The Last Cuban-Chinese Restaurant in NYC

The Last Cuban-Chinese Restaurant in NYC

– [Narrator] There are
countless Chinatowns all over the world, and New York boasts one of the most famous, full
of cheap produce, fish markets, and of course, a plethora of Chinese food. But, if you hop on the 1 train, take it to the Upper
West Side, you’ll find a Chinese restaurant like no other, where half the menu is something else. – Chuleta, chicharrones,
– Ropa vieja, – Tostones,
– Arroz y frijol. – [Narrator] This is La Caridad 78, New York’s last Cuban Chinese restaurant. – Comida china y cree-loya. – Criolla. – [Narrator] How did this
unlikely culinary duo come to be? That’s a great question. Enter Sam Lee. – Sorry, it’s my wife. – [Narrator] Hundreds
of thousands of Chinese came to Cuba in the 19th
and early 20th century, establishing a strong
presence on the island. But when Castro came to power, most Chinese immigrants,
like Sam’s father, left, many of them coming to the US. And thus, Cuban Chinese food was born. – [Narrator] So are there
any Cuban-born workers left? (speaking Spanish) – [Narrator] While
Cuban-Chinese culture is fading, La Caridad is a snapshot
of a strange moment in time where two vastly different
cultures merged together.

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  1. There's a sizable Chinese community living in Mexicali south of the California border that was essentially all the Chinese that got kicked out during the Exclusion era. They cook up a unique blend of Chinese-Mexican cuisine.

  2. This is NOT the last one standing in NYC there are MANY. And I believe that "La Dinastia" in Washington Heights is the best spot.

  3. Love my latinos but i'm very curious to know what Ropa vieja tastes like cuz I know that translates to old clothes in English.

  4. There a few in queens NYC.. and they have been around since the 80s growing up in my youth.. the one in queens called “jardin de china” 3737 junction blvd.. corona queens..

  5. Most "Chinese" food in America is not authentic and is just a marketing gimmick to appeal to western pallets. This is a great example of that. Might be good food but slapping a Chinese label on it is just for show. And if you want to talk about how the Chinese people themselves are the owners and cooks . . . well they're in on the game and play in to the delusion so much they have become deluded themselves.

  6. Im like WAY LATE on dis vid but yeah dis is not da only n last remaining "comida criolla" restaurant in NY… Theres on in da BX n one in Yonkers dats jus as equally good as dis 1

  7. "Communism is inclusive."

    > Effectively got asian immigrants out of your country and driving cultural integration to extinction.

  8. I remember my first time going to mexico, going to a chinese restaurant and hearing the workers talk perfect spanish, it was dope.

  9. I went there recently. The new guy at the counter was not hospitable at all. I paid 100 bucks worth of BBQ ribs and said "good day" when I left and he just grunted. Idk why because we are both Chinese

  10. After Trump put all Chinese American to concentration camp in the next few years, surely white people will miss orange chicken

  11. Nice mom and pop shop but gotta be honest. The food sucks and lacks flavor. Also the prices are expensive. Just stick to normal Chinese food and add sweet or regular plantains on the side.

  12. They arent even trying, there are several Chinese Cuban places in NYC, A few in Queens and a few in Brooklyn. But yes they are quickly disappearing.

  13. ?Strange moment in time? A great moment in time! The fusion of cultures can be a great thing, especially when it comes to food. If you look at the best food cultures, there tends to be a common denominator, the mixing of ingredients and techniques. French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, India, Arabic, Turkish, Mexican, Brazilian, Peruvian cuisines all benefited from trade and the movement of people. Where would Italian food be without Tomatoes (Americas), France and couscous (Algeria), China and chile's (Mesoamerica). The exchange of cultures has not always been under the greatest of circumstances, history is riddled with examples of exploitation and slavery, but under the worst of circumstances people shared their knowledge and gave us examples of what we're capable of when we are doing something more productive than wars and instead focus on what's for lunch.

  14. This isn't the last Cuban chinese we have
    LA preciousa in harlem, Manhattan
    Jardin in jackson heights, ny
    And those are just a few I know

  15. In Corona Queens and Jackson Heights Queens there are 2 cuban chinese reataurant. El jardin de China and La Fortuna

  16. A lot of people don’t know how prominent Chinese culture is not only in Cuba but in Latin America/the Caribbean in general. Cuba even has its own Chinatown. It’s really interesting and goes to show that Hispanics come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

  17. 😮 Cool to know!! This also reminds me of 'Chifa' a mixture of chinese peruvian cuisine. I love cultural blending, especially in food!!!

  18. I remember eating there back in 1999, good tho know that place is still around. I know of other Cuban-Chinese kitchens in other parts of NY like in Brooklyn. I am surprised "Caridad" have not been driven out by the high rents.

  19. As a kid I often used to eat with my family at another nearby Cuban Chinese place called La Maravillia back in the 70s and 80s. The combo fried rice was the best! I had a taste for tangy stuff and there was always a bottle of white vinegar on the table along with the soy sauce. I ended up always putting vinegar on my food and would get weird looks when I asked for vinegar in other Chinese restaurant.

  20. I remember when these restaurants started opening in the 60s, with the signs saying "Comidas chinas y criollas" and me wondering what they were. So there's only one left. I don't quite believe that. Isn't the one next door to the Hotel Newton still open or has that closed or changed owners?

  21. There were many Chinese in Cuba. They lived in Cuba before Castro. There was a great Cuban Chinese restaurant in Miami too. Americans don't know Cuba.

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