The Integrative Nutrition Curriculum | Health Coach Training Program

The Integrative Nutrition Curriculum | Health Coach Training Program

Imagine a nutrition school where your teachers are the worlds leading health and wellness experts. A school that goes beyond government nutrition guidelines and covers over 100 different dietary theories. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is 100% online, giving you the flexibility to study from your computer, smartphone or tablet when it’s convenient for you. The health coach training program is a one year course and is divided into 40 modules. That’s about 1 module per week. IIN, what an amazing thing is happening here. Right? To expand the information and create choices for you. Look, look at all these choices. (clapping) And raw living foods is one of those choices. Raw living foods totally transformed my life. It got me into this idea, any problem you have there is a cure. Any situation you’re in, whatever the problem is, the answer is immediately at hand. Each class contains recorded lectures, supplementary materials and skill building activities that will take about five to eight hours a week. The Integrative Nutrition curriculum focuses on two major principles. Bio-individuality means that everyone has unique nutritional needs and there’s no one size fits all diet. You’ve all heard about berries and all the good stuff in berries, phytonutrients. Phyto just means plants, so these are plant nutrients that travel all the way to the cell level, they actually go into the genetics, into the nucleus of the cell and change the expression of your genes. Primary food is everything in your life that feeds you that doesn’t come on a plate. Your relationships, physical activity, career and spirituality. As you bring your body into balance and get more fit and eat healthy and all that, you’re going to remove the density of the physical body. Make the body function better, that’s key. Once the body functions better, that gives you access to clarity. You’ll learn from Integrative Nutrition founder, Joshua Rosenthal, along with the worlds leading experts. You’ll learn step by step how to launch your own health coaching practice, and start seeing clients while you’re still in school. Integrative Nutrition provides you with all the materials you need to succeed. Get an education that will empower you to improve your health and transform your life. Get our curriculum guide and call today!

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  1. Awesome school. Has totally changed my life for the better in KNOWING I have everything in myself to be the best inspiration I can be for myself as well as others

  2. From how our students download materials, to how many hours you'll dedicate to coursework, watch this video for an inside look at the Integrative Nutrition curriculum!

  3. [VIDEO] Curious about what you'll learn as a student at Integrative Nutrition? Get a taste of our diverse perspectives from raw food expert David Wolfe​, functional medicine doctor Susan Blum and Ayurvedic healer Dr. John Douillard​!

  4. So, for what I understand it's an online course right? can you get some kind of financial aid or something??? I can see that you don't want to give out much info on the comments, like how much the program costs, but I think, really think you guys should answer all the questions out of courtesy, to the people that are interested.. I for one, I am interested, but need more info, and please don't tell to call.

  5. Hey
    Is IIN just online??
    isn't there a IIN school where we can go in real and get certification???
    Please reply I wanna know

  6. Do you have an email that I could ask for detail information such as criteria, tuition fee etc? Beside calling

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