguyen continued blessing.

  2. Damn Eater. That neighborhood is full of Vietnamese restaurants and you only hit up Ba Mien? This video has potential…. but then again it's been covered many times by other channels.

  3. ohh wow the guy on the saxophone was playing a song called Lau Dai Tinh Ai (Castle of Love). A very classic vietnamese love song

  4. Damn, this is depressing, as depressing as that one Vietnamese guy selling egg roll in AFrica. Where God place you, you have to pick up pieces like this lady, black,southern whites broken English and make a living out of it.

  5. You see how the Vietnamese gather and exchange food? It doesn't matter where these old folks live, in a mansion or a ghetto town, chopping the fish and serving the food on the dirt ground where they litter uncontrollably reveal their slum culture. If you happen to go to one of the densest Vietnamese population in Orange County, California, they live the same way, slum and dirty. In about 2 decades, these old Vietnamese folks die off and hopefully, the new generation will live more of a modern, civilized lifestyle.

    Dan toc nguoi Vietnam thieu y thuc, thieu suy nghi.

  6. i'm Vietnamese, but i would never ever come to this Vietnamese place to eat it's Becuase it's so dirty place and dirty people working

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