The Importance of Health Coaches | Integrative Nutrition

The Importance of Health Coaches | Integrative Nutrition

(electronic music) When you talk about health, it’s different for everybody. I think what’s important when anybody’s teaching others on health, that they don’t do it based on their own sole opinion. Health coaches are having a bigger and bigger impact now. Graduates from IIN are being seen on tv, they’re making their own movies, they’re writing books, they’re having a huge global effect. This is the first generation in living history where life expectancy of our children is likely to be less than our own life expectancy. And that’s a travesty. I think we know what needs to be done. People need to eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds, and whole grains. We know that. It’s the doing it. It’s how do we make this fun? How do we make it easier? How do we make it more convenient? They’re the challenges. I believe we need to meet people have way. We need to teach people gradually. Educate them about how they need to change in a way that relates to them and a way that’s doable. If you’re living on a high processed diet, where all you’re doing is putting in this exorbitant amount of sugar, exorbitant amount of salt high fat, you can’t feel how you’re supposed to feel. As a health coach, you need to really be honest and stand in your own truth about what works for you, and how you can help people find their own truth. Coaches should be thinking about a long term relationship with their clients. It’s almost being a friend. (electronic music) Anything is possible. I think its great to be passionate about what you do. And I never thought that I’d be sitting here, talking to so many individuals about my passion, about nutrition. So getting well isn’t just about the food on the plate, it’s really expanding your vision of your life and what’s possible for you.

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